Satchmo Is Home!!!


I just received Satchmo this afternoon. He arrived from London (with sir Randee). Sir Randee still had to go somewhere else before finally coming here to Cebu, he sent Satchmo home through LBC.

100_2476 by man_from_cancun.

Welcome home Satchmo!!!! It’s been a long long ride. I’m sure you enjoyed your adventures and I hope that you’ve been a good cow. I also hope you thanked all your hosts for accommodating you. Well, I bet that you forgot, so, on your behalf, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who made the trips happen. And that includes not only the hosts and their families but also the countless readers who ‘followed’ Satchmo (that includes me. Hehehe) wherever he went.

 Welcome home, you cow, you! 😀

As soon as Satchmo got out of his traveling box, he was posing with his friends and buddies. He missed Cebu, he told me. He was almost teary-eyed. LOL

100_2488 by man_from_cancun.

Satchmo with my mom.

 100_2484 by man_from_cancun.

Satchmo with his old buddy Shamreen.

100_2491 by man_from_cancun.