Suddenly, Curbada dela Maria

During one of my many South Cebu motorbike trips last month, I found myself driving towards Mantalongon in Barili via the mountain roads of Aloguinsan. I am quite familiar with this short cut as I discovered it by accident during my very first quest to find the Bojo River some years ago. While I am […]

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Skywaterpark Cebu: An Exciting Escape

A couple of years ago, I was invited by the Skywaterpark Cebu team to visit their location in Mandaue City for a quick preview. The place was still being constructed then and they were just inviting selected individuals and media teams to drop by for a sneak peek. Naturally, I said yes because this was (and I […]

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The Search for Lanipao

Weeks ago, my cousin told me about her trip to Lanipao and she said that I should definitely check it out. Anyways, long story short, I decided to go ahead and investigate. I know Guadalupe is such a big barangay but with the instruction to “just follow that road behind the Guadalupe Church until you […]

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Weekends in Carmen

It’s official. I’m ready to relocate to Carmen. Haha. Well, come to think of it. It has gorgeous beaches, it has the super awesome Benedictine Monastery, it has the Uragay Spring, and it has an award-winning Sinulog contingent! Plus, it’s very lovely, quiet, and peaceful and it has some of the most awesome people I […]

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Amazing Daanbantayan

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the owner of a beach resort in Daanbantayan. The owner invited me to check out his resort and blog about it. In return, he said that I didn’t have to worry about food and accommodation. Sounds like a nice deal! So, I said yes. I invited […]

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I Was A Boy Scout

I was updating my Facebook account when I chanced upon the scouting photos of one contact. I found the photos really interesting particularly because I also was a scout when I was very little. Hehe. I could still remember that Friday was my most favorite day of the week because I got to wear my […]

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Maribago Sunset

  One of the most popular (and most exclusive) private beach resorts in Mactan is the Maribago Blue Water Resort. Maribago Blue Water is popular not only because of its awesome facilities and services but also because of a huge project they completed a few years ago. Directly fronting the beach is a man-made island where […]

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One Night Only

   From samboan, we went to the town proper of Ginatilan and headed straight to the beach property of Irene’s aunt. The house was awesome. It has guest rooms and a pool. And right across the street, they have a beach house! Wow! We had the place to ourselves so it was really fun and […]

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The El Salvador Beach Resort Getaway

If you want a quick getaway from the fast city life, pack your bags and go to Danao City. Just an hour away from Cebu City, Danao City offers an exciting hideaway which will surely relax your weary mind. El Salvador Beach Resort has been around for quite a while now. However, major improvements weren’t started until a […]

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