My Cebu Photo Blog is an award-winning amateur photo web log about, well, Cebu!

In this photo web log, you will find photos of places, people, and events in this beautiful island paradise that I call home. You will also find my personal views and thoughts about virtually anything Cebuano. Aside from that, scattered all over the site are bits and pieces of the adventures of Satchmo – this blog’s official mascot.

Originally, I wanted to have a regular blog about my life as a Cebuano. The plan was to create an online journal. I changed my mind, however, when I realized that there were very few sites featuring photos of Cebu. I found some professional ones, true, but most of them showed only two or three shots of the places that they featured. I wanted a site with tons and tons of photos showing every nook and cranny of the island. I wanted a site that glorifies the island and its people and not the photographer’s technique and know-how.

So, I started blogging November of 2006. The photos I first featured were taken from different sites. I didn’t have a camera then and I just thought that compiling photos taken by other people and placing them in one site was a cool idea. But exactly a week after I started blogging, I was able to save up enough money and I made THE purchase that changed this site forever. And the rest is history.

The photos that I post in this site are entirely amateur. And except for some really gorgeous photos I snatched somewhere, all photos you see here are mine. Anyway, I don’t claim photos which aren’t really mine. If you wish to use my photos, please let me know.

The first camera that I used for this blog was a Kodak C300 Easy Share camera. After it conked out, I got a Kodak P712 digital camera which was given by this Photo Blog’s readers from all over the world. Thanks to the kind hearts of the readers of MCPB, a fund-raising campaign was commenced, and, eventually, I was able to buy a digital-camera in September of 2007. After that camera retired, I starting using a SONY cybershot point and shoot camera – given by my good friend Sir Fred. Right now, I am using a Nikon D5000 DSLR camera.

Let it be known that I am no expert in photographs and photography, in general. So, please don’t expect me to be knowledgeable in composition, lighting, contrast, exposure, apperture, etc. 😀 I’d like to describe myself as a point-and-shoot photographer.

If you are visiting Cebu City on your own for the first time and you need a guide, please contact me. I can tour you around the city free of charge.

I hope you enjoy your time here.


To purchase un-watermarked images, please contact me. Thanks!




MyCebuPhotoBlog – Established 2006

2008: Best Cebu Blog Awards – Top 5 Best Cebu Blog
2010: Best Cebu Blog Awards – Top 1 Best Cebu Blog
2013: Best Cebu Blog Awards – Top 3 Famous Blogger in Cebu
2013: Best Cebu Blog Awards – Best Cebu Photo Blog
2019: Best Cebu Blog Awards – Best Cebu Photo Blog

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