Gorgeous Naga

So, after a short stop in the city of Talisay (we took a couple of shots of the old church and the World War 2 landing monument), Arnold and I were back on the road. Our next stop was the gorgeous City of Naga. We parked the car in front of the gym and headed towards one of the most easily-recognizable road-side churches in Southern Cebu – the Saint Francis Catholic Church. More popularly known as the Naga Church, the Saint Francis Catholic Church was built in the 17th Century.


Naga City’s Saint Francis Catholic Church

Main door of the road-side church. Notice the details.

The belltower stands a few meters from the actual church.

Intricate details. They look like the figures in a totem pole.

Statue of Saint Francis (?)

Wood art in one of the many side doors.

A small reminder

Church interior. Super gorgeous.

View from the side.

After taking a few more photos, we went to the park on the other side of the road. Here’s a shot fo the South National Road.

South National Road and the Naga Church.

The old Municipal Hall.

The park’s fountain is surrounded by the 12 different zodiac signs. Here’s Aquarius. Hehehe.

Fountain and the church.

Arnold clicking away.

Back part of the park.

A nice little restaurant for those who can afford. Hehehe.

Nice and clean.


Park benches.

The new City Hall. Nice.

Seawall. Very nice!

A small yacht.

Hey! There’s the Fuente triangle!

An u/c power plant in Naga.


Visit Naga City now!

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