Siyudad in B/W

Downtown Cebu is one of the oldest commercial districts in the Visayas and probably the whole country. The downtown area, where the country’s oldest street can be found, is also considered one of the busiest areas in the whole City. For locals in the past (and even til this day,) the downtown area is lovingly referred to as the ‘siyudad’ (meaning: city.) I remember when I was little, my grandpa would take me to the ‘siyudad’ to buy stuff that he could use. In the sidewalks, he’d buy flashlights, old magazines, a pair of boots, and oftentimes for me, a nice wind-up toy.

Despite the emergence of air-conditioned malls in various parts of the island in recent years, the streets of the district are still teeming with life. This is one of the many reasons why Downtown Cebu is every photographer’s wetdream (I’m not saying I’m a photographer because I am not. Hahaha.) There are a lot of things to shoot in ‘Colon.’ The good, the bad, the interesting, and the not so cute – you can all find in Cebu’s beloved ‘siyudad.’ The next time you’re hitting the area, bring a camera and just shoot. It’ll be kick-ass!


Cebu’s ‘siyudad.’ Often called ‘downtown’ or Colon by locals.

Osmeña Boulevard – quiet during the weekday but riotous during the weekend.

At the center of it all – Metro Gaisano. One of the most enduring Cebuano brands ever.

Colon corner Osmeña Boulevard – probably the busiest crossing in the whole of Cebu.

Colon is awesome! Payt Bisdak!