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88th Avenue: Cebu City’s Newest Lifestyle Destination

After months of closure, the lot once occupied by Shell-Banilad has finally been reopened. This time, however, it is no longer a gas station. Taking its place is 88th Avenue. 88th Avenue is a massive complex made up of serviced apartments, a hotel, and an upscale commercial component.

I decided to drop by this new spot on my way to Mactan today. And I must say I’m glad that I did. (I’m pretty sure this will definitely become one of the biggest lifestyle destinations in Cebu City.) Take a look!

88th Avenue

88th Avenue is a massive development with commercial and residential components. The commercial component is a three-story strip mall situated along Banilad Road.

Commercial Component

There are a few things that I really liked about the mall.

First, the development makes use of an integrated basement parking. This gives the lifestyle component a more open and spacious feel.

Second, the development also makes use of lush greens. This keeps the area looking fresh and cool even during the hottest months.

Luxury Lifestyle Destination

Third, at the very center of the strip mall is a big open lounging area. Here, guests can relax, converge, mingle, and enjoy.

Comfortable (and might I say, ‘fashionable’) seats are placed in the area. And they (it appears) can be used by anyone!

As of this writing, several locators have already opened at 88th Avenue.

Fourth, several trees fill the mall’s ‘courtyard’. This gives the whole place a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Also, benches are placed in various parts of the courtyard to accommodate as many guests as possible.

There is also a stylish walk-in bar at the mouth of the complex. How cool.

Lastly, from 88th Avenue, guests can enjoy the ever-changing skyline of Cebu IT Park. What a treat!

What do you think about this new lifestyle development in Cebu City? Let us know in the comments below!

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