Marcelo Fernan Bridge: World’s Longest Center Span Extradosed Cable-Stayed Bridge

Whew! That was a very long title. Haha!

Mactan Island and Cebu are connected by two bridges – Mactan Bridge 1 (which Cebuanos usually just call ‘first bridge,’) and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge aka ‘second bridge.’ The latter, which is a very welcome addition considering how fast Cebu’s growth is, was constructed with the help of the Japanese Government. The bridge has been featured in countless national TV programs (and even a full-length movie from Bigfoot). It has also become of the most important icons of Cebu.

So, without more yapping, let us check out the awesome second Mactan Bridge.

The Marcelo Fernan Bridge which connects mainland Cebu and Mactan Island.

To get to the second bridge via the city of Mandaue, you would have to take the United Nations Avenue.

Because it is a very busy road, numerous billboards can be seen along it.

Second half of the United Nations Avenue leading to the bridge approach.

A colorful ‘skywalk’ keeps the students in a nearby school safe when crossing the avenue.

Flags of member nations can be seen flying along the long avenue.

Now finally at the bridge and moving steadily towards the center.

So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen – the Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge.

The Lapu-Lapu welcome sign greets visitors as soon as they cross the second half of the bridge.

More billboards are visible on the Mactan side of the bridge.

Finally. Welcome to Lapu Lapu City!

Checking out the scenes from under the bridge.

The Mactan Channel as seen from the park under the bridge.

The long stretch connecting the two main islands of Metro Cebu.

Locals enjoying a relaxing afternoon under the bridge.

The bridge’s underbelly looking really sturdy and safe.


Dating under the bridge? Why not?

An inter-island passenger ship traversing the channel towards the Cebu City port.

The ship passing underneath the bridge and heading straight to Cebu City.

A team is busy preparing for this night’s BisRock concert under the bridge.

According to the marker, the Marcelo Fernan Bridge is the world’s Longest Center Span Extradosed Cable-Stayed Bridge. Whew! Long, indeed.

A children’s playground near one of the bridge’s gigantic piers.

A safe and enclosed area for kids to have fun and enjoy. Great!