Tuburan Beach: Brown Chocolate!

On our way home from Gawaygaway in San Remigio,  we dropped by an awesome beach by the road somewhere in the town of Tuburan. The beach, a free-for-all stretch, was so peaceful and pretty that Satchmo and I decided to take off our shoes and just run around for a bit. It was so much fun – fresh air, bright sun, brown sand. Hayyy. Can we live here?

Satchmo at the beach.

The view on our way back to Tuburan.

This wooden bridge is a bit tricky. Motorists have to take turns as the bridge can only accommodate one vehicle at a time.

Finally, here at the road-side beach in Tuburan. Check out that island up ahead. Doesn’t that look gorgeous?

Didn’t know brown sand could look this gorgeous. Plus the beach was very clean!

This small banca can be seen docked near the road.

Pawprints in the sand. Where is the doggo?

Getting closer to the ‘island.’

How cute. It’s actually separated by water!

We’re here. Check out the view of the beach from the small island.

Satchmo posing like there’s no tomorrow.

Close-up. Are you OK Satchmo?