Fuente Is Rising

Robinsons Cybergate Cebu opened its doors to the public last December 8, 2009. The place was still a bit dusty when I went there last night to take some photos. 

Considering its size and location, I would have to say that it is a very gorgeous mall. If you’ve seen the area before this building was built, you would never in your lifetime think that something very pretty would eventually ‘grow’ there.

Definitely, the construction of the mall has given Cebuanos more reasons to come back to the Fuente area. And hopefully, the completion of the entire building will attract more future projects which could help fuel midtown Cebu’s steady rise to the top.

Check out some photos of the mall below:


Welcome to Robinsons Cybergate Cebu!

The place looks really good especially at night.

Sidewalk. Nice!

Main door facing a small road which used to be the original Larsian strip.

Very glassy. I love it!

Well-lit sidewalk. Looking nice!

Wow! I love this shot!

View of the circle and the Fuente Towers.

Back door. Forgot the name of this street.

Mall hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Shakey’s Pizza! Majority of the mall locators are food establishments. This is quite understandable because Cybergate is sitting right next to the Chong Hua Hospital. The new mall also has coffee shops, a drug store, convenience stores, service centers, a food court, and some nice restaurants like Pino, Golden Cowrie, KFC, and of course, Jollibee.

Mini Foodcourt on the second floor.

Very nice view of the activity center.

Wide walkways.

Useful signs inside the mall.

Nice restroom.

Elevators! (The other floors will be occupied by call center companies and other BPO companies.)

Next year, the construction of the G tower (area once occupied by Apurado’s Chicken) is set to begin. Another mall will also open in the area some time next year.

What do you think of Robinsons Cybergate Mall?

38 thoughts on “Fuente Is Rising

  1. I shopped at this mall when I visited there. Wow, it’s huge now & it’s beautiful & complete with restroom for the handicap, very smart idea. Thanks Ley!

      1. how about Imperial resort…di ba water park man pod na sya? havent been there yet though. when i was home last june wa pa sila mag-open. how about featuring it dhong ley?

          1. naa ko pics sa imperial place ley..pero gamay ra noon to siya… murag wala na apil ang slide slide og kodak…. ang view ra niya…..ng kodak2x ako sis diha..

  2. sauna, pwerte ka ngitngit diha dapita, nindot dyud ang resulta sa pagtukod sa robinsons diha, nya naa na dayon captured market kay doul lang sa hospital….. naa pa bay dalan in between sa robinsons ug sa katong naay ATM diha ley?

      1. Thanks for the info Ley, panahon na sa akong pagka teenager ang larsian sauna hehehe…wa na diay larsian ron? Mobisita unya ko diha puhon.

  3. Very nice looking. And since I always stay close by Fuente when I come “home” then you can be sure I will check it out. Oh, mingaw kaayo Jollibee Champ Burger! And the Molo sabaw. Maybe sa sunod Pasko I will be there.

    Ley, thanks so much for keeping me, and all of us, up to date. Daghan Kaayong Salamat akong higala. 😀

  4. wow grabee pwerting dghana ng mall dha? sus libog nata asa ta magshopping ani?hahahha.. salamat sa update npod ley..so kong mo stay kog hotel dha dapit sa may fuente..atleast dle nako moadto pa ug layo to go shopping hehehe.. nys loc pajud :-)..merry xmas to all mga bisdaks ug sa naghimo aning site nga si mr.Leylander ang atong Hero for Cebu update yohoooo…mabuhay ang tanan 🙂 ug pit senyor sa tanan Sugbuanonon…

  5. Been here last January. Nice small shopping center but not happy with my lunch at Golden Cowrie. I order Pinakbet. It’s only made of talong, ampalaya at alamang. Disgusting!!! I complain it. I should return it.

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