Shell Island: A World Away

After an event at SM Seaside City Cebu, a friend and I decided to visit the small sea-side park near the South Road Properties (SRP) entrance.  The park offers an amazing view of the Mactan Channel and is frequented by those who want to ‘escape’ the busy weekend traffic in the city. My friend said […]

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La Vie in the Sky: A Chill (and Quick) Getaway

La Vie Parisienne is a popular modern French restaurant and winery in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City. Known for its gaudy and interesting interiors and visually-stunning lighted trees, the restaurant is considered one of the most popular hang-outs in the city. Recently, La Vie opened another property in the highlands of Cebu. Aptly called La Vie […]

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Solemn Foot Procession 2019

Last January 19, 2019, the annual solemn foot procession was held. The solemn foot procession is the most important and the second most-attended event during the whole Sinulog season. During this event, the image of Senor Santo Nino, together with the image of the Virgin Mary and the image of Saint Joseph are paraded through […]

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Sinulog Fluvial Parade 2019

Every year, one day before the well-attended Sinulog Grand Parade takes place, Cebuanos flock to the port area to witness one of the Sinulog season’s most important events. Right before sunrise, hundreds of thousands fill the ports of Cebu to witness a spectacle that cannot be found anywhere else. This event is the annual Sinulog […]

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Penshoppe’s Sinulog 2019 Display: A Beautiful Cebuano Tradition

Each year, Cebuanos look forward to the construction of one of the most important features of Sinulog sa Sugbu — Penshoppe’s Sinulog stage / platform / chapel / display in Fuente Osmena. Considered one of the most enduring symbols of Cebu’s beloved festival, the display is built near the end of December and will remain open […]

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Walk with Jesus Dawn Procession 2019

Last January 10, 2019, the annual Walk with Jesus solemn dawn procession was held. The Walk with Jesus dawn procession is a yearly event that marks the official start of the Sinulog season in Cebu. Days prior to this event, the image of Senor Santo Nino de Cebu ‘visits’ various churches in the city as […]

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Sinulog 2019 Route Maps

With all the rerouting, road blockage, and scheduled closures, the month-long Sinulog celebrations can be quite stressful. However, if you are well-equipped with the knowledge and information regarding these activities, everything is actually quite manageable and easy. To make things a little more bearable, here are the official route maps released by the Sinulog Foundation, […]

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Sinulog 2019 Schedule of Activities

Here is the schedule of events for Sinulog 2019. Please take note of the important events and be sure to mark you calendars so you don’t miss a single one of them. Pit Senyor, Cebu! Pit Senyor, everyone! PS. Scroll to the bottom to see my recommendations. 🙂

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First Look at Boom na Boom sa Sugbo 2018

I’m quite excited for Christmas this year. Not only because I finally get to stay home for the holidays this year (last year I was in Vietnam,) but also because there are a lot of new and nice things to see and do in Cebu. One of them is the Boom na Boom sa Sugbo […]

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Liloan Golf and Leisure Estate: Hidden from View

Last Saturday, I traveled to the town of Liloan to cover an event. I was invited my a distant cousin who works as a marketing officer for a real estate company. They were launching a new horizontal development and she wanted me to see the whole place for myself. I was thinking of traveling somewhere […]

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Simala: Beauty Unfolding

One of the first places that I visited as soon as I arrived home was Simala. As a Catholic, the shrine is very dear to me. I come here whenever there are huge decisions to make or when there are things that I feel I couldn’t handle on my own. Simala has become sort of […]

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A Footbridge in Tuburan

After a quick stop in the Tuburan for some snacks, I was back on the road. It was getting dark really fast and Toledo City was still miles away. And from Toledo, it would take another hour to reach the City of Naga. That means that I’d arrive home at around 8 in the evening. […]

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The Sad State of Danao’s Durano Foundation Complex

The Durano Foundation Complex in Guinsay, Danao City has always been one of the most fascinating religious sites in Northern Cebu. Despite its relative obscurity, the complex has somehow become quite popular among people traveling to the northern end of the island. The Durano Foundation is a two-hectare property in Barangay Guinsay in Danao City. The […]

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Guadalupe Parish Church: A New Beginning

The Parish Church of Barangay Guadalupe means a lot to me. Not only because I still currently live in Barangay Guadalupe but more importantly because I basically grew up in this church. When I was a kid, I was a member of the quite popular (during that time) Guadalupe Children’s Choir. And on weekends, I’d […]

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Mantayupan Falls: Revisiting the Jewel of Barili

During one of my recent South Cebu rides, I decided to stop by the town of Barili to complete a simple mission. This mission was to see the Mantayupan Falls again. You see, I haven’t seen or been to the waterfall in such a long time. If I’m not mistaken, the last time that I saw […]

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10,000 Roses Cafe: After the Deluge

In early 2017, 10,000 Roses Cafe and More opened its doors to the public for the very first time. The opening wasn’t such a big deal. The events that followed, however, made headlines in local dailies and littered (almost) everyone’s Facebook newsfeed. A new Cebu tourist destination was born. And every single one wanted first-hand […]

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