Seriously Controversial


The Banilad Road is one of the most controversial parts of the city.

1. It is where the Ciudad Mall was set to rise. Mayor O, however, blocked the project because

2. The traffic in Banilad Road is horrible. So, the city government proposed to

3. Build a flyover which would solve the horrible traffic condition. However,

4. Establishment owners resentment as it would surely “affect our business”.

5. The City, however, finalized its decision and a flyover was scheduled to be constructed. But

6. The establishment owners wanted to stop the construction altogether or at least postpone it until after the New Year.

7. In retaliation, the provincial government closed some roads in the city [which the province owns]

8. And threatened to do other stuff like take all the land that they own in the city back!


See how controversial it is?

The Gaisano Country Mall

University of Cebu Banilad Campus

One of the major chokepoints. Vehicles from Panis Street, Ayala, Talamban, and Baranggay Apas intersect here and cause major stuck ups.

The new Banilad baby – Alicia Tower

Closer view of GCM

Banilad Road [to Ayala]

Banilad Road with view of a building in IT Park and some buildings in CBP.