Golden Sands Destination Resorts: Daanbantayan’s Newest Gem

It’s been months since my last solo Cebu travel, so I was super excited when a friend invited me to her place of work. She now works at a resort up North, and she’d like for me to see the place before it officially opens this year or next year. You all know that it wouldn’t be very hard to convince me to explore Cebu, right? So even before we could even finalize things, I already had my bag packed for an exciting day at the beach.

I left the city at around 9 am. I decided to leave a bit late because I wanted to arrive at the resort after lunch so that I wouldn’t have to wait long for sunset. With that I mind, I also decided to keep a speed of 60 kph max since this was my first time up North after so many months. I heard that there were a lot of road widening, renovation, and clearing efforts and I didn’t want to figure in any sort of mishap especially since I was traveling by myself. Anyway, after five long hours on the road, at around 2 pm, I finally reached the town of Daanbantayan. Golden Sands Destination Resorts hasn’t officially opened yet, so you wouldn’t see any signs along the way. What you must do, instead, is run your Google Maps or Waze app and key in ‘Del Sands Resort’ or ‘Sandoval Beach Resort.’ Both apps should give you a detailed and correct direction to the resort.

The Beach

As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed by a friendly security officer who told me to proceed to the front office. Once there, I was accommodated by a wonderful welcoming team who informed me that my lunch was waiting at the restaurant next to the beach. How awesome!

While having lunch, I couldn’t help but marvel at the wonderful sight right in front of me. What a lovely day!

Golden Sands Destination Resorts’ beach is long and pretty and is probably one of the best-looking and longest in mainland Cebu. I’m pretty sure the whole place is going to become extremely popular in the coming years. Indeed, the town of Daanbantayan has found itself yet another gem..

Except for the usual weeds and coconut husks, the beach is clean and the sand is sparkly white.

Along the beach is a beautiful row of coconut trees. This is where the cottages and sun beds are located. The wonderfully-lined trees are also perfect ‘hiding spots’ when the heat becomes overwhelming in the middle of the day.

The cottages are perfect for families or groups. They also offer sun beds and recliners which are perfect for those who wish to spend a quiet and lazy day at the beach.

The Lake

Behind the trees is a big pond/lake which separates the beach from the mainland. The brackish body of water is massive and fills a huge part of the property. I’m not sure if it looks impressive in the photos below but it does look pretty stunning in person.

Guests who are into kayak will be thrilled as the resort offers free kayak use as part of their day-use package.

Several bridges can be seen all over the property. This one takes guests to a small ‘island’ which will soon be developed into a spa.

The Villas

One of the things that I really loved about the resort are the villas. The villas sit on the edge of the lake and offer an amazing view of both the lake and the ocean.

Yep, that’s me enjoying the late-afternoon sun. Hi, guys! 🙂

And there it is. What a lovely sight!

Check out this short video of Golden Sands Destination Resorts:

Rates & Accommodations

• Entrance Fee
• Plated Lunch
• Beach Access
• Rinsing and Toilet Facilities
• Parking Space upon availability

• Entrance Fee
• Plated Lunch
• Beach Access
• Rinsing and Toilet Facilities
• Parking Space upon availability
• Kayak for 30 mins
• Bike for 1 HR

Free entrance for children 0-3 years old

Garden Villa:
PHP 8,000.00 nett for two persons with free breakfast for two [plated]
PHP 13,000.00 nett for two persons with full board meals
**Only 1 extra person is allowed

Lagoon Villas
PHP 10,000.00 nett for two persons with free breakfast for two [plated]
PHP 15,000.00 nett for two persons with full board meals
**Max of two extra persons are allowed

Family Villas
PHP 18,000.00 nett for two persons with free breakfast for two [plated]
PHP 25,000.00 nett with full board meals
**Max of 6 persons allowed are allowed

**Extra Person Charge: 
PHP 1500.00 room with breakfast
PHP 3000.00 room with full board meals

Other Inclusions for the Family Villa:
– PRIVATE trip to Malapascua with meals min of 2 nights stay
– 1 massage per night — coming soon
-Butler service

Golden Sands Destination Resorts
Suba, Maya, Daanbantayan, Cebu
(2 minutes from Daanbantayan National High School) – Search for ‘Del Sands’ on Google Map
Reservation/Contact: 0917 167 9364 and

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