An Afternoon In Luyang

Last Friday (holiday, yey!), I woke up just a few minutes before noon. I checked my phone and I found out that I had two unread messages and four missed calls. They were all from Harry. He’d been trying to contact me to tell me that they (together with Randy, Randy’s niece Motty, and Randy’s two dogs) were going to Baranggay Luyang in Carmen for a quick swim. He wanted to know if I wanted to come. I texted Harry right away and hoped that it wasn’t too late. Fortunately, Harry replied that they were still getting ready. Thank God!

So, yeah, here are some of my shots of the lovely beach in Baranggay Luyang in the town of Carmen. For those of you who’ve been following this blog, Luyang is the home of one of this site’s most active visitors – Inday Myrna. Hehehehe. I remember she told me about this place ages ago but I just didn’t have the time to check it out. Anyways, here it is, the gorgeous Luyang Beach! This one’s for you, Mam Inday! 🙂

Luyang Beach! Awesome!

Long walk to that little area where the cottages were. That’s Harry with Chooks-To-Go chicken (very yummy!!!!!), lechon, and some drinks.

That white structure is the beach house (according to locals) of a German national. Very pretty.

Almost there! Lovely place!

View of the coast of Carmen and Catmon. KM 47 Hinagdanan Resort is there somewhere.

While Randy and Harry returned to the van to grab a few more stuff, I busied myself taking more photos. Hehehe.


The area where the cottages were. I heard that the cottages were for rent but there was no one around. We asked the locals who were swimming nearby and they said that there would be no problem if we stayed in one of the cottages. They were so nice.

Ahhh. So peaceful. I love the place!


Motty. Hehehe.

Motty was joined by Randy’s two gorgeous golden retrievers. That guy facing the camera is Gaudi. And that lady next to him is Asyah. They’re really good swimmers.

At last, they’re here!

Now, let’s eat! Hehehe.

After our very very very late (but awesome) lunch, it was time to swim! Asyah and Gaudi also played frisbee on the beach.

Gorgeous view.

Low tide. We spent the rest of the afternoon just swimming and talking about random stuff. Really relaxing.

Asyah was quite disappointed when she learned that it was time to go. Hahaha.

Harry playing with the dogs. LOL.

We left for the city just before seven pm. Harry and Randy were busy debating about the Gloria Diaz controversy while I was trying my darn best not to puke. LOL. A travel blogger who has motion sickness. Very nice! Hahaha.

It was a very relaxing trip. I’d surely love to go back one of these days.

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