Alcantara Amazes

On my way home from a quick swim in Moalboal, I saw a huge road-side sign in the town of Alcantara. In case you don’t already know, Alcantara is the town after Ronda. Where in heavens is Ronda, you ask? Well, it’s the town after Dumanjug. All right, to make it easier, it’s Carcar City, then Barili, then Dumanjug, then Ronda, then Alcantara. Hope that was clear. Hehe.

So, when I saw the sign, I decided to investigate. I was a long way from home and it was still around three in the afternoon. From the highway, I made a left towards the Munisipyo (Municipal Hall.) The sign said 1KM so I expected that I would be driving about two or three minutes more. Imagine my surprise when just a few meters from the highway, I was already able to see a sign similar to the one by the road. That must be it. The place is probably just 500 meters tops from the main road. Well, of course, I didn’t complain. Haha.

A pleasant surprise. Alcantara is gorgeous!

As soon as you enter the town of Alcantara, keep your eyes open. Well, the town church is hard to miss. Hehe.

Just across the church, you will see a small road which will lead you to the municipal hall. And by the road, you should be able to see this sign.

A very short drive towards the municipal hall and you will see a similar sign. The place is right beside the municipal hall!

I was greeted by a pleasant old lady who asked if I wanted to go in. I told her that it was my first time there. She said that I wouldn’t regret my stop. Well, was she telling the truth? Hehe.

After I paid Php10.00 the lady mentioned that a young lady went in a few minutes before I arrived. She then asked if I knew her. Haha. “You’re not talking about a ‘white lady, right?” I asked. Haha.

Anyways, welcome! I hope I don’t see a ‘white lady.’ Hehe.

I love their signs! Bisaya kaayo! 🙂

Looks really exciting.

Wow! I was alone and the only things that I could hear were birds and gentle splashes of water.

And then I realized. The place was also a zoo! WOW! Very impressive!

Along the way, you’ll see cottages and tables where you can sit down, eat your lunch, and relax. And oh, by the way, the ‘white lady’ turned out to be a high school student who went there to study with her friends. Hahaha.

They have an impressive collection of local birds that frequent the mangrove forest. Take this one, for example. A Colasisi!

They have a small duckhouse just below the walk. I’m not sure if they’re salt-water ducks. I’m not even sure if there are saltwater ducks. Haha.

More animals! This place is so exciting! Imagine when the tide is really high!

The whole thing is a fun educational tour, as well. From this trip alone, I learned that there are at least three types of trees that grow in our coastal areas. Prior to this trip, I referred to all of them as mangroves. Haha. This one is a Bakhaw!

Wooden benches for short stops.

I actually stared at the tree when I saw this sign. I was thinking a sea turtle climbed up the tree or something. Haha!

And then I saw the swamp-like enclosure. The sea turtle has to be there somewhere!

And then, boom! I saw it! An actual sea turtle! It was my first time and believe it or not, I was so excited I clapped my hands and started singing. Haha. Well, there was no one around. So, it wasn’t really embarrassing. Hahaha.

And when I saw another turtle, I started dancing. Haha. I kid.

Another type of bird. A Sal-ing.

Look at the intricate web of bamboo passageways. It’s like the matrix! Haha.

Oh, I know what they’re trying to say!

Another type of tree. A pagat-pat.


Hey, Luchie!

Nope, Luchie is not a sad and depressed monkey. I just caught her looking at my bag that I placed on the floor. But believe me, she was an energy machine!

A huge bird called a Manatad.

And yet another type of tree. A bungarol.

It’s getting brighter now. So, I guess I’m almost a the end of the walk.

And true enough, yes. Open sea, ladies and gentlemen. Lovely!

A bangus fish pen! Cool!

A bamboo watchtower. Inneresting!

View from the watchtower. Marvelous!

Alcantara’s awesome awesome awesome mangrove forest. Good job, LGU!

Ok, it was almost four pm and I was still a long way home. Time to say goodbye. But I will be back, definitely!

And I promised myself that I will tell the whole world about this great place. So, here it is.

What do you think, guys?

29 thoughts on “Alcantara Amazes

  1. Awesome awesome entry lei. haha. 🙂
    Your pics alone amazes me, how much more when I experience it myself? 🙂

  2. nindota ani oy, native kaayo wa pa ma lusyang ang iyang kina-iyahan, dili sama sa uban nga sementado na ug man made ang dating….salamat amigo

  3. nice. i’m surely going to visit this with my family when we go home. but just noticed something, the bird cages are way too small. they should build one that lets the animals spread their wings at least. or better yet, set them free!

    leylander you went to moalboal you should’ve tried snorkelling, it’s only 50 pesos or so (circa 2010) and you’ll be able to see the pawikan in all its glory in the wild.

  4. Thanks for the info Ley. Glad that you did got a quick look and now we’re curious for more. Is surely is another reason to stop and visit on my next trip home.

  5. wow! thaank you ser ley for sharing that piicture to everybody…how nice nga naay naka discover sa alcantara .. wow! i graduated to that place during my hs actually me and my friends hanging around to that place taking such piiictures together w/ luchie.. be proud!!!! alcantarahanon ….!!! thank you ser lee!!

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