Kawasan Falls, Finally!

The famous Kawasan Falls is situated some four hours from Cebu City in the sleepy little baranggay of Matutinao in the town of Badian. Badian is famous for a system of waterfalls which has two major drops, a huge water source squirting thousands of liters of fresh (and very cool) water every day, and an adverture trail which takes you deep into the heart of Baranggay Matutinao.

If you are planning to go to Kawasan, make sure that you can handle a thirty-minute walk through rivers and wooden bridges. Also, note that you are required to go up a very steep passage if you intend to see the second drop as well as the spring near the top.

At long last, I was able to take photos of Kawasan Falls. Such a lovely, lovely natural wonder! Woooot!

The long walk begins here – After parking our van near the church by the South Coastal National Highway, we started our long trek to Kawasan.

There are tons of things to see along the way, so you won’t get bored.

Taking a short break after paying the Php 10 entrance fee.

Crossing a small wooden bridge, you’ll reach the ‘Children’s Spring’ – a small ‘resort’ especially designed for young kids.

View of the river. Cool!

Two guys looking for ‘omang’ or freshwater prawn.

If you can’t do it on the natural rock formation, do it on the sign. Toink.

Fresh fresh water!

Wow. Doesn’t that look nice?


Another view.

Walking through coconut trees.

See? I told ya! Hehehe.

First bridge. Pretty nice.

Those are some of the ‘omang’ the local kids caught.

Labadami, labango. La. la. la. la. la.

Keep walking until you reach the second foot bridge.

Kids enjoying the raft.

There’s the second foot bridge!

Just keep walking! A group of excited out-of-towners now taking the lead.

Are we there yet?

Wow. An age-old stone bridge.

View from the back.

A small hydro power plant (?)

First of the many houses for rent near the first drop.

Fantastic view!

Another foot bridge.

There she is! Ahh. What a sight!

The first Kawasan Falls

Let’s see what the second drop looks like. Up, up, up we go!

Climb, boy, climb!

Waaaah! Where are we going????????????


View from the top.

Trees. Tall trees all around.

Ahh. Cool water!

A very small ‘falls.’ Hehehehe.

Another foot bridge.

Wow! I love it!

Another angle.

And yet another one. 🙂

Wow! Pwede mag-shower diri.

Cool. Pwede latay-latayan sa mga walay lingaw.

Another foot bridge to falls number 2!

View from the top.

There’s the beauty!


Wow! Kanindot!

Now it’s time to swim!!! Woohoo! – Tita Line fixing Erin’s life vest.

Ladies chilling by the water.


Mga tarzan.

We decided to not go to the source because we were running late. Hehehe. Next time na lang daw. =)











Tell us about your experience in Kawasan!