Chillin’ In Oslob


On our way home, we decided to drop by Oslob to take some pics. We had a lot of fun there. Not only did we see Oslob’s famous seaside church and historical ruins, we were also able to check out Oslob’s very interesting cemetery. (Though I’ve been here years ago, it still feels good to be back!)


Erin and Sean enjoying the breeze sa seawall.

While waiting for Line who went to Julie’s Bakeshop to buy some bread, we took this freaky ‘class picture’. Hahahaha.

Beautiful church of Oslob.

Ruins! Cool! Pic by mewyam.

 Ruins of a watchtower outside the church compound.

We all then went to the cemetery to check it out.

Si Ivan.

Broken cross.

Neat kaayo ila cemetery. Very neat.



Last pic of Oslob. Way lingaw. Hehehe. Pic by mewyam.


Satchmo Is Back!
Kawasan Falls, Finally!

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