Mantayupan Falls: Revisiting the Jewel of Barili


During one of my recent South Cebu rides, I decided to stop by the town of Barili to complete a simple mission. This mission was to see the Mantayupan Falls again. You see, I haven’t seen or been to the waterfall in such a long time. If I’m not mistaken, the last time that I saw the waterfall was probably more than three years ago.

So, before proceeding to Dumanjug and straight to the town of Moalboal, I made a quick left and headed to Barangay Campangga where the waterfall was located.

Mantayupan Falls is one of Cebu’s tallest waterfalls. The waterfall is about 98 meters tall.

During my last visit, I was asked to pay Php 20 to enter. Now, you would have to pay Php 40.

These things were so much shorter back then and they were not this thick. This part of the covered walkway looks amazing.

Here’s a view of the cliff face and the second drop right below the main drop.

One of the most visible changes was the construction of the hanging bridge. Apparently, this bridge was opened in the middle of 2017.

Check out the hanging bridge that now leads visitors straight to the first waterfall.

Notice that concrete structure next to the hanging bridge? That’s the original ‘bridge’ that you can to cross to get to the waterfall.

At the end of the hanging bridge, they have created a paved foot path that goes all the way to the pool below the drop.

Barili’s Mantayupan Falls. Still one of Cebu’s most gorgeous natural wonders.


This is one of my most favorite places in Barili. This spot gives you an amazing view of the bay below as well as the community near the mouth of the inlet.

Have you been to Mantayupan Falls in Barili recently? What do you think of the few changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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