MCPB - Cangkalanog Falls

Finding Alegria’s Cangkalanog Falls

This visit to Cangkalanog Falls in Alegria took place more than four years ago. Although I’d like to believe that I never miss when it comes to posting about my adventures, this small ‘mistake’ proves that I, in fact, DO. You see, all these years, I thought that I was able to make a blog about this famous spot immediately after writing about my Canlaob Falls adventure. I just learned this past week that I actually never did. Oh, boy!

After my fun and memorable stop at Canlaob Falls in Barangay Sangi, it was time to get back on the road for yet another adventure. The sun was still high in the sky and I thought that it was still too early to head back. So, instead of going towards the direction of the city, I decided to continue driving away from it.

Cangkalanog Falls

It wasn’t long before I saw a road-side sign which told me that a spot was nearby. Cangkalanog Falls, the sign read. I had already heard about this place before this trip, so I was pretty pumped to know that I was so close. The waterfall was actually already on my bucket list. So, yeah, of course, I didn’t let this chance pass me by.

Before I knew it, I was already off the main highway and navigating the narrow and quiet road which lead to the waterfall.

Fifteen minutes later, I finally saw a sign which told me that I was headed in the right direction. After more than ten minutes of driving, I actually started to believe that I’d somehow missed a turn or a turn.

A Challenging Trek

I immediately parked my motorbike along the road and began my long (and funny) trek towards the waterfall.

To be honest, I never thought that 800 meters was actually VERY far on foot. And I learned it the hard way.

You see, although it seems easy, finding the waterfall was actually VERY difficult. There were dozens of smaller trails along the way. In fact, most of them looked just like the main trail. To make things even more challenging, there was no one around that I could ask for directions. It was like everyone was hiding from me.

Thirty minutes intro the trek, I still couldn’t hear water or people. I knew getting lost in the area wouldn’t be THAT scary, but I still felt really scared. Also, the sun was so hot and I had no water with me. I was afraid that I’d pass out and roll off the side of the trail and wake up in the evening. Haha.

I took yet another wrong turn several minutes later before I finally saw a fresh-water well. This was a good sign. It meant that I was close to a body of water and that there were actually people nearby.

Finding Cangkalanog

Moments later, I finally saw a young girl emerging from one of the bushes along the trail. I asked her if she could take me to the waterfall. She responded by giggling. Then, she said, “You’re already here, Kuya.”

I took a couple more steps and then I finally saw her. Cangkalanog was gorgeous!

I was admiring the view when a couple of kids arrived from out of nowhere. Then, without a word, they jumped into the pool below and had an awesome time.

Cangkalanog isn’t like most Cebu waterfalls like Kawasan and Mantayupan. The drop is actually pretty low. What makes it gorgeous however is the beautiful blue pool at the bottom of it.

Actually, the main drop isn’t the only drop in the area. I followed the kids and I discovered that there is actually another swimming spot (with yet another drop) just several meters away from the main one.

It was also interesting to note that the river flowing away from the drop looks very beautiful and mysterious. Just take a look at this view!

Here is a view of the pool from a different angle. Love the rock formations and the natural and untouched greens near the drop.

From this angle, I could perfectly see the structure (probably a restaurant or lodging) they built very close to the pool.

Moving farther away from the waterfall, I discovered just how lush and beautiful the river was.

Even farther away, I saw this big open area where the water was quiet and the view was just out of this world. I stayed in this spot for a few more minutes before finally heading back to the waterfall for a quick swim.

After a quick dip, it was time to head back to my bike. I’d loved to stay longer but I was kind of worried about the trek back. I’d rather get lost while the sun was still up. Haha.

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