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7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Nina says:

    Hi can i ask kung tag pila ang per day sa inyong rooms?

  2. Marxia Jaimee Enriquez says:

    Hi cna i have permission if i can use some of your pictures for my school ibook project. If you want i will make sure to give credit. THANK YOU!

    1. leylander says:

      Which photos?

  3. Hermel Pama says:

    Hi.. I’m doing research on Eriberto “Berting Buta” Montenegro, a Cebuano composer from Dalaguete. (Composer of the song Lagkaw). I was told he is buried at Carreta Cemetery. I need historical data (date of birth, death) and this could be seen in the grave marker. Would you know if people there know his gravesite? Thanks

  4. Marenel says:

    Hello sir/mam, nag need unta kog graffiti artist para sa balay Nako kural . If Naa plss email me.. or send me a cell no. Salamat lapupu amo loacation

  5. Marenel says:

    Or add me sa fb kimsabfrance Ang name sa fb tyt

  6. louie says:

    hi good morninng???naa moy contact #??

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