Memories of Old School Talisay


Everytime I hear the word Talisay, I always remember my childhood days. When I was a very cute little kid (bwahahahaha), my father – who was a cab driver then – would usually take me and my mom to Talisay for a quick bite of lechon, puso, and kunselba. My parents would let me enjoy the water until I was too weak to swim (crawl, actually. hahahaha). After that we would go to the Morocca pools a few blocks away because they had this cute kiddie pool – the shallow part only half a meter deep. I think I actually spent most weekends in Talisay.

talisayToday, we went to Talisay to do something important. On our way home, just like the old times, we went to Larawan beach and had our lunch there. Although I didn’t go for a swim, I easily remembered the past because of the kids who were having a blast in the water. They were so fun to watch. And despite the less than inviting color of the water, I’m pretty sure that nothing could stop them from having the time of their lives.

Larawan beach is not quite the same today. But I don’t care. I was once a kid who enjoyed EVERYTHING, too.


The famous Talisay lechon. No trip to the beach is complete without it. Kalami sa kubal!!!!!!!!!!!

The park near the beach. Pwede ka relax diri after maligo. 🙂

A big acacia tree!

Police station near the beach.

Dugo2x, Puso, Inasal, and Sukang Pinakurat! Payter!!!

Mila’s Lechon! Aprub!

They also sell lechon manok, camote, squid, ginabot, etc…

Lechon mo diha sir!

Ay kalami!

Larawan Beach!!! I remember these trees!!!!!!!!!

Vendors everywhere – dirty icecream! Hehehe

Larawan beach. Number 1 customers – kids

More kids!

And some grown-ups too. Tugnaw na? Hahahaha

Little girl and her beach ball.

All natural! hahahaha


Kids playing with – a tree branch? LOL

Rubber ‘salbabida’ for rent at Php20.

Here’s the church of Talisay

The retablo. Gorgeous!

Mass christening!

Nice chandelier

Church interior

The belfry

The patron saint

The second tower


Church facade

Newly-constructed wing.

Covered court beside the church.

The old Balay Dakbayan sa Talisay

Bonifacio and Rizal


28 thoughts on “Memories of Old School Talisay

  1. it brings back good childhood memories of Cebu back in the day. thanks for posting, this is absolutely beautiful.

  2. a long way back then, talisay used to boast of a longer stretch of beach. and we always looked forward with excitement to swim in the waters during week=ends. it is nice to preserve these shots for posterity sake.

  3. wow…..mingawon man ta ug samot ani samot nga usa ta ka talisaynon…….mailhan dyud daw kung taga talisay ba ang mamalit ug lechon kang mila kay per amount man mamalit ang talisaynon, like: papalita ko ug bale 400PHP beh, while ang dili daw taga talisay, per kilo ang pangutana, hehehhe…nice pics ley….as usual….

  4. nice blog.. akong papa taga talisay pod and he’s still living there till now.. brings back sooo many beautiful childhood memories.. i miss Cebu!

  5. I was there this past January, I didn’t go in the water, but I enjoyed the inasal, sinugbang isda & kinilaw. 🙂

  6. Brings back memories, my dad’s family lives in Talisay so a must visit when we’re in Cebu 🙂
    The food is divine! *drool*

  7. Ay ang lechon! Kalami!! I grew up in Talisay. Very nice place indeed. I’m just not sure of the beach though. It would be nice if they could clean it up and make it look more appealing. Anyway, great pics Ley.

  8. Akong bilas lives in talisay. Soon (I hope) I will too! Can’t wait.

    I’ve been to the beach in Talisay before but I think it was Pook Beach?

  9. Is that Saint Therese the Patron Ley?
    Oh! what a nice golden chandelier.
    On the net im listening to Dexter Ligan
    program ” Aksyon Radyo Cebuuuuuu”
    Talisay base radio station. Talisay is a
    neat town.

    Despite of the murky water from typhoon
    Frank, it seems they still enjoy swimming.
    Ay! kalame sa lechon ug grill squid,

  10. Cebu’s lechon has always been the tastiest!

    I was looking for a Cebu Food Blog and I found this! I’ll add you to my week-old blog. I’m new to Cebu!

    Hey, join the Cebu Bloggers Society. of Foodelity.

  11. Ay kalami sa lechon. Kubal ug ribs lang ang akoa. I miss lechon cebu. Dugay naman gud ko wala na kabalik sa cebu. Lami gyud ang lechon sa cebu. Crispy sad ang panit. Unlike dire sa manila walay lami ang mga lechon dire. May nalang gane naay koy nakit an nga site nga maker ug mga lechon. Sa lechon cebu me mag orderan ug lechon kung naa me occasions dire. Lami ilang lechon ug kagumkum gyud ang kubal. Dili na gud namo gamitan ug sarsa kay tuhod man gud sa kaunuran ang timpla sa ilang lechon. Lami gyud sya. super…

    Mao ni ang site

  12. Wala talagang tatalo kapag lechon na ang pag uusapan. Laging nangunguna ang lechon cebu.
    I’ve been to cebu last may. Summer vacation kasi. Kaya nag leave ako sa work ko. And i enjoy my staying there. Ang saya kasi. Lahat ng mga tao ang sarap kasama. We went to Larawan beach. Ang saya. Maaga kaming naligo noon kaya malinaw pa ang beach. Hehehe. Wala pa kasi masyadong naliligo. And i taste the lechon cebu. Wow ang sarap ng lechon. Napaka crisp ng balat at tasty talaga sya.
    D’best talaga ng lechon cebu.

  13. lechon cebu is the best talaga. The tender juicy meat which absorbs the aromatic fragrant of herbs and spices. And the crunchy skin was good. The taste was perfect. Mmmmmmmmmm its yummmy. Very delicious lechon cebu.

  14. I grew up in New Jersey but the pics bring back great memories of visits to Talisay with lechon and a cooler of san miguel

  15. The experience with is great. Our class had lunch at their office and the taste of the lechon was very satisfying to the tummy. The owner’s too are very accommodating. It’s the best lechon I had tasted so far.

  16. Service rendered by Lechoncebu was overwhelming. The lechon they gave us tastes good. Their capability of capturing a larger market via the internet promotion is a good strategy & gives us a glimpse for an investment entry point for the same business line

  17. Wow’ i love the pictures, reminds me when i was young. I use to live in poblacion til i was 11 yo and migrated to Australia in 1990. My grandfather planted that ‘acacia tree’ ( lolo pedong) haha. I use to play in the park a lot with my friends and cousins, and play basketball. Yeh the beach is not that good tho but its good to cool off every now and then, even at night the breeze is nice and there’s a lot of people at the park. They say we have the best lechon in talisay, i know that for a fact coz i use to sit and wait pick up all the scraps left over at the end of the day, lol! how embarrasing but i was only young back then, I only lived 10 meters away from the place. I just loved it! Thanks for uploading these pictures makes me wana come back home i missed it so much!..P.S The ‘ALIPONGA’S rule!…(thats my mum’s family name)

  18. i was born and raise sa talisay.i miss my home.i live here in u.s.a now 15 yrs. since i left myhome never been back.many memmories nice people.thats wat we r filipinos thats our best traits.

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