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After a quick stop at the Heritage of Cebu Monument, I decided to check out the newly-opened Museo Sugbo (Cebu Museum). The museum has some of the most unique pieces that tell of the rich culture and history of Cebu.

What makes the museum even more interesting is the fact that the building used to be the home of the world-famous CPDRC Dancing Inmates. Yes, you read it right. The old Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center was cleared and given a facelift, and tah-dah! What we have is an amazing looking museum!


Facade of the Museo Sugbo. Nice isn’t it?

Museo Sugbo by you.

The large tarpaulin beside the front door. The tarpaulin features some very awesome shots of Cebu.

Museo Sugbo by you.

Front door

Museo Sugbo by you.

The fence and the lamps. They look lovely.

Museo Sugbo by you.

Two neighborhood kids sitting at the door.

Museo Sugbo by you.

Museo Sugbo sign

Museo Sugbo by you.

  Information board

Museo Sugbo by you.

Some pictures in the hallway – Carbon | Capitol | Mango Avenue

Museo Sugbo by you.

The museum has four main rooms. This one hold the pieces related to the American occupation in Cebu as well as the local heroes during the Spanish rule.

Museo Sugbo by you.

This other room has the pieces related to the Japanese occupation.

Museo Sugbo by you.

Nice looking passageways.

Museo Sugbo by you.

Another tarpaulin at the back part of the museum. The tarpaulin features the most important personalities in Cebuano history.

Museo Sugbo by you.

The area in front of this building used to be the marching area of the prisoners.

Museo Sugbo by you.

More quarters still being developed/renovated.

Museo Sugbo by you.

Another building.

Museo Sugbo by you.

On our way out, the two neighborhood kids willingly posed for the camera.

Museo Sugbo by you.


Museo Sugbo by you.


30 thoughts on “Museo Sugbo

  1. wow, i saw this when we were on our way to casa gorordo, i did not know what it was, next time will see this one, Ley again thanks …..

  2. Wow, this should be the old provincial jail at Martires and Villagonzalo which I used to visit during my student catholic action days. Amazing – proof of Cebu’s (the city and province) progress and world class governance. What’s next? Cebu Cultural Center with its in-house Philharmonic orchestra? Really, I’m now raring to go home.

  3. This will be a must stop on my next visit. As well as the Heritage of Cebu monument.

    Thanks Leylander. You’re doing a wonderful job here and you are a really big help to those like me who want to learn more about Cebu.

  4. i’ve been here when we had our city tour. nice place. the pics look better than the actual place though.

    one observation, most of their artifacts came from my school. hehe.


  5. Sir, What is the contact number of this musuem. I heard they are close on Mondays. Would they be closed also on holidays, even if they do not fall on a Monday? Thank you.

  6. Sir, What is the contact number of this musuem. I heard they are closed on Mondays. Would they be closed also on holidays, even if they do not fall on a Monday? Thank you.

  7. du0l ra kau ni sa amu,malakaw ra jud. but wala pa jud k0 ka.sud diri.
    is it true nga kinahanglan pa mgpa.schedule before ka makasud?

  8. Hi Leylander and, of course, Satchmo.

    My ‘Kano boyfriend and I had an elaborate plan to camp out/in the theaters and watch Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds for the whole duration of Sunday for the weekend. Since it doesn’t seem like the film will be out (I’m still crossing my fingers for tomorrow) this week, we shifted our plans to museum-hopping.

    I already have Casa Gorordo on queue for the weekend, and Museo Sugbo should be too. The problem is, I don’t have the contact number of the latter for me to be able to address my queries to. Just right off the top of your head, do you remember Museo Sugbo’s visiting hours and do they receive visitors on a Sunday?

    Thank you.

  9. Very nice.. I’ve been there just a few minutes ago.. I feel like the past has been revived.. The things you will see inside the Museo Sugbo are authentic. I felt so amazed seeing the penmanship of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, whom I already read through books and the net..
    You guys should visit the place.. It’s worth your 30php.. 😉

  10. yeah..8s really nice there..’ve been there before..people there are so hospitable..
    lots of beautiful places to go to..

    just try to go there..and enjoy!!..

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