Buhisan: One With Nature

The Buhisan Dam is the source of water for the city of Cebu. The Buhisan Dam is situated in the mountains of Barangay Buhisan. The area around the dam is surrounded by huge trees which make the place cool even at high noon.

A number of tree-planting projects are held in the Buhisan Watershed each year for the protection and growth of the reserve. Due to the reserve’s sensitive nature, entry is strictly limited. The destruction of surrounding natural resources is also considered a very grave and punishable crime.

The blue-colored dam of Buhisan

To get to the dam, you have to follow a long barangay road which would take you through Barangays Labangon and Buhisan.


The Buhisan Elementary School is situated along this tiny road.

A small bridge connects barangay Buhisan to the rest of the city of Cebu.

As this turn is quite tricky, motorists are advised to take extra caution and care when negotiating this blind curve.

As the Buhisan Dam is the source of Cebu City’s water supply, the following activities are extremely prohibited in the rear::

Swimming, Fishing, Cutting of Trees, and Littering

Visitors must book in advance to be able to access the whole park.

The mountains of Buhisan and other surrounding barangays.

The Buhisan dam as seen from an adjacent mountain

Some of the tallest and healthiest natural trees in the area.

Trespassing is extremely prohibited in Buhisan.


Cutting through the property, one can see the long and gorgeous road which takes vests to To Toong.

The blue dam and the surrounding areas.

A triangular tree-house sits on the edge of a tree near the Buhisan Dam.