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Palicte Beach Resort: Affordable Getaway in Asturias

After staying indoors for half a year, I was finally able to leave the house and travel once again. For my very first out-of-town trip since the lockdowns, I traveled to Palicte Beach Resort in Asturias for two days of peace, quiet, and fun. Check out some of my photos of this lovely and affordable budget resort that you definitely have to give a try.

Name:Palicte Beach Resort
Type:Budget Resort
Features:Beach, Cottages, Rooms
Distance from City:1 Hour by Land (via TransCentral Highway)
Distance from Town Proper:Less than 5 minutes
Access:Bus / Van / Private
Nearest Tourist Spot:Buswang Lake
Trekking Time:None, along the highway
Standard Rate/Fee:PhP 20
Additional Expenses:Rooms:
Aircon (no bath) – Php500
Aircon (with bath) – Php600
Fan – Php250
Tent (Small, for 2) – Php100
Tent (Big, for 4) – Php200
Pitch your own tent – Php250
Cottage (Max 20 pax) – Php300
Cottage (Max 20 pax with Videoke) – Php1000
Additional Offers:Kayak – Php150 per hour
Restrictions:Videoke hours limited due to gov’t regulations
Guide/Tour Operator:
Tours Offered:
Restroom/Changing Room:Yes
Adventure Level:

Palicte Beach Resort in Asturias

After just a little over an hour of travel via the awesome TransCentral Highway, we arrived at the Palicte Beach Resort in TubigagManok in Asturias. We left the city at around 5:00 pm so we reached Asturias just in time for dinner.

Directions: Upon exiting the TransCentral Highway, turn right and drive towards Asturias. Keep driving for approximately 8 kilometers (you will pass by town proper) until you reach Barangay Tubigag-Manok. Look out for signage along the road which reads Palicte Inn).

Since it was already dark, I didn’t know what the resort looked like. So, we went straight to our rooms and called it a day early. By the way, for only Php600, we got an aircon room for two. Not bad, right? They also have aircon rooms (with no bathroom) for only Php500. If you don’t mind using the communal baths and toilets, this is a pretty good deal.

The next day, we woke up really early to check the whole place out. Here is the view from our rooms. I didn’t know we were so close to the water. How cool!

I walked around and discovered how lovely and peaceful the place was, especially in the early morning. Here are some of the cottages that could accommodate around 20 people. Whole day rent for each one is only Php300.00. The rate for cottages with videoke machines (for whole day use) is only Php1000.00.

There is a small store inside the resort. They sell almost all beach ‘necessities’ like charcoal, drinks, and even food at very friendly rates.

I also saw these cool ‘fan rooms’ which are available for only Php250.00. They’re very affordable, right?

More than Just a Budget Resort

Currently, the Palicte Beach Resort in Asturias has less than 10 standard rooms. However, they are now building more double and family accommodations at the other end of the property.

Tables and benches are also available for rent along the beach at very friendly rates.

I saw this cute little dog enjoying a quiet moment on this big tree along the beach.

Here is what the beach looks like. The sand in the area is naturally dark. However, the beach is really clean and very well-maintained.

A small jetty sits near the western end of the property. According to the owner, an open restaurant will soon open in this area. How exciting!

This is what the area looks like right now. Looks fresh and peaceful, doesn’t it?

From the jetty, you can see the beach line of the resort. Looks pretty cool, right?

That’s me enjoying a quiet little moment at the jetty. Haha.

This is definitely one of the reasons why there are a lot of birds in the area.

One of the most photographed areas inside the resort in this lovely treehouse.

Aside from the rooms, there are also tents available for rent at the resort.

If you want a little bit of adventure, you can rent a small one for only Php100.00 (for 2) or a big one for Php200.00 (for 4). You can also pitch your own tent for only Php150.00.

The resort also has kayaks that guests can rent out for only Php150.00 per hour.

A Relaxing Getaway

After my early morning stroll around the resort, it was time for breakfast at the beach!

The resort offers all-day breakfasts meals for cheap. Each plate costs only Php70.00. You can also get a glass of drinks for only Php20.00.

If you want to cook your own food, the resort also has a ‘cooking area’ (using firewood).

Enjoying this view (while having breakfast) of local kids flying a kite at the beach.

I learned from the owner that the barangay got its name (Tubigag-Manok) from the fresh-water springs in the area that flow out to the ocean. Free-range chickens usually come to the beach (when the tide is low) to drink. In the photo below, the water you can see is actually freshwater from the springs.

I spent the rest of the morning enjoying the quiet provincial buzz from under a big tree. I’ve missed this!

I even saw an actual ‘bayanihan’ as these men worked together to move these huts to another area of the resort.

A few hours later, it was time for lunch. Just take a look at that!

After lunch, it was time to swim and have fun. As expected, I wasn’t able to take photos for the rest of the day.

It was only near sundown when I remembered to snap another photo.

Watch this video of Palicte Beach Resort in Asturias, Cebu.

Up next, check out our quick side trip to Asturias town’s newest tourist attraction – the Buswang Lake!

Have you been to Palicte Beach Resort in Asturias? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

Palicte Beach Resort
Tubigag-Manok, Asturias, Cebu
Contact Number: 09216837853

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