Fuente de Osmeña


Fuente de Osmeña or Fuente Osmeña is one of the oldest landmarks in Cebu. The fountain, which was built in 1912 to commemorate Cebu City’s first waterworks system as well as honor Cebu’s Grand Old Man – the fourth Philippine President – Sergio Osmeña, stands right in the heart of midtown Cebu. The circle lies in the very intersection of Mango Avenue, Osmeña Boulevard, and B. Rodriguez Street.

The park surrounding the fountain is very popular among locals. For this reason, hundreds of establishments can be found immediately around the rotunda. The circle is often the venue of cultural presentations, demonstrations and concerts.


The THREE TOWERS of midtown Cebu.

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The awesome-looking Fuente Osmeña.

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The circle immediately outside that white iron fence used to be a skating rink.

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Purple bougainvilla can be found all over the circle.

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Very nice fountain. It looks so regal.

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Fuente de Osmeña

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A nice looking bench and a nice looking lamp with the nice looking fountain. Perfect combo.

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The fountain and the Cebu Midtown Hotel

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An example of a lamp post with two lamp heads found inside the circle.

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Paved walkway. You can actually jog on this walkway early in the morning.

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This walkway looks better during the rainy season when the grass is green.

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 You have been warned!

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IDV Conference.  Conference of Ice Drop vendors. Hehehe. 

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When the rain comes, this area will be a lot greener.

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   The 2008 Christmas Tree – designed to withstand strong winds.

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The tree this year looks nice and simple. I like it.

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Santa Claus! Ho ho ho!

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The revolving Niño on top of the tree.

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Don’t you think it looks nice?

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Christmas tree and the Midtown Hotel.

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Perfect for picnics!

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The stage has been set up for the 2008 Pasko Sa Sugbu nightly presentations.

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A parol contest entry.

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Here’s another entry. This one’s metallic. Hehehe.

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Schedule of presentations.

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 And of course, the sponsors.

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The tree and the Crown Regency – currently the tallest in Cebu. 

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Rajah Park hotel. This was were me and Inday Myrna met. Hehehe.

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 Giant billboards with Ogie and Kim. Hehehe.

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McDonald’s and the LCD Screen.

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Cebu Midtown Hotel

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Crown Regency’s Edgecoaster under construction.

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