Early Birds

First of all, I’m very happy because although I’m still a camera-less photoblogger (LOL), I was able to salvage almost all files in my Drive D. I recovered all the photo folders which contain almost a thousand photographs – including the photos in this post.

Anyways, last week, my friend Mileesa told me about a new resort in Olango. She said that she was able to read a news clipping about a resort which has facilities for activities like kayaking, biking, bird watching, and wall-climbing. The resort also has a 23-feet-in-diameter trampoline and a water rocker. Being an avid fan of traveling and adventures, she naturally wanted to check it out. And since I have never been to Olango, I readily said yes. Our friend Irene also decided to tag along.

To reach Olango Island, go to that cute little port just beside Hilton Hotel in Punta Engano in Mactan. You only have to pay 15 pesos for a 15-minute ride to the island.


First time in Olango. I’m very excited!

The pink wall of Hiton Hotel.

Human hand-rails. Awesome! Hahahaha.

Ticket office and the gorgeous Hilton Towers.

A restaurant inside the Hilton property.

The pink towers.

A boat from Olango.

One of the many boats of Islands Banca by Islands Souvenir.

Interior of our boat. It has a kitchen and a restroom. How cool is that? Hehehe.

And a videoke machine! Hehehe.

Goodbye Hilton towers.

Fifteen minutes later, we reached the nice port of Olango.

Nice. And very clean.

And the water – just awesome!

A small island near the port. Cool.

View of Mactan Island from Olango. That’s the Korean-owned Imperial Palace resort.

Pedicab on our way to Talima Adventure and Water Park.

The driver mentioned that only a few people go to the resort because of the horrible road conditions in the area. He said that the roads, which are lined with knife-sharp rocks, are too small even for tricycles. We thought that he was just lying because he wanted to get paid more. Hehehe. And it turned out that he was telling the truth. LOL.

Our driver suggested that we visit the bird sanctuary, instead. See, bird-watching is hugely popular in Olango. But, no. We weren’t there for birds. We were there for the huge rocker and the huge trampoline. We’ll just come back for the birds. Hehehe.

We stopped at a resort called Talima Resort Villa in Baranggay Talima. We told him that he took us to the wrong resort because it didn’t look grand and big enough for biking and wall climbing and stuff. He said that it was the only resort in Talima. So, we went to the reception counter and asked if it was the right resort. The lady answered that  it was the wrong resort. She added that the ‘guys nextdoor’ could help us.

I have a feeling we’re not going to see a grand grand resort. LOL.

It turned out that the ‘guys nextdoor’ were construction workers who were building a resort. And yes, you guessed it right. The resort that they were building was called Talima Adventure and Water Park. Hahahaha.

Yes, they were actually still building it. LOL.

The future jetty. LOL.

Talima Fish Sactuary.


We couldn’t help but laugh. Hahaha.

Nice view deck.

Even our driver was surprised. Hahaha.

I bet this would look really good.

By 6pm, we were already on our way back to Cebu. LOL.

Here’s the actual news clipping. Click to enlarge.

Although there are hints that the resort is still being constructed, you cannot blame us if we actually thought that the resort was already open.

Fail! LOL