Going Solo in Moalboal

So I had this really wonderful plan. I knew it was a little far-fetched considering that the place was almost a hundred kilometers away.  But I knew I had to leave the city for a quick getaway. Anyway, my brilliant plan? Go to Bas Daku in Moalboal. On my bike. Haha.

Cool plan, right? The only problem was, I didn’t have a travel buddy. My friend Harry is currently in Saudi and my good buddy Gian is busy with his trekking and rock climbing stuff. My other friends are either busy or not interested enough. Or both. Haha.

I didn’t want to waste away a perfectly beautiful weekend so I made up my mind. Solo motorbike trip to Moalboal it is! I knew traveling alone on a motorbike is a bit risky but I knew I badly needed an adventure quick.

So, early last Saturday, with a small backpack, a music player, a pair of dry undies, and a bottled up hunger for new adventures, I set out for one of the most memorable escapades of my life.

Take your shoes off. Run like crazy. Let go.

7:30 am. Tank – full. Reader check: 48,210 km.

I decided to skip the main SRP highway and use the ‘backdoor’ instead. Always awesome!

Exit at the Talisay junction. The new route added a couple of minutes to my trip. But you know what they always say, it’s always more fun to tread the road less traveled. Hehe.

Huge SRP bridge near the Talisay City Hall. I love this part right here.

Thirty minutes later, I was in the city of Naga.

A few minutes before nine, just before I could reach Carcar City proper,  it rained really hard. The shower hit out of nowhere. And hard! Haha. I was already soaking wet when I stopped at a road-side sari-sari store. I had to do a quick check of my stuff to make sure that I didn’t ruin anything.

I was stuck for thirty minutes. When the rain finally stopped at around 9:30, I  went straight to Jollibee to grab some breakfast!

Good thing breakfast was really good! Hehe.

While I was eating, it rained really hard. Again. Tsk. Not good.

The moment it stopped raining, I grabbed my bag and took off. I couldn’t afford any more delays.

In thirty, I was in this part of Carcar. Very lovely view.

I stopped by the Chiong Sisters marker and said a little prayer for Jackie and Mariejoy Chiong. In case you’re not very familiar with this news, Jackie and Mariejoy Chiong were kidnapped, raped, and killed in 1997. Mariejoy’s body was found in this area. Jackie’s has never been found.

Later, I saw the Molave Milk Station. I’ve seen this place a couple of times in the past. So, I decided to give it a try.

Looks interesting! You see, one of the good things about traveling alone is that you can stop whenever and wherever you want. No rules, no limits!

The menu. Let’s see…. Carabao’s Milk? Interesting.

They also serve snacks and full meals.

Before I ordered anything, I took photos of the place. The place looks good.

Wait. Did I read it right? Ice cream?

Love the ambiance. Feels like Camp Marina. Which is good. Hehe.

Cool. Perfect for weary and bored travelers.

After taking photos, I ordered one Vanilla ice cream. Only 25 pesos! The ice cream was really good, by the way.

I was a long way home and I knew that it was my chance to taste fresh milk. I’ve never had real fresh milk before. I’ve tried the commercial ones and they’re nasty! I’m not a huge fan of milk. But for this day, I had to do it!

In case it went really bad, I also got a small can of soda. Hahaha.

By the way, the taste was weird. I almost lost my breakfast, actually. I’m sure fresh milk is awesome for others but, you know, what can I do? Hehe. Still, I finished everything in 30 seconds flat!

*pats myself on the back*

After that unexpected adventure (of the palate, of course), it was time to move on.

I had to take a couple of stops due to the major road repairs. Only one lane was usable.

And then, there’s this spot right here! I could stare at this for hours!

I stopped for a couple of minutes to just absorb the awesomeness of this spot. Barili folks are truly blessed.

More road repairs.

This view is excellent, too. Huge trees facing the sea. Awesome!

Around 11 am, I was finally in Dumanjug. Dumanjug is really gorgeous,. This spot right here is my favorite.

A friend told me about a famous halo-halo joint in Dumanjug. She didn’t say where exactly, though. So, I didn’t make any stops there. I also wanted to be at the beach by lunch-time.

Welcome to Ronda! Just two towns away!

Now, the district of Alcantara! Ronda and Alcantara are quite very small districts.

And finally, Moalboal! I can see the town church up ahead! Woohoo!

Thirty minutes later, my bike was parked and I WAS in Bas Daku. This view never grows old! Never.

Truly marvelous!

I took off my shoes and opened the can of soda that I bought in Barili. I sat there quietly and just took everything in. In between taking small sips of my soda and burying my feet deeper in the sand, I’d smile and heave a sigh of contentment and wonder. Just the sight of the water was enough to clear my mind. Suddenly, life was more beautiful.

I left my shoes and walked around. I was confident no one was interested in my shoes. Haha.

I felt like a total tourist. Haha.

Wonderful view. So peaceful.

New hand-made boat. Awesome! Sailing soon!

An old boat lying on its side on the beach. Pretty lovely sight.

A police/lifeguard post. Not bad at all!

After taking photos, I sat back on the sand and just allowed myself to slowly bake. (Now by back is sore and I can’t feel my arms. Haha.)

Then, it was time to dive in! Awesome! 🙂

Jump shot!

A group of Koreans playing volleyball on the beach. They all looked so happy.

Local kids enjoying the water.

Ahhh. I could stay here the whole day!!!

But, you know, I had to leave as home was 89 kilometers away. Bummer, right?

By 2:00 pm, I was back on the road. As I was leaving Alcantara, I saw this nice sign. Looked really interesting.

So I asked around and, fortunately, I was able to locate it right away. The place is amazing. What a gem!

I don’t know why the place isn’t popular yet.  The place was wonderful!

After the Alcantara stop, I was back on the road. My plan was to NOT stop until I reached Gaisano Tabunok where I planned to eat my late late lunch.

When I reached Mantalongon, Barili, however, I saw these ladies selling bibingka by the road. I had to stop for some pasalubong.

Bibingka. Only Php20 per pack. Delicious!

After I bought two packs, I asked the two ladies selling the bibingka where I was exactly. “Mantalongon, Barili!” one of them replied. The other asked if I wasn’t from around there. I told them that I was on a solo adventure and that I was going back to the city from Moalboal. “That’s a long ride home,” they said. I agreed.

After I placed the bibingka in my bag, the ladies thanked me. “Ayo-ayo sa byahe, dodong,” one of them said. When I thanked them back, the older lady said, “Pag-amping.” Then, she gave a really genuine smile.

I couldn’t stop smiling after that.

All was well.



After the trip, total run meter was 48, 400. That’s a total of 190 kms!

And oh yeah. I think I need a new travel buddy. Haha.

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