Breakfast at West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

If you’ve had a very busy week and you want to get away from it all, the town of Balamban has the perfect spot for you.

Two weeks ago, a new friend and I visited the West 35 Eco Mountain Resort in Gaas, Balamban. If you’re traveling from the city via the TransCentral Highway, this beautiful mountain resort is located 35 kilometers from the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Let’s take a closer look at Balamban town’s West 35 Eco Mountain Resort.

It’s pretty easy to find the resort. You can’t miss this road-side sign located exactly 35 kilometers from Cebu City.

Entrance to the resort is Php50 per head. They have ample parking space for both 4-wheel vehicles and motorcycles.

West 35 Eco Mountain Resort Reception Counter

The resort has accommodations, a zip-line, a playground, a function room, a cafe, and a viewing deck.

The playground has numerous slides, a swing set, a mini zip-line, and a rope course.

Entrance to the zip-line facility. We didn’t go in because it was closed when we got there.

The Reception Hut and Haven Cafe right next to it.

West 35’s Haven Cafe

Interior of Haven Cafe. It looks pretty decent. And a bit expensive.

If you want to take advantage of the view, you can get a table at the terrace.

True enough, the items they serve are pretty pricey. This all-day breakfast set is around Php250. We got there at around 2 pm. But when I asked if their breakfast set was all-day, the waiter said that it was. So, there you go. Breakfast at 2 pm. Haha. Pretty sumptuous, though.

A nice-looking brownie cup. Around Php 150.

And glass of house-blend iced-tea. I forgot the price. But this should be around Php 50-60.

After eating, we checked out the viewing deck at the top.

The parking lot looking pretty from the top.

Ooohhh. So those are the resort rooms. Pretty interesting. Imagine waking up early in the morning and this wonderful view greeting you.

The surrounding mountains are breath-taking. Not a single house in sight!

180-degree view from the viewing deck.

(Click for bigger photo)

And take a look at the bathroom! I never thought washing my hands could be so enjoyable. Haha.


West 35 is located in Balamban town.
Entrance fee is Php50 / person.
Food prices are from around Php 130 to 300.
To get there: V-Hire, Private