Out of Cebu: Davao City and the Kadayawan – Day 4

On our last day in Davao City, we were able to witness the beautiful Pamulak sa Kadayawan street parade. Pamulak is a feature of the Kadayawan Festival which highlights the abundance of lovely blooms in Davao. During this event, participants from various sectors of the city parade their colorful floats adorned with fresh blooms and produce. Also […]

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Out of Cebu: Davao City and the Kadayawan – Day 3

On our third day (a Sunday) in the beautiful city of Davao, we had to get up extra early. See, it was Indak-Indak day and everyone was pretty much already up by 5 am. After a quick breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we were off to the streets of Downtown Davao City to witness the […]

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Out of Cebu: Discovering Ormoc and My Love for Piña

Last month, I got invited to cover a very special event in the city of Ormoc. As part of the city’s move to promote its exciting new project, the local government flew in members of the media from various parts of the country. Most well-known local publications and news agencies were asked to send in […]

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Out of Cebu: My #SuperStay at Summit Hotels and Resorts

Several weeks ago, I got a fam tour invite from Summit Hotels and Resorts. For those of you who are not very familiar, fam tour basically just means familiarization tour. During a fam tour, the invited guests are given a chance to experience the product, concept, or even a locality that is being promoted. And […]

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Return to Faith

“We would you like to invite you to travel to Socorro again this year!” Ate Daisy declared. I was on my way to work that morning when she saw me. I was a bit surprised to see her in the neighborhood. Although her family lives only a couple of houses away, I knew that she […]

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MCPB is Now 9 Years Old!

So, before I forget, let me just say that My Cebu Photo Blog just turned 9 last November 29, 2015. Can you believe it? Nine years! That means this blog was already seven months old when the first iPhone model was released! Haha. Anyways, as always, thanks for sticking around guys. I’m sure you all […]

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MCPB at the Globe Media Excellence Awards 2015

About a month ago, I received an email from the organizers of the 2015 Globe Media Excellence Awards informing me that I was shortlisted (later officially nominated) for the Blogger of the Year award. The Globe Media Excellence Awards recognizes media practitioners who excel in “civic, investigative and explanatory journalism, with focus on pressing social concerns […]

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A Humbling Journey

Two years ago, a neighbor saw MyCebuPhotoBlog and told an Augustinian priest friend about my photos. The priest later came to our house to ask if I would be interested in traveling to Surigao and covering a small town fiesta. He said I didn’t have to worry about food and accommodation. All I had to do was take pictures. […]

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8 Years!!!

Hello, friends. I would just like to let you all know that, yeah, My Cebu Photo Blog turned 8 this year. I couldn’t believe I’m still blogging eight years later (considering that I get tired of things very easily. Haha.) But, yeah, My Cebu Photo Blog is now eight years old. I think in blogging years, […]

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New Adventures

Last Sunday, I was finally able to leave the city and travel down south. The last time that I traveled was almost one year ago. So, why exactly did I travel down south? We drove all the way to Santander to break in my new motorcycle. Yes, I got a new motorcycle. I must admit […]

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MCPB at CITE 2014

Last Friday, I was able to drop by Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino in Lahug for the 2014 Cebu International Travel Expo. The CITE is an annual event which features the trends and the current movers and shakers in travel and tourism. The CITE 2014 is the first show to open the 2014 International […]

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A Journey of Firsts

Last June 6th, I received a pretty unusual email. I admit, I’m quite used to receiving unusual emails. But this one was a little different. The email said that I was invited to cover a big event. How big, exactly? Let’s just say the keywords Cebu Pacific and Department of Tourism are plastered all over it. […]

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Merry Christmas!!!

I know it’s a little late, but I couldn’t let this year end without greeting you guys! Here’s to more adventures together, more awesome exchanges, and more care, love, and hope for our beloved Cebu! It’s been a tough year but, hey, things could’ve been a lot worse. So let’s think about all the things […]

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Satchmo Things!

My friend Greg gave me this. A cute drawing of Satchmo holding an “I Love Cebu” flag. Doesn’t this look really nice? I’m thinking of using this design to produce some shirts. Hopefully, this will be a reality by the start of the Sinulog season. Fingers crossed! 🙂 —————— We already know that, Satchmo! We […]

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Birthday Gift

So, I just got home from the 6th annual Best Cebu Blog Awards. This year’s awards ceremony was held at the Avalon Tower at the Cebu Business Park. If you remember, I also attended the awards night in 2010 (where I won the TOP 1 Best Cebu Blogger Award.) The following year, I was also […]

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MCPB Updates 29

Two good things coming up! First, ladies and gentlemen, let me just say that this coming Friday, November 29,2013, MyCebuPhotoBlog will turn 7! Can you believe it? Seven years! That’s like high school and college spent traveling, taking photos, and writing. Haha. 🙂 To all my beloved readers and friends, thanks for sticking around. I […]

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