In Photos: Cebu IT Park in Lahug (February 2007)

Cebu’s dream of becoming the IT Hub of the South is fast becoming a reality. With the completion of four IT buildings and the construction of two more this year, the park will no doubt soon become an important technology hub and an essential driving force in Cebu’s ever-growing economy.

Check out some of the shots I took of the lovely Asiatown IT Park in Lahug as it gets ready to be Cebu’s next biggest destination.

The Asiatown IT Park in Lahug as of February 2007.

Big open spaces ready for Cebu’s future high-rises.

Tree-line roads which are perfect for afternoon walks or jogs.

One of the park’s very first locators is the yellow-and-red Skyrise building located at the northern end of the property.

The park’s biggest locator, however,  would have to be the People Support center which is located right in the center of the property.

The Waterfront Hotel and Casino as seen from one of the park’s empty lots. Before the development, the park used to be a landing strip of the Lahug Airport.

Another early locator is the Globe Tower which can be seen near the Skyrise tower.

Two of the structures that attract the most number of visitor traffic right now are the i1 and i2 buildings. These two buildings house several popular restaurant and coffee brands.

The i2 building looking shiny and new in the late afternoon sun.

The recently-vacated lot which was once occupied by famous party destination “The Village” is now being fenced off for new development.

What do you think will happen to the Asiatown IT Park in the next couple of years? Let us know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “In Photos: Cebu IT Park in Lahug (February 2007)

  1. hey 🙂
    i am currently finishing a material on AITP’s graveyard culture (for work, currently under Cebu Holdings, Inc. corporate communications office), searching through google, and came across your page.

    AITP is very lovely at night.
    You might know Charles “Changkol” Buenconsejo. We commissioned him for this year’s photo-shoot package for AITP (shots to capture the graveyard culture. I can send you photos, if you want (files ok to be sent out that is) 🙂

    Here’s a sample (bldg shot) I posted (and kinda ‘stole’ from office files, hehe) in my blog

  2. For months, this place was like my world. Balay-Office(PIPC-ESB)-Workout(Waterfront CitiGym -Mondays/Thursdays)-Balay… hahay! I just realize it by looking at the pictures that I miss the place.
    uli nako sunod buwan…visit kos PIPC and take some photos.

  3. If you’re in graveyard culture like the rest of North America and China, you belong to the future Cancer-striken culture.

    Learn to love your sleep.

    There’s still lots of opportunities in your day job.

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    THIS IS MY Number 09267860208.. im jared from christ the king college gingoog city misamis or.

  5. Hello! Time traveler from the year 2020 here haha. It feels really weird looking at these pictures of how ITP looked like 13 years ago, especially from my POV, having not grown up in Cebu. Even my current workplace looks different here!

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