Colon’s Story


Today, I dropped by good ole Colon. I ordered a bowl of Chowking’s Lomi and I downed the hot serving while taking pictures of the magnificent human drama unfolding just below me (I was on the second floor).

One college professor told me that Colon is one long telenovela. He said that if we just try to observe the dynamics of Colon, we will understand that it is telling a story. I didn’t get what he was trying to say, then.

But as I sat there and observed, I began to slowly understand. And before I could finish my Lomi, I knew what he was trying to say.

Colon tells a very wonderful story. But if you’re too busy (or too paranoid) to stop and gaze, you won’t even know where the first page is.

Although Colon, strictly speaking, is just a street (the oldest in the Philippines, if you must know), the name can be used to refer to the entire downtown area of Cebu. So, to most Cebuanos, ‘Colon’ has become sort of a district and not just a street.

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A busy street in ‘Colon’.


At the center of it all is Metro Gaisano. This ‘small giant’ survived the influx of modern day malls and can safely be considered the most successful ‘stand alone’ supermarket in Cebu.

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Presenting! The cast of Colon’s story:


We have the friendly bagger from Metro.


We have the piña vendor blocking the pedestrian lanes. LOL


Then, there’s the occasional visitor who can disappear into the crowd.


And those who try but can’t. Hehehe.


You have the gun-weilding friendlies.


Then there’s the sidewalk vendors and their customers.

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You can also see the visitors who own half of the appliance centers in the area. Hehehe.

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Also, you get to see the kids who’d rather play in the middle of the road.


There’s the ‘travelling salesman’.


The skaterboy.


And the countless faces that tell different but interconnected stories about life in Cebu.


The next time you visit Colon, look around, absord, observe. Then see if you can read Her story.