In Photos: The Cebu Business Park Giants

Here are some of the giants at the Cebu Business Park. As you all know, more projects are being constructed as of the moment. And one of them is the BigFoot Headquarters. I’m not sure what the names of the other buildings are. But CBP, right now, is brimming with life. Take a look!

View of the great triumvirate – Cebu Business Tower, Pag-Ibig Tower, The Parklane Hotel.

The good old Metro Gaisano

FGU Center as seen from the Ayala Entertainment Center

The Pag-Ibig Tower up-close

The triumvirate and the Archbishop Reyes flyover

Cebu Business Tower nearing completion

First client of CBT – Banco De Oro

The Parklane and the Archibishop Reyes Flyover. The small gap between the Parklane and CBT will soon be filled by another skycraper which is currently U/C.

FGU Center from the Pag-ibig entrance

Keppel, Innove, and FGU.

FGU Center up-close

FGU Center facade

Keppel Tower. One of the oldest towers in CBP.

The Innove Tower

LexMark Building and another building [forgot the name]

Another angle of the LexMark building

The Marriott Hotel

Ayala Center Cebu Expansion project

Wow! Very classy!

Interior of new section

23 thoughts on “In Photos: The Cebu Business Park Giants

  1. nindota na uy, daghan na kaayo bag o diha sa CBP……lingaw na diay isuroy sa Ayala karon panahona…thanks for the updates…….now…maka ingon ta, LACEY ROCKS gayud……

  2. kani bang CBP mao ni ang golf course (club Filipno) sa Magellan Hotel tung una?. Ka-anindot na og kaguwapo gayud sa mga ‘skyscrapers’-WOOOOOW, beautiful, gorgeous, and colorful!!.

    Wala ka mi kuha og mga shots diha sa Hipodromo, Careta, Mabolo kun unsa nay improvements diha. Dili na ba ‘eye sores’ kaning mga nakapaligid nga mga residentials.

  3. sa CBP pa lang gani ni, unsa na lang kaha kung mahuman na tanang development sa may Fuente Osmena and Ramos nga dapit, although klaro na pod karon ang mga bag o nga buildings….sa may NRA dapit, kung mahuman na ang boardwalk ug Parkmall 168, sus, kadaghan nag kapilian, much more kung masugdan na pod ang SRP…..saon na lang, busy na kaayo si ley ug update ani ug mga pics…..

  4. Hats off to the architects! The buildings are awesome, very westernize na gyud. I’ll be shocked to see Cebu for the first time, hinaut dili ko makuyapan! LOL

  5. Hi! Just discovered your blog site & thrilled to read and see Cebus’ Progress.
    Proud to say how my used-to-be city block had grown. So what’s the tallest city scrapper to hit the metropolis so far? Hope much of the city’s massive infrastructures projects also compramise to balance leisurely park venues for the locals to unwind.

    More Caffeine Cheers to Everyone!!! courtesy from Starbucks Coffee Shop… Times Square, NYC, USA

  6. wow wow wow Ley!

    Ti-aw na nindotan oy! DAGKU NA Gyod Di-ay ang mga Building Dinha sa una
    mga Gagmay pa na Karun Giants naman oy Higanti naba!!!! Busa kadtong milangaw
    sa laing nasod ayaw namo ug shopping shopping dinha oyy,Sa Ato na tang Place ba sa Cebu na!! Dinha nato makita ang progresive na gyud ang atong Lugar,
    Mabuhay Cebu!!! Philippines!!!!!
    From ;Milette

  7. Wow! That’s all I can say, Wow! I never thought it would look like that. So many new buildings, so much to look forward to. I wish I could drop everything here and go home! Thanks for the uploads.

  8. why man dili kaayo tag-as ang buildings sa CBP unlike other ayala projects i.e. Makati? Is there a rule on the heights of the buildings at CBP?

  9. the building near lexmark in which the name you forgot is the Cebu Holdings building. hehehe. murag mao na ang pinaka una na building diha sa CBP.

  10. Great shots, Ley! The CBP will be even more nicer if the government will fix something about the traffic there. No matter what time of day it is, driving around that area is a pain!

  11. what is currently now the tallest in cebu?….i think its club ultima w/ 40 floors i think…hope to have more supertall skyscrapers in cebu…but why the buildings in cbp are short than in makati or manila…wondering y?……

  12. sus makahinumdum man pod ko adtong nag-trabaho pa ko sa perpetual succour hospital unya inig human namog duty sa AM shift manglakaw dayon mi padung sa ayala, manan-aw ug cine dayon mangaon ug Zagu (pandan flavor), or sa McDo, or jollibee or window shopping sa Guess (tan-aw tan-aw lang kay di man maka-afford) or palipas lang gud sa oras. nice to see nga nisamot pa gyud ug ka-improve ang lugar. one of the places to go inig uli nako puhon.

  13. sa akong nabantayan 🙂 ang ayala karon.. high tech naman.. sa dle pa gani ka mo sulod sa door.. mo abli man lang ug iyaha lang :)..

  14. wow, ninduta na diay sa cbp noh? pagbiya nako sa cebu under construction pa ang lexmark bldg. karon daghan pa jud napuno nga lain-lain mga bldgs. nakahinumdum lng ko sauna every weekend me laag-laag sa ako mga friends sa ayala kaon-kaon, tan aw-tan aw movie, window shopping, usahay tinuod sad nga shopping kung mag sale…heheheh!

  15. I am thai student, gruduated from South western University sine 1989. I’m very surprise not above pictures are Cebu city. I remember only some place and I will be back to visit again in near future.

    Thank you very much for this city,

  16. Wow. I could not even recognize the place. 1986 was my last visit to Cebu and I can’t wait for the next chance to visit again the city where I grew up. I’ll probably get lost if I go around by myself…haha.

    Regards from Las Vegas!

  17. The business park but specially the Ayala Terraces have many new yummy places to discover. It’s worth a visit 😉

    I wish all the Food Lovers around a Happy New Year 2010

    Your Team

  18. ley, thanks for your regular updates regarding our beloved cebu (city/province). you did a very good job. made us cebuanos very proud and made us feel at home while we are away. anyway, naa ba kay “current” list or entry regarding hotels in cebu city? will be going back to cebu city within the year and i’m looking for a place to stay-in. i heard daghan new hotels ang nahuman karon. looking for a hotel near ayala center cebu (aside form Marriott). salamat bai.

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