Guadalupe’s Langub Church

The Langub Church in Barangay Guadalupe is one of the most visited churches in Cebu City. Sitting near the borders of both Baranggay Kalunasan and Barangay Oppra, this ‘outdoor church’ is frequented not only by the devotees of Cebu’s patroness Our Lady of Guadalupe, but also by believers who pray for miraculous help and intervention.

Every weekend, hundreds flock to this tiny church for a special solemn healing mass which is attended by the sick and their family members.

Check out some photos of the church below:

Devotees attending a special outdoor service one Saturday afternoon.

A few meters from the outdoor altar, the entrance to the cave (or langub) can be seen.

Inside the cave, you can see the Image of the Our Lady of Guadalupe who, according to stories, appeared before locals in this same cave.

Many devotees regularly visit this church to pay homage to the image.

According to stories, the story of the Our Lady of Guadalupe began with a Mexican man named Diego. It is said that Diego had a very sick uncle. One day, he saw a lady in the dessert who was carrying dozens of fresh roses. The lady gave Diego a piece of cloth. She then told him to cover his sick uncle with the cloth and he will be well. Diego followed the lady’s instructions. And true enough, his uncle became better.

Today, while asking for petitions inside the cave, people cover themselves with the image’s miraculous cloth to replicate Diego’s exact actions to save his uncle’s life.

Another opening several meters from the cave entrance serves at the exit.

View of the interior of the small cave which can accommodated around 50 people during special services.

The cave exit as seen from the outdoor church entrance.

La Cueva de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe translates to “The Cave of the Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

Wooden cross at the outdoor church’s main altar.

An image of the Our Lady of Guadalupe at the outdoor church’s candle-lighting area.

The outdoor church as seen from the candle-lighting area.

The outdoor church ‘interior’ sits on top of an actual river.

 Have you been to the Langub Church in Barangay Kalunasan?

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