A Negrense Wedding


We went to Bindoy, Negros Oriental last Saturday for a very special occasion. It was the wedding of Darlin, my cousin and childhood friend.

We left Cebu City at around 5:00 Friday. We reached Santander at around 9:30 and we got on a barge which left for Amlan at exactly 9:50. The boat ride to Amlan was a completely nerve-wrecking experience. We traveled in pitch darkness and the boat swayed so hard that a lot of passengers threw up. We reached Negros at around 10:30 – safe and sound (thank God!). That was when we learned that the last trip from Dumaguete to any part of the island was at 9:00. Great! LOL. So, we went to Dumaguete and decided to stay at a McDonald’s until 2:00 am. Then, we went to the terminal and waited for the first bus trip there. We were so happy when we learned that a bus was leaving  for San Carlos City at around 2:15.

We reached Bindoy at around 3:30. A few people were already up when we arrived. Some were already setting up the tents and the tables. I wanted to take pictures of the activities. But my eyes told me to get some sleep. I went to bed and I woke up at around 7:00 am.

Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs. Alcazaren!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

My breakfast (and favorite!) – Puto!!!!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

The tables and tents were ready when I  woke up. Nice!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

I really liked the atmosphere of the main ‘dining area’. It was right in front of the coprasan!

100_4789 by you.

The long table for the primary sponsors right in front of my grandparents’ humble hut.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Tables and tents set up in the front lawn.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

My aunt Clarita, who is a very great cook, personally prepared some of the dishes.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Our neighbors preparing the second caldero of rice. Anticipating a huge turn-out later. Hehehe.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Ready to roast!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Our neighbors setting up the roasting area.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

I learned that a very special mixture of oil and herbs is poured all over the lechon before it is cooked.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

And that for the lechon to be evenly cooked, heat must not be placed directly underneath it.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Some neighbors taking a short break. All smiles!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Another neighbor posing for the camera!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

My mom and my cousin. A lot of people say they look the same. What do you think? Hehehe.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

My cousin going around with a pitcher of water (or was it tuba?). Hehe.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

The nice thing about celebrations in the province is that the neighbors show up and help prepare the dishes.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

While everyone was busy, Osman and I went to our most favorite place in Bindoy – the beach!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Osman enjoying the nice warm weather.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

The usually rocky beach is now all-sand because of the amihan which hit Negros a few weeks ago.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Osman having a blast.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

A nice-looking bantay-dagat outpost.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Na-ihas ang taga siyudad. Hahaha.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Of course, Satchmo enjoyed the beach, too!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Then, we went back to get ready for the wedding. Nice-looking give-aways!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

The wedding dress and shoes.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

My cousin with her make-up artist.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

My young niece Jillian all set for the wedding.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

 The church of Bindoy. Looking really nice.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Here comes the bride! With my uncle Mario and aunt Mingga.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Darlin, Agnew, and their parents. Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

My mom and a new friend.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

 After the mass, we all went back home for the — guess what? Lechon!!!!!!!!!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Everyone looks hungry. LOL.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Let’s all pray first.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.


Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Meanwhile, a few meters from the tents were these other tables. Everyone was invited!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Wedding cake!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

When everyone was full, everyone helped wash the plates and wipe them dry.

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

Then, it was time to open the gifts! Woohoo!

Negros Wedding 2009 by you.

 Again, congratulations Darlin and Agnew! God bless!

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34 Comments on A Negrense Wedding

  1. lechon!!! :D
    whats a “coprasan”?
    what a fantastic day

  2. DAZZ Melbourne // February 2, 2009 at 7:54 am // Reply

    nice… wishing them all the best… now, can i have some ” inasal” ?

  3. DAZZ Melbourne // February 2, 2009 at 7:56 am // Reply

    it’s a place where you COPRA the SAN…

  4. lol. a coparasan is where coconut meat is dried by steaming.

  5. is it not expensive to steam dry now Ley on the coconut meat? I thought farmers sun-dry them. . are we having less of sunny days now? (lol)

  6. hehehe. im not exactly sure kung steam ba or cook gyud through heat. basta i saw them use the coprasan once when they ‘cook’ the meat overnight until they’re brown.

    it’s not expensive cause they use the ‘bukong’ para sugnod. hehe

  7. ronnie silva // February 2, 2009 at 11:15 am // Reply

    Hello Ley!!

    Good Lord!!!! These Photos really remind me home. Oh my God! I can’t wait to be back home in two months time. I terribly missing Cebu, my land, my panga etc. Hey Ley, I like to meet you when I come. I’ll get in touch with you for your mobile phone. Cebu here I come!!!

  8. ay I think sa amoa man gud kay dependi sa init sa panahon if dugay sd nimo ipatimbang ang kopras. amo na I dry through the heat of the sun or if ting-ulan gali.. we steam it sa PUGURAN.hehehehehhe AND THat’s we call it Coprasan.hehehhe.. nice gathering……

  9. What! a nice wedding,
    Congratulation “Daylin @ Agnew”
    I wish you all the best…

    Hello Satchmo… Ley, imong cousin ug mama murag kaluha,
    Ganahan ko sa ilang reception, kalame sa lechon, ummm
    Sound like you’re having a hard trip Ley?
    Finally, nakaraos din.

  10. mao dyud ni nindot sa probinsya ba, stress free living kaayo ba……for sure, naa dyud paklay ug humba diha ley . . . . sus, makagutom man pod… hehehe :)

  11. My best wishes to the newly wed!! The food & the cake, yummy! Your mom & cousin, they look-alike indeed. What a beautiful wedding!

  12. This is one event which sharply displays Filipino values in a true Philippine setting. Every hand in his/her own assignment, from food preparation to dish washing. Yet there’s still time to escape for a little fun and reflection in the beach.

    Being taga siyudad, Oh, I missed this experience! Congrats to all.

  13. Racquel Wisconsin // February 3, 2009 at 12:59 am // Reply

    Ley, send my best wishes to the newly weds. Your photos makes me really homesick. It reminds me of the good old days in the provincial town where I grew up. “Puto” like you is my favorite, partner that with manga or “sikwate”. Well anyways, good to hear you are back in Cebu , in one piece and happy to have that mini vacation. I hope to see you in person when I go home for a months vacation sometime in mid April.

  14. What a beautiful celebration. Maka-mingaw gyud.

    Pareho diay ta ug paborito para pamahaw, Ley – puto. Unfortunately, dili ko kama-o mo-luto ana. Tan-aw tan-aw na lang sa imong litrato.

  15. Such a delightful post – very intimate and personal family party. Thank you for sharing.

    Coprasan is where fresh copra is dried especially during the rainy season. Right?

    Take care!

  16. Coprasan (or dangkahan) is like a kiln drier. It dries the copra before it’s being sold by using the coconut husks with the shells (bukong) as the fuel. The other way is to dry the copra under the heat of the sun. But it’s a slow process and delayed further if it rains.

    By the way Ley, nice photos and interesting coverage of the wedding.

  17. ang galing a! ang galing ng wedding ang sarap tignan parang lahat ay masaya talaga. pinoy na pinoy. tulungan sa preparation. great shot! kuhang kuha ang moment ng kasalang negreseng pilipino. Aba e negrense din ata ako para sa kaaalaman mo! :)

  18. Neiner in Atlanta // February 3, 2009 at 7:29 pm // Reply

    WOW . nindota sa mga pictures Ley! maora man sad ug naa ko dha . thanks for reminding us how a wedding Pilipino style is done gyud . It is the BEST !!!! Makamingaw ug makagutom .. he he he .. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom !!!!!!!

  19. Thanks Ley for inviting us to the wedding. May they have a lifetime of happy times!

  20. kalami tan-awon sa buhay probinsya oy. makahinumdum man lang ko anang koprasan sa probinsya sa akong mama, humutan kaayo ko sa baho sa kopras. kalami sa lechon, pustahan naa gyud ang dinuguan ana ba. congrats and best wishes to your cousin and her hubby. may they have a fruitful & blessed life ahead of them.

  21. Ley… matsalams sa imong posting diri. ug congrats sa imong ig-agaw! Daghan jud mi nalingaw aning mga pictures nimo bay. You really did a good job on reminding us sa atong mga ka-gikan. Gikan pod ko sa probinsya… tubong Oslob n nidako sa Argao. Scenes like these are very common during my younger days…. and i guess naa ghapon ron.

    basta bisdak… bisdak forever, hehe!

  22. That’s my kind of party! Table laden with lots of good local delicacies, laid-back, unpretentious, very Filipino with everyone having a great time helping out.

  23. maglaway man sad ta ani…
    mao niy nakanindot sa probinsiya madato’g mapobre pa enggrande gyud kaayo permi ang okasyon ilabina sa kasal, na hala!…moburot gyud maayo imo tiyan.

    halad ni para nila Darlin and Agnew, ang pulong nga makalipong…(whahehehe)

    “Kung moabot man ang Bagyo ug ang mga Dahon sa Sanga malaya ug maanod sa makalisang nga Sapa” hinaut unta magpabilin maghinausa ang inyong huna-huna nga andam ug pareho mong usa ra ang koptan…

    Ay, basta payt lang mo diha permi…

  24. lamia pud sa coke.tagsa man jud.
    tagsa kalitro!
    daghan pa jud kaayg inasal.manangpit ug silingan ang bahu.
    mura man ug amlan inyung lugar sa bindoy,ley.nalukop ug bermuda grass.pero ang dagat murag sa tanjay.ngadto sa lawton,wara-wara beach.magwara wara sa lapuk ug sa hunas.hehehe
    pero in fairness,dili kangilngig sa balas sa dagat sa liloan,cebu.nga inig tunob sa tiil murag suyopun sa lapuk.hehehe.bawiun lang sa kinilaw nga takubo.lamiii

  25. Nice wedding guys…….congratulations to the newly weds. Yummy lechon…..!

  26. Victoria-New York // February 8, 2009 at 11:40 pm // Reply

    very nice post, ley! congratulations to the happy couple

  27. wow congratulations sa bag-ong couple mwahhhhhhhh :-)…. lami kaau pakals ani nga tym ley? aahehehhehee… kalami jud sa puto kada buntag den dunay sikwati hmmmm kalami ba naglaway jud ko ay waaaahhhhh…

  28. gimingaw ko ug ingon ani nga pakals ai..

  29. That was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing.

  30. joel/Mariana Is. // March 15, 2009 at 1:35 pm // Reply

    ley, mobalik mos bindoy rong fiesta? hapit na man…
    post kag pics ha… rgds, God bless

  31. Ikay Villanueva // January 11, 2010 at 11:13 pm // Reply

    Hi! Great post!

    I was at that wedding, too… though I was a little late. I think I arrived when everyone was already drinking and singing karaoke.

    I am just wondering… are you nephew that they all said has a great singing voice? I remember that they said he couldn’t sing that night because he wasn’t feeling well due to the trip.

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