Buhisan: One With Nature

 The Buhisan Dam is the source of water for the city of Cebu. Buhisan Dam is situated in the mountains of Buhisan behind Labangon. The area around the dam is surrounded with huge trees which make the place cool even at noon.

A number of tree-planting projects each year are held in Buhisan for the protection of the reserve.

The blue-colored dam.

Road to the dam.


Buhisan Elementary School

Bridge to Buhisan

Up, up and away!

This is the source of our water.

Keep out!


Buhisan mountains

View of the dam

Tall trees

No trespassing


To Toong

Dam and trees

Blind curve

Triangular treehouse

Mountains of Labangon

Banawa Is Sizzling!
Siomai Sa Tisa



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  1. nindot sad diay diha no. hangtod A. Lopez raman to ako naadtoan.
    few months back, i read from sunstar, student got drowned in buhisan dam

  2. What does “buligi” means? nice views too.

  3. My family lived in Labangon for a year. We used to go up there, the road wasn’t paved yet.=) I still love the mountain view! Do we sell bottled spring water in Cebu? If we do, that means I don’t have to boil the water for drinking for my family. My friends’ family got sick when they drank the regular water, they’re just not used to it.

  4. Ethelbert // May 29, 2007 at 9:11 am // Reply

    I remember way back in College. The Scholarship organization to which I belong will hold tree planting activity there at Buhisan at least once every semester… But the most anticipated part is the Lunch Picnic by the river and at the middle of the woods….. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!

    Come to think of it, dag-ko na siguro to amo gipangtanum didto nuh?

    • what year have you been there in buhisan to do tree planting???
      i am sure all trees you planted along with your mates are now big helps
      to our mountains and protect from floods down….

  5. @jenny – buligi means “help” Help us take care the water source….

  6. i’m from buhisan. well, not buhisan proper, though. but me and my friends went there years ago since we lived nearby. but i didn’t appreciate it back then. hehe!

    nice to have a fellow bisdak blog about cebu. keep on blogging!

  7. raphy of NYS // July 31, 2007 at 11:44 pm // Reply

    bai, naka abot ba mo sa small falls diha sa buhisan? i remember when i was still elementary sa don bosco nag hiking mi diha (mga mid 80’s pa hehehe), agi mi sa dam nya adto pud mi sa falls, gamay ra nuon nga falls, but pwede laigu-an.

  8. ngeeks. wa man mi pasudla bai. kay dili allowed ang artista daw sa sulod. hahaha.

  9. Japhet Jabonero // August 28, 2007 at 12:56 pm // Reply

    I really appreciated your effort to put Buhisan in your Blog. My parents and siblings together with their family are residents there. I lived in this place for almost 11 years before migrating with my husband and kids to Perth, pero kutob ra ko Buhisan Elemntary school. With your blog… kita na ko dam. Salamat mate!

  10. bai.. taga buhisan kuh! hahhaha.. faetahh.. nya bata pa au kuh ka ara ngara….. nya 13y/o pah ganeh kuh karun.. wahhaha….nya dili nmn kuh sugtan mu ara.. delikado.. dghan kaau mga bogoy nya naa puy mga gangster.. ahak kaau… as far as i can remember….. naglakaw na me padung ngara kay dili nmn mu abot and tricycle sa kinatumyan… hehe.. xer lang kkuuhh….

  11. i went there just this year(2008)we have a nice tour together with my classm8…it is so fun to be there….we enjoy playing around till we go up to the mountains and have tree planting… nagskul man ko STC mao anha mi sa Buhisan…nyc jud au did2…

  12. ako taga buhisan ko niadto, i live buhisan for almost 3yrs. jud nag-abang mi dha kilid sa simbahan.. i miss dat place kay memorable pod na nako ang lugar hehehe.. sayang wala man naapil ang simbahan sa Buhisan ug picture drea :).. butangi nya sunod dong ley ha thanks mwahhhhh fr. switzerland hir

  13. what is BULIGI means?? :-s

    i think it means ‘shower upon’ or ‘grace’ or ‘give’. so buligi kami sa imong kaluoy would mean shower us with your mercy.

    • bulig means help
      what they are trying to say is that help us to take care of our source of water…. got cha… nice pics

  14. “Bulig” is to help or to cooperate. “Buligi” is a more polite request than the ordinary “tabangi” becauise the former connotes the word “please”. One adds “palihug” to “tabangi” to be polite or “intawon” to denote “mercy”. Mga taga-LUDABI, naa pa mo diha? Palihug tabangi mi ani, beh?

  15. Nindota na diay dha… niadto cgi mi duwa basketball hugaw pa kaayo…

  16. BULIGI or BULIG its a term used in Ilonggo in cebuano meaning Tabangi or Tabang. Kahinumdon man ko nga diha man mi mamusil sa una mga 80’s pato duol raman na sa amo gud hehehe i luv 2 c dot pics.

  17. hi sa tanan taga buhisan!

  18. irish agustin // March 19, 2009 at 3:26 pm // Reply

    hi sa akong mga klasmet ug silingan nga mga bogoy..hehehe..ilabina sa akong family..of course agustin family..ug sa akong bestfriend nga gwafa kaau si miss adai kaffa…

  19. pede mag camping didto sir?

  20. bebeth Dela Cerna Bacarisas // September 18, 2009 at 7:08 pm // Reply

    Thank you for the pics, I graduated in Buhisan Elem. I Love that school the long stairway, we use to eat lunch ( corn w/ ginamos wrapped in banana leaves) on top of the big rock very cool to seat on and relaxing. ohhhhhh how much i miss my childhood days. again thanks

  21. The buhisan dam is so beautiful. The pictures are so beautiful. I want to thank my adviser Madam Mary Ellen Servellita for being my good teacher, once again thank you.

  22. Hello everyone i had good memories along with my parents living in DENR Camp site back on late 70’s.my father was officer in charge at the camp.i know lots of students from different Universities in Cebu were going there to sacrifice doing tree planting every weekend.
    I always remember what my dad said “those trees they planted are big help for the future generations who can enjoy the benefits of thier hardwork”.it will protect from floods too…hope anyone who involved those tree planting time…plz keep in touch ..i am now living in England but keep visiting our dear families back home.

  23. henry sanchez // October 10, 2009 at 1:34 am // Reply

    ley, it brings me back memories , everytime i see this particular picture…taga punta man ko , used to go fishin’ telapia sa ilalum sa dam…back in the ’60s and give it to the old people nearby unya taga-an mi nila ug pinya in exchange….omg….nanglimbawot ang akong balahiboo……morag theraphy ning imong blog bhay….thank u ka-ayo henry sanchez nj usa cheeseson123@aol.com

  24. just wanna know and i’m quite curious kung ang nahitabo sa luzon dili basad mahitabo diri sa atong lugar simbako lang palayo…right now nag sigi na intawon ko search sa mga dam diri sa cebu city ug cebu province,,,at least kabalo ko asa dapit..

  25. @jenny-unsay imong nationality?foreigner ka?

  26. When I was a student at Don Bosco (back in the 1970’s) we used to go up to Buhisan to plant trees. It felt good looking at the pictures thinking that maybe, just maybe, some of the trees that we planted back then are still around. It has been 23 years since I last visited Cebu and this photo blog site kind of fills the void.

    Regards from Las Vegas.

  27. did the people here knows that you’re gonna have a pictorial in this place? or they are by nature clean? lol it looks so clean here!

  28. this place is so nice…we went to buhisan dam last year for our educational trip…it was tiring but we had so much fun!

  29. The place has a fresh wind, fresh water, many trees. Our educational trip was fun cause we are all boys in our group.Fun Trip. I learned a lot. I am very grateful to our guide.

    MHCS 2009-2010
    2nd yr. Educational Field Trip

  30. bêC/-Rn╚OB/-ç†Ö|_ // March 6, 2010 at 9:39 pm // Reply

    Yeah really fun. I miss it. Really fun

    MHCS 2009-2010
    2nd yr. Educational Field Trip


  32. my last name is buhisan.. yawars naa diay dam diha na buhisan? naa pjd skwelahan…

  33. Im really amazed with both your blog site & adventures… makes me think of going with you whenever ur adventure is… can we join ur explorations…. ? Looks like a worthwhile life experience.

  34. Leylanski, r u pinoy or … hehehe? just curious.

  35. Ruth Prince // June 26, 2010 at 1:22 pm // Reply

    Hi my name is Ruth Prince, previously Ruth Tabay
    Im born and bred in buhisan and went to school
    in buhisan elementary. I wish I could have written
    this comment in bisaya but it won’t make sense. I left Cebu in 1994
    for Australia. Most of my classmates still live in
    the area. Buhisan is one of those places you will
    never forget. I often talk about buhisan with my
    friends here in Australia and they want to visit. I remember
    fruit picking santol and lomboy during lunch with
    school friends, Ryan, Jerry, bater, Judith, girly and so on.
    Writting this makes me miss my childhood and
    hometown Buhisan.
    going fruit picking santol and lomboy during my lunch breaks.

    • niel rechel ragasajo // July 22, 2010 at 2:49 pm // Reply

      By the way dugay nasad diay ko wala na makauli sa buhisan kay naa ko kron sa brunei.kumusta kana ruth.

  36. niel rechel ragasajo // July 22, 2010 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    Hi, kumusta kana dinha its been a long time na wala ta mag kita.siguro may anak kana.Hoping na mobalik ka diri sa buhisan.para magkita kita pa kita sa ato mga kauban.

  37. niel rechel ragasajo // July 22, 2010 at 3:01 pm // Reply

    by the way ruth ikaw ha wla ko nimo gi apil sa imo friends nakalimot kana nako si Niel.Ito pala number ko dito sa brunei +6738931014 hoping someday makatawag ka nako.Oo naka miss gyod sa buhisan dam labi na sa ato mga kauban.wala nimo gi apil si domilito,erineo ug uban pa.

  38. unsay transpo padung dra? pila?

    unsay araanan? entrance pila?

    • sakay kag any jeep padung labangon, nya naug ka sa Jollibee sa Punta nya pangitag habal-habal, naa may daghan muhatod padung dra dapit sa Dam, ambot lng if pwede pa ba makasulud dha

  39. What a nice place. Ordinaryo man kining maong lugar apan murag kanindot jud puy-an. Kabugnaw, kahayahay.

  40. asa diay na kutob ang dalan sa toong?

  41. Unconventional Artist // August 25, 2015 at 10:49 am // Reply

    Ako I grew up in these mountains. Niadtong highschool mao ni akong favorite place nga adtu adtuan, mo cutting classes pako para lang muadtog dam, pamutan ug toong ug sa tulo ka kuros with my classmates and neighbors. Sa una pwede pa musulod sa dam, ug naay daghan mini waterfalls dinha kung subayon ang sapa. Karon nga minyo nako ug wala nako gapuyo sa Buhisan, I still go there para mag hike, mag bike ug mag camping with the family. Buhisan mountains will always be a part of me.

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