The Resort That Rocks

After me and Harry got off the boat, we were approached by a habal2x driver (Manong Ban-ban) who offered to take us to Mangodlong Rock Resort for 40 pesos each. We agreed and before we knew it, we were on the back of his XRM bike and speeding through the nice concrete roads of San Francisco, Camotes. We reached the resort around fifteen minutes later.

Mangodlong Resort rocks!

Minutes before we reached the port of San Francisco, we saw this nice looking resort. We didn’t know we were actually looking at Mangodlong Rock Resort.

After giving Manong Ban-ban Php80 and finalizing our plans, we immediately went to the Reception Area of the resort to get a room. Thankfully, they had 3 rooms left.

Welcome to Mangodlong Rock Resort! That fish is HUGE!

Uhm, yeah. Once again, welcome! Haha!

Rates. In case you’re planning.

After paying a thousand pesos, giving a 500-peso deposit, and getting the room key, we were taken to our room by a quiet but attentive guy in a Hawaiian shirt.

But first, you walk through coconut trees and bermuda grass.

Our room/cottage – Mamsa!

As soon as that attentive guy left, we toured our cottage to see what we paid for (all 5X5 of it. Haha!) We saw two bottles of water, nice looking shower stuff, and clean beds and bedding. There were two beds and I got the smaller one. There was no a/c because we couldn’t afford it. But there was this awesome electric stand fan sitting next to this small cabinet. Mind you, we had to turn it off around midnight because it was freezing!

We then left our room to pay the resort restaurant a little visit. We were very hungry. On our way, we saw this. Me and Harry managed to reach the top of that kiosk. After we both got a few scratches and bruises, of course. They have got to make stairs for that thing! Hehe.

The restaurant was al-fresco. With an excellent view of the ocean (facing Cebu City.) It was a very lovely sight.

Harry got chicken barbecue with rice while I got chicken-pork guisado. Very delicious, I must say. We finished everything in two minutes flat.

After lunch, we decided to stick around to just breathe in the wonderful scene right in front of us. It was magnificent, I tell you. And it’s not everyday that we get pampered like real tourists. So, we had to make the most out of it.

By the way, I remember that while we were eating, a group of girls arrived. They were Filipino tourists but they were from a different resort. They just wanted to check the place out. Anyways, all the girls were covered from head to foot with malong. They raced across the beach towards one of the huts where it wasn’t too hot. While they were standing there and applying some lotion, a bunch of young Korean girls started playing beach volleyball. Wearing short shorts and sleeveless shirts. At 2:30 in the afternoon. It was a very funny picture.

After lunch, we went back to our room and we both dozed off. We woke up at 4 and we got on Manong Ban-ban’s bike and we toured Camotes. We came back just in time for dinner. We went straight to our room, relaxed a little, and then went back out to get dinner.

The beach had magically transformed into a kick-ass restaurant complete with candle-lit (okay, gas lamp-lit) tables, torches, and live acoustic music. What an excellent idea. I bet it was very romantic. Haha! Harry and I, while waiting for our orders, were just observing all the random couples scattered all over the open-air restaurant. There were hearts in their eyes. Haha!

At last our food arrived. Harry got chicken curry – which could feed four people – and I got two slices of breaded pork chop. Not bad for economy travelers, ei? Hehe.

View of the beach. There were no more tables because I took this around 11 pm already. The couples were either already back in their rooms or lying on the sand somewhere.

Torches. I swear they looked better in person.

The next morning, we did what most overnighters usually do. No, we didn’t stay in bed and get up at noon. Nope. We woke up very early. So early that I think some members of the staff weren’t even up yet. LOL.

There’s our room. I wished we had enough time to actually sit on those chairs.

The pool hall.

The second restaurant. This one was closer to our room.

Ocean Deep Dive Shop. Pretty imaginative name, don’t you think?

The four islands that make up Camotes.

The fish-shaped pool. What is up with this fish fetish? Hehe.

Pool fees for walk-in guests.

Air-conditioned rooms. Most of them were occupied by Koreans when we were there.

View of the beach before sunrise. Nice, right?

A tour boat.

A local hitting the beach early for shells and crabs.

A young manginginhas.

More tide-pool kids.

What is that thing? Is that a person?

Well, would you take a look at that. It’s a mermaid!

The rocks were interconnected by wooden bridges. Very lovely.

The tallest cottage.

Wow. I loved this cottage. Amazing.

View from one of the cottages.

Look, there’s another beach right there.

Green bikini!

I forgot what we were talking about here.

Go ahead, Harry.

Suddenly you’re not so tough? Haha.

The southern end of the resort. Looking nice.

View of the ‘rock islands’ from the restaurant.

Gorgeous beach! The tide is up!

Local girls enjoying the water. They were singing ‘Malayo pa ang umaga….’ the whole time. I almost lost it.

Lantay sa beach. The Koreans loved it. Hehe.

Restaurant with nice tables.

Harry’s Pinoy breakfast.

My continental breakfast. Haha.

One word – Wow!

Right after breakfast, we went back to our rooms, changed, and went back out and started the three hour swimming marathon. LOL. Around noon, we checked out and just stayed at the beach while waiting for Manong Ban-ban.

Failed Pano shot.

This one is not choreographed.

The volleyball court which turns into a restaurant at night.

Goodbye Mangodlong!

We shall meet again!

54 thoughts on “The Resort That Rocks

  1. I’m back in Orlando, just came back from Cebu ,stayed there from the 16th of Jan. to Feb. 9, 2010.Had ablast there.

  2. This place is really worth going, what a lovely place! What I like about it, it’s not crowded at all. Thanks Ley!

  3. yay, this is so timely as we are going to camotes this weekend and staying in mangodlong! it looks beautiful, and of course, maayo ka mupicture. thanks for the feature! πŸ™‚

  4. hello, leylan! Ive been to Mangodlong Resort but that was in 2005. It wasn’t this developed yet. We are going back there this April 9-11 by Rosalyn’s invitation.=)

    the kiosk u were talking bout where u had a hard time getting on top was connected by a bridge before… a wooden bridge to the other “island stone”…hehe!

    but i love the pics u took and posted here… camotes is really magnificent especially their beaches.

    i can’t wait to be there! me and my family!

  5. lols. went there a looong time ago… seems like they’ve added a lot of stuff; business must be booming.

    FYI… (refer to pic 9)… there used to be a wooden bridge that connected that rock to the one beside it… there was an accident, the bridge collapsed. my friends were walking across it when it happened. swear! one got a huge cut on his leg, they had to bring him to town to see the doc. i guess they never got aroud to rebuilding it for some reason or the other… πŸ™‚

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so miss the beaches there! And Camotes is such a wonderful surprise! I haven’t been there yet… thanks for sharing this one, daghan daghan na kaayo ko ug lista sa mga adtuonon ig uli namo da =)

  7. Ley,

    Thumbs up again! So timely for this post since we are thinking of visiting Camotes next time we’re home…Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!!! Maka-aghat jud kaayo!!! πŸ˜€

  8. hope thing are ok lots of holaday maker come to the resort
    a song by delain i,ll reach you

    dont e.male back safetey

  9. Wow… that sounds real nice. By the way, talking of vacation, my friend recommended this website where you can post your food and vacation experiences – it’s called Yummy Cebu, then there is one for nightlife, that’s Gimmick Cebu, and one for vacations, and that’s Vacation Cebu. Check em out guys, they rock!

  10. weeeeeeeeeeeeee… i miss this place.. πŸ™ hope maka anha ko balik.. weeee.. full of happy memories there! hihi.. maka miss jud tanan πŸ˜€

  11. Mangodlong booking 032 3458599. when in camotes you can also visit the lake danao park and experience a 1 hour cruise in that prestine water at 500 pesos only. take a splash at the Timobo cave, the water is sooo cool..

  12. I really like your blog it’s very informative & i’m smiling reading it. I’m going to mangodlong this weekend and very excited to see actually what i’ve seen in your photos. thanks for sharing all your experiences.

  13. Kinsa ng lalaki nga nag talikod? mura lagi ug artista hehehehe

    Ley ikaw naman ang akong idol sa mga blog-blog diri oi maka wagtang sa stress imong blog. :))

  14. you should visit bakhaw beach also. we stayed at borromeo resort. very exclusive. for it has the best beachfront in camotes.

  15. hope i can visit the island this month if the weather is good…puhun..sakto jud very informative blog..gave me an idea on how to budget my time, expenses, what to bring, and where to do my pictorials…if i’m in camotes hehe VERY NICE BEACH PIX!think u missed the cave in tudela, hope it’s not really far from poro..


  16. my husband i both enjoyed our wonderful night. and i would say….A Perfect resort to stay and relaxation. its affordable, good accommodation and friendly staff. will visit soon.

  17. hi..i really love your journey together..can i ask on how much you spent? i want to go there on my birthday and invite some friends….can u help me…
    i need to know how much are the expenses like the room rates and their ither services…thank you…hoping for your respond..god bless

  18. Hi there, your site is so nice and Camotes looked so great. I haven’t been to Camotes ever, can you share on how to get there and probably how much would one spend for transpo from Cebu? Thank you so much!

  19. hi anong year kayo nagpunta sa mangodlong? magkano nagasto nyo if you wouldn’t mind asking? we’re on tight budget but we love to go there!

  20. Gkan me dri..hehe nice jd kaau dri..maau gani ky naa ni nga blog..dako kaau ni help nko..hhaah lamat ley.. πŸ™‚

  21. its not only mangodlong that rocks camotes. so many places,santiago beach resort,bohu rock cave,tudela cave,lake danao park

  22. hi thanks for this blog this is really a nice resort, we’re planning to go there in november with my mates and i just want to know how much the fare going to Mangodlong, the entrance fee, and how much it cost to eat there….were just planning to have day tour…hope to hear from you soon! thanks!


  23. was there in 2008!i love the place so much,perfect for deep thinking and relaxation.affordable and natural.was lucky that my classmate,who happens to be the head in the public health nursing force was with me and my group all the time,thanks,nimfa!hope to be back there soon!

  24. actually i’ve been there last weekend, and i had terrible memory about staff
    our friends and me (10people)went camotes island by trip.
    we didn’t book resort and then we went there.
    Fortunately they had available rooms.
    and we asked, is it suitable us? we are 10 people.
    she said “sure, not problem ”
    so we trusted her. because of there staff!!!
    also we asked to them “could plz haggle a little bit? caz we are still student”
    the reception girl said especially today is peak time, so we cant haggle today.

    and we payed almost 6000peso for 2 rooms.
    but we really surprised when we saw the room.
    the room was really small. so they put the extra bed in front of toilet!!
    can u imagine?// so we complained to them
    exactly we didnt enter the room. just 5minutes passed after pay

    but reception girl was really rude and impolite
    she crossed her arms and sit the desk and saw us.
    even though, she just say my name Julia, i told u Julia. like that
    we are not friends. i am their customer.
    i thought she didnt go University or even high school.
    she didnt study manner maybe there owner didnt know this story.

    she said ‘ some 5guests already stayed that room some time ago.
    but we saw the poster. that room’s maximum is 4!!!

    so we want to talk with manager or owner.
    but she only told vou can get the 50% as a rule.
    is it fair in cebu? and is it in a rule??

    we asked “plz show me the contract details”
    but she didnt provide form in the end,
    finally we just slept in that room, in front of toilet.
    cause we didnt have enough money

    and the three bottles of water put on the table.
    we payed extra charge we asked “could u plz give 2 bottles of water?
    but they didnd give the water, just we have policy, iny 3 bottles of water

    actually camotes island was beautiful place and resort was nice,
    But be careful the staff!! they didnt say even ‘good morning’ next day!!!!

    1. @ julis… You fool.. I’ve been their but their staff are okay! All of what you’ve said are merely false justification of yours… You better shut up.. You know what.. the beauty and the scenery of the resort are the same with the attitude of their staff. They have a big heart.. they treat me very nice.. Hands off to Mangudlong rock resort staff..

  25. hi i would just like to ask for their contact number..pls.. me nad my team we’re planning to go there as well..thanks! :))

      1. Hehe yep, but I am still on the search now unsa mga nice beaches adto aside sa kani nga resort. Naa man ko daghan na basa nga mga nice resorts adto. Will share to you my itinerary pud πŸ˜€

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