MCPB Updates 24

I texted Harry about our planned trip to Siquijor. If we were going, there was no way that I would be able to attend the Best Cebu Blogs 2010 Awards Night. Strangely enough, Harry replied that our host wouldn’t be able to make it. And she’s asking if we could go on the 18th, instead.

So, since we’ve both got nothing to do, I asked Harry to come with me to the event. Ok, so here’s the real deal. I’d have to be honest. I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know anybody there. I’m sure all the other nominees already knew each other and I’d surely end up talking to my self. Or my plate. So, I asked the organizers if it would be all right if a friend tagged along. Thankfully, they agreed. (You guys are great! Hehehe.)


MCPB wins! πŸ™‚

So, anyway, Harry and I agreed to meet at 4:00 in SM. He was late, however, because he said that he still had to get his hair cut. He arrived at 4:30. Basically, we were running all the way to the penthouse of Sugbutel (6th floor) because I specifically told him that I didn’t want to make a grand entrance. It’s either we arrive there before everyone else does or we don’t attend the event at all.

Fortunately, when we arrived at the venue, there were like around only ten people. Apparently, it’s ok to arrive late during awards nights. Hahaha. I kid. We saw the registration table near the door and after introducing ourselves, we were given freebies from Yahoo! and snacks from Orange Brutus. We were also given ‘raffle numbers’ for a special raffle draw. I got 78 while Harry got 70.

Our freebies! The Pacqiao shirt went to my uncle because he loves Pacquiao. Hehe.

Although the main activity area was still almost empty,Β a few tables were already occupied by people who were busy chit-chatting. Obviously, they were expecting company. So, we picked a table at the back where a couple was already seated. Mr. Mark Montra came to our table and introduced us to the couple. The lady (who was pregnant. congrats!) was Veronica of, also a nominee. The guy was her husband. Her husband revealed that he visits my blog. Hehe. It was nice meeting you, guys.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, the host announced that it was time to eat. And guess what? The buffet table was right behind us. Haha. So, obviously, Harry and I were the first ones to stand up.

The buffet table. Hehehe.

While eating, they raffled off some gift bags from Virginia Food. Harry and I were hoping that we’d win. Hahahaha. Veronica’s number was called and later, her husband’s, too. When the host announced that they were going to pick the last two winners, we felt hopeless. Hahaha. Then, the host called my number. Hahaha. Lucky night!

Gift pack from Virginia Food, Inc. Akong gift ni Harry. Hahahahaha.

After dinner, the program officially started. The TOP 20 nominees were given certificates and the 10 nominees with the most number of Facebook ‘Likes’ were all given gift certificates from Orange Brutus.

All right!!!!

With the Top 20 winners.

After that, the Top 10 winnersΒ (chosen by 3 judges) were announced. I was hoping that I’d make it. Number 10 would be nice. Number 8 would be great. 5th, maybe, would be awesome. When the 2nd spot was given to someone else, I knew that there was no chance that they’d be calling my name next. I mean, it’s either I get the TOP 1Β spot or I don’t make it to Top 10 at all! “You’re going to get it. I can feel it!” Harry kept saying. But I told him to zip his mouth because I didn’t want to embarass myself. Haha.

Then, the host started reading the description of the winning blog. Two words caught my attention and made me realize that he was indeed going to call my name – ‘web log.’ I’m probably the only person who uses those two words in my About page. Later, he mentioned Satchmo, which he pronounced incorrectly (he’s going to get you! Hahaha. I’m kidding), So, long story short, I got it. MCPB is this year’s Best Cebu Blog. Hehe.


Top 10 winners

TheΒ plaque. It was huge. Hehehe. I had a hard time carrying it around later when we decided to watch a movie. The lady guard wouldn’t let me in. Hahaha.

Special prizes – Overnight stay for two at the Maribago Blue Waters, Timex Watch, and Orange Brutus Gift Certificate. Hehehe.

Timex watch. I’m sure my dad is already wearing it as I make this blog. Hahaha.

Harry with Sinjin of, 2008’s Top winner.


Awesome experience, guys!

Thanks sa tanan! Especially sa mga readers who believed in my work. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Special thanks to the organizers,Β sponsors, and all other nominees. You guys did great!

Payt Bisdak!

(photos by HarryJ)

85 thoughts on “MCPB Updates 24

  1. As i keep reading, i keep saying, hope he got it, hope he got it.
    And yeahhhhhhhh ur on the top 10. Congratulation again Ley.
    Im so happy :), nice prize too, yeahhhhhhhheyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Wow! Congrats!!!! I know you will win! why? Ni bisita ko sa ubang site sa imong ka competensya, but sorry to say ilang site is not THAT FRIENDLY! LIBOG!!!!!…. why make sites that people thinks its too much and too complicated to browse? so people leave the site!!!!!pero pag kita nako sa imong blog, It’s simple, detailed, organized and everyone can use it!, even my neice can browse your blog and believed me….. she enjoyed it! and believe me there’s no competition when using your blog! CONGRATS!!!!!

  3. Congrats, Ley! For the past years, I’ve always thought that your blog deserved to be recognized… Finally, MCPB, which is true to its name and About-page without all the fake sugar and hype, shines under the spotlight. πŸ™‚

    Btw, tiny correction lang: I was the winner of the 2008 edition, not last year’s. πŸ™‚

  4. It’s about time! Am very happy for you. Congratulations! You must be on cloud 9 right now. πŸ™‚ God bless you and your blog.

  5. CONGRATS Bay Ley… You deserve it dude! Keep it up and continue doing on your best. Ug daghang salamat sa imong mga tampo ug updates sa Sugbo especially sa probinsya… ATO NI MGA BISDAK!!!

    Joel of Miami

  6. Ley, Congratulations, you certainly deserve to win. This is a very beautiful christmas present and a nice way to end the year. Merry christmas to you and may you have more blessings coming to you in the next year.

  7. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bai! Ley! Angay lang nga nadawat nimo ang award! kay dako kag na tabang sa pag hupay sa kamingaw nga among gibati sa pinalangga ug mahal nato nga Sugbo. ilabi na kanamo nga nanimpad sa layong lugar! Gikan ni Bai! sa Costa Rica! Felizidades!!!

  8. LEI! coongartulations! im one of your site biggest fan and the recognition is well-deserved dahil jan FEDORA hat is coming your way but you better pick me up at the erport hehehehe cyah!!!

  9. About time you get the recognition, Ley! You do have a very pleasing to the eye blog presentation and great information. Enjoy it because you deserve it! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and here is to a more powerful blogging in 2011! God bless!

  10. Wow!!!! Great job! You’ve been a winner in my book for years now. I’m glad you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve! You do a great job in presenting Cebu for all the world to see it’s beauty and warmth. You also present yourself admirably. I’m really happy for you akong higala. More Power!!!

    And you met Veronizm too! Wonderful! I also follow her blog. That’s great.

  11. congrats leylander. im an avid fan of your blog here in africa. because of mpcb, i saw my team leader, miss che p. going with your adventure together with her sister in your danao to bantayan trip i guess. extend my kudos to satchmo.

  12. Congrats Ley I have been one of your avid reader since you’ve started this blog!!! i ‘m so proud of you! by the way naa ko cebu ron

  13. wow congratulations leylander! keep up the good work…i’ve always loved reading your blog! you really deserve it. merry christmas!

  14. ley,
    wow…. first and foremost


    keep up the good work… satchmo could have come with us during our europe vacation this month… we had amazing photograghs of 5 european countries we visited
    (netherlands, belgium, france, germany, switzerland)

  15. Congrats sir Ley! Awa ra.. Daug jud! hehehe Aw deserving man sad jud ka nga mudaog. The best jud imo blog. I-continue lang na imo passion sir – to share with us your discoveries about Cebu. Sensya na, na-late kog congrats nimo 2011 na. Minilyon nga salamat sa imong photoblog. Wish you have a Happy New Year. God bless you and your family Ley!

  16. wow.. i just stumbled upon your blog from yahoo mybloglog, who would’ve thought you were the one who one the best cebu blog… congrats once again! you deserve it..

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