In Photos: Amazing Daanbantayan

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the owner of a beach resort in Daanbantayan. The owner invited me to check out his resort and blog about it. In return, he said that I didn’t have to worry about food and accommodation. Sounds like a nice deal! So, I said yes. I invited a couple of friends to come with me. However, all of them had to beg off for various reasons. In the end, only Line was willing to go. Hahaha. The name of the resort, by the way, was Virgin Beach Resort. It is located in Barangay Malbago just a few kilometers before Daanbantayan proper.

For those who are wondering, Bantayan Island and Daanbantayan are two different places.

Virgin Beach Resort in Malbago, Daanbantayan. Gorgeous place!

We left Cebu City at around 9 in the morning. It was going to be a 3-hour trip. By 10:00 am, we were already in Carmen.

We reached Baranggay Malbago around lunch time. Following Ron Perry’s (the resort owner) instructions, we got off at the waiting shed in Baranggay Malbago. Directly in front of the waiting shed was the Virgin Beach Resort sign.

The waiting shed and the sign. You may call the resort prior to your arrival so that their van could pick you up. If you’re adventurous, however, you can try the habal-habal.

After waiting for around ten minutes, Mr. Ron Perry finally arrived. He was very chatty and friendly. During our short drive to the resort, we were able to talk about A LOT of things! Hehe. Virgin Beach Resort finally!

As soon as we got there, he took us to one of the rooms so we could relax for a bit. Here’s a photo of our room.

That’s my bed right there. Hehe.

After a few minutes, we were informed that lunch was ready. Here’s the table facing the pool and the sea. Awesome!

The pool and the slide.

Mr. Perry told us that he ‘invented’ a new type of dish and he asked us to give it a try. I thought it was chicken. Well, I was wrong. It was corn. Hehehe.

After lunch, Mr. Perry invited us to get on a small motorized boat. The sea was calm at first. Then, we began seeing huge huge waves. I was really scared not because I couldn’t swim (we were wearing life vests) but because I had my camera with me. Hahahaha.

Line taking pictures of the beach.

When we got back, we took pictures of the resort. Here are some miniature golf courses in front of the pool. Nice.

The pool. Very lovely.

From another angle.

The slide. Very cool!

Volleyball court.

View of the resort from one of the huts facing the sea.

Statue of St. John Bautista

A huge hut for huge groups.

One of the guests enjoying a silent moment.

One of the huts facing the sea.

The weather was strange that day.

Thankfully, the weather changed after sunset. Here’s the pool at night. Gorgeous!

View of the restaurant at night.

The next morning, breakfast was served at 7 am. Nice!

Pancakes, egg, and corned beef! Yum!

After breakfast, we toured the other parts of the compound. Thank God the weather was great! Here’s the barkada hut which could accommodate more than ten people.

A huge court for both basketball and volleyball.

A huge conference hall nearing completion.

There’s Mr. Ron Perry. Hehe.

More nice looking rooms. These rooms have kitchenettes. According to Mr. Perry, he decided to place a kitchenette in these rooms because a lot of their guests stay at the resort for months. Some guests were even booked for a year.

Going to the beach!

Daanbantayan is generally rocky. But the view is still fantastic.

Coconut trees!

White sand beach front of the resort. Nice.

Slowly but surely. Hehehe.

Line and Mr. Perry.


The town church of Bogo.

If you have any questions, please visit the Virgin Beach Resort official website here: