Tuburan Beach: Brown Chocolate!

On our way home from Gawaygaway, we dropped by an awesome beach by the road. The beach, a free-for-all stretch was so peaceful and  pretty that Satchmo and I decided to take off our shoes and just run around. It was fun – fresh air, bright sun, brown sand. Hayyy. Can I live here? Hehehehe

Satchmo at the beach.

On our way to Tuburan.

Wooden bridge

Wow. Look at that island!

Brown sand. Very clean beach!!!!


Pawprints in the sand.

We’re almost there!


We’re here. View from the island.



Hehehe. Satchmo took that. LOL

Siya na pud.

Oh-oh!!! Here comes the wave!

Close-up. Kalibangon ka Satchmo?

Here's To Healthier Cebuanos!
Gawaygaway: Retracing Steps

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