I Was A Boy Scout

I was updating my Facebook account when I chanced upon the scouting photos of one contact. I found the photos really interesting particularly because I also was a scout when I was very little. Hehe. I could still remember that Friday was my most favorite day of the week because I got to wear my Cab Scout/Boy Scout uniform. I also could never forget that I thoroughly enjoyed marching and learning how to tie different types of knots.

After looking at my contact’s photos, I decided to get on my bike and go to the Boy’s Scout Camp in Capitol Hills. There were so many questions in my mind that I wanted to answer. Is the Boys Scout Camp still as spooky as it was when I was little? Is the huge huge swimming pool still alive? There was only one way to find out.


Scouting photo when I was very little. LOL.

The road to the main marching quadrangle. Yes, it’s still spooky. Hehehe.

Camp Marina by you.

As I drove around the area, I remembered the past. I remembered the camp sites, the ghost stories, the fun, all the marching, the competitions, and the friendships. And most of all, I remembered the pool. The bruises, the missing slippers, the wet underwear. I remembered my childhood. I remembered it all.

Checking out the pool. I hope it’s still alive and kicking!

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Wait. I sense movement. I sense life. Could it be… Haha.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Boy’s Scout of the Philippines Swimming Pool.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

And indeed it still is alive! Hehehe.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Read the Notice. Basically, it’s open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Rules and Regulations. The big pool is 4 to 5 feet deep. The wading pool is 2 feet deep.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Wow. Look at that! It still looks gorgeous!

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Ahh. I missed this pool!

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Dad and daughter enjoying the water.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Why is this kid crying?

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

The pool was ‘gigantic’ when I was a kid. Now, it doesn’t look that big. Hehehe.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Posing for the camera. Hehehe.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

View of the two pools from the bleachers.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Always remember to take ‘GOOD’ shower before swimming.

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

Are you cold?

BSP Swimming Pool by you.

So, yeah. The pool is still alive and kicking. The Boys Scout Camp is still very spooky. The ‘pocket forest’ however is no longer that scary. And that house where Si Goat Da Wanderpul was shot? I couldn’t even remember where it stood exactly. The place is now filled with dozens of houses. Oh well, things do change. And that’s exactly why need photographs and memories. 🙂



View of Cebu City. Wow. The Fuente Triangle looks really nice.

Cebu City Skyline by you.

Ultima Residences, Crown Regency, Midtown Hotel, Metrobank Plaza, and that one on the right – GV Tower Hotel near UC.

Cebu City Skyline by you.

Row housing in Oprra.

Oppra Cebu City by you.

Bagong Buhay Rehabilitation Center. You can actually see the inmates.

BBRC by you.

More housing projects.

Oppra Cebu City by you.

Houses on a hill.

Oppra Cebu City by you.


23 thoughts on “I Was A Boy Scout

  1. I remember that area well. As a boy scout in my 1st year of HS at CSJ-R, around 1978, I particpated in the national jamboree there in Capitol Hills. I think the pool was built around that time. I have a few pictures somewhere. I’ll scrounge around for it and see if I can share it here. I’ve participated in a few other campings up there as a boy scout at USC-GHS, CSJ-R (now USJ-r) and at CCC (now UC). I remember one time the rain was so bad that everybody got out of their tents and slept in the area where they have a sheltered stage — above the cliff next to the swimming pool. It was also somewhat obligatory to visit the zoo when up there.

      1. Haha, thanks. Just started that a few months ago. Have always wanted to do a photoblog of Cebu but since I no longer live there, that would have been hard. That’s actually how I bumped into your site as I was scouring the websphere for a photoblog of Cebu. Anyway, I did create a Sinulog site back in 2005. I hope one year I can put up pictures I took myself instead of asking from others. Check it out out http://www.sinulog.org


  2. we were at that swimming pool way back when i was 3rd year high school in sacs.

    these place really scares me since its really full of huge trees. ahhh it reminds me of being 15 year old student. brings back good memories. now i am 28 years old.

    i remember eating lunch facing the girl from other section, she was pretty hahaha and she has a suitor always going after her.

    we just watch the girls and boys of the other section swimming at this pool. actually that was their outing, our section’s outing was week before.

    Me and my friend joined with this section, so we are like just watchers hahah no friends there.

  3. Did you sell cookies too? 🙂 What a lovely way to reminisce the happy past.

    I find row houses very colourful & attractive. I would like to own one, I wonder how much each unit?

  4. Pirme gyud ko agi aning boyscout na pool kung mo bisita ko sa akong friend. Yeah, spooky indeed tan-awn ang place kay tungod tingale sa mga trees na nakapaligid and then sa kamingaw sa palibot…Hadlok gyud ko oie basta agi ko direng dapita especially at night…waaa LOL

  5. I was checking out suggestions for friends in my facebook account when I came across you profile pic in uniform. Is that a Boy Scout uniform? I wonder. Been a little while since I checked your website and you never fail to impress! Makes me wish I’m from Cebu OR living in Cebu. Just simply B R A V O !

  6. hahaha..cool feature ley,i can remember the camping @ Camp Marina for the National Jamboree.. I still have those souvenirs from the games. I missed those pool experiences..may gali open pa gyud until now..ihas baya kaayo mi sa una about swimming pool. That was a nice learning experience..scouting and camping.hay..tiguwang na gyud diay ko..hahaha

  7. Would you know when this camp was established? I was there yesterday, but I forgot to ask. One of the subcamps, Subcamp Poliquit, was named in honor of my grandfather who was a scoutmaster. I went there for the first time to see it.

    If you know the answer, please email at ajpoliquit@yahoo.com. Thanks!

    Nice photos. btw. 🙂

  8. I was there !!! A boyscout of the 10th National Jamboree. I missed the place and all the activities. We have Physical Fitness, treasure hunting, formation competition. We received belt loaf in every activities we’ve accomplished. We have visitors from other provinces like iloilo, Antique, Davao, Manila , Samar, Etc. It was a great experience. I am 9 yrs old that time. And I once visited the place again during our graduation in ROTC in college. We had war games and its great we graduated in the forest. The first time I saw Chinese temple, Cebu Zoo where FATHER TROPA was holding his friend snake.

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