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I dropped by the town church of San Fernando today. I’ve seen this church so many times before but I’ve never really had the chance to stop by, get in, and just absorb its awesomeness. And I must say that I am very happy that I finally stepped on the brakes today and take some photos of this gem.

The church is situated right next to the South National Road. It’s hard to miss, actually. Well, a structure as gorgeous as this is very hard to miss. Aside from the fact that it’s just across the town hall, the architecture is also something all Cebuanos should be really proud of! I mean, just take a look at that! If that doesn’t blow your mind away, I don’t know what else would. LOL.


The San Fernando town church.

San Fernando Church by you.

The church entrance.

San Fernando Church by you.

I didn’t quite catch the name of this saint. Any help, please?

San Fernando Church by you.

Church facade. It looks awesome, doesn’t it?

San Fernando Church by you.

Notice the details.

San Fernando Church by you.

Nice piece of work. The pillars and walls look really strong.

San Fernando Church by you.

I’m not exactly sure what this is. For ventilation, perhaps?

San Fernando Church by you.

The belfry. Nice.

San Fernando Church by you.


San Fernando Church by you.

Nice details. And that plant looks cool. I like old structures with plants growing in their small holes and cracks. Hehe.

San Fernando Church by you.

Main door of the church.

San Fernando Church by you.

The altar.

San Fernando Church by you.

Interior of the church.

San Fernando Church by you.

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18 Comments on San Fernando Church

  1. looks like a nice place to go see…. i just did not realized alot of the spanish influenzed architecture in Cebu this were just the things i took for granted while i was there, getting matured i learned to love vintage/antique stuff… i am just now learning to admire vintage things and how we can save the environment by going green, saving the forest by refurbishing old/sturdy furniture to help stop cutting of trees for furniture purposes….

  2. I love the old churches in the Philippines & its amazing how after so many yrs they’re still standing :)
    The facade is beautiful.

  3. Their church looks cute to me, the structure kinda similar to Mingla church.
    I like the walls, its unusual. I think that Saint is San Isidro.
    Carmen Church still under renovation.

  4. Na attract jud ko ani na church when me and my friends visited Samboan ky mani namo tapos I loved it kay its so Gothic. Hehehe .. Kinahanglan na jud ko mag road trip sa south.

    Hala wui… kanang … ika tulo naman cguro ni nako na post … I enjoy ur blogs d.ay wui … Karon pa lang jud ko nag post2x… :) Sige ko balik2x diri if naa napod ba ka new stuff. I found out about Gabii Sa Kabilin through your blog. :)

  5. The saint is Saint Isidore the Laborer. hey ley, please post pics of the cathedral. would love to see the new interior. salamat! :)

  6. im a safernandohanon…i keep on updating blogs in your website for almost a year really helps me a lot jud though wla ko sa new spots, new events and all the stuffs about cebu..thank you also for featuring my hometown (san fernando)..and hopefully efeature pud nimo amo sikoy-sikoy festival next yr..

  7. hehehe..kaila ko ana na main door..c gerbie..funny kau na bata.his from our place panadataran.mluoy pud ta kay his brain was damaged man cause by not just one accident but countless accidents..but almost all the people from san fernando kaila niya..

        • the church is very old way back spanish times but the church facade is n the
          60’s ,made by my uncle jacinto cabigon paradela ,thanks for the documentation il like it ,its awsome /breathtaking which i thnk only a few is aware of how beautiful our church is

          • ooppps sorry some phrases are missing ….the church facade although undergone repair has retained its ancient beauty wihile the church entrance was made in the 60’s or early 70’s.. and that that image of our patron saint isidore the farmer up there ws made … ok? thats it!!!!

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