Fluvial Procession 2010

Again, sorry for this late post. I was supposed to post this before the Sinulog Grand Parade last week but I got really busy. I hope you understand (that is, if someone is actually waiting for these photos. Hahahaha.)

Anyways, here are the photos of the Fluvial Procession held last January 16. It was a very cold and rainy morning but the crowd was just fantastic. More people actually joined the procession this year despite the weather.

Viva Senyor Santo Niño. Pit Senyor, everyone!


Pit Senyor, kang tatay kini!

A very wet and cold morning at the pier.

The sea was unbelievably calm that morning.

Mactan Island.

Port of Cebu!!!!

I don’t know what they call that thing. Haha.

Large passenger ships docked for the procession.

Small pumpboats on their way to the assembly area.

This one has colorful banderitas.

A group of people on board a docked ship.

He came prepared.

Gothong fleet.

Young boy waiting for the procession to start.

These people are quite excited.

A bunch of workers from the Cebu Port Authority got on this thing complete with costume and live music.

Practicing their routine.

Wow. That looks scary. Hahaha.

Here they come.

Coast guard making last minute checks to see if everything is in place.

Turning right towards the pier.

The Coast Guard tug boat.

It looks like they’re enjoying the performance of our Sinulog CPA men. Hehe.

Wow. Too many boats!

A bunch of photographers. Cute boat.

I wonder why they’re smiling. LOL.

Here comes the Niño!

Also present is the image of Cebu Patron Saint – Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Waving at the Niño.

The Santo Niño galleon.

A bunch of uniformed men.

More boats.

Wow. Look at how close they are to each other!

Sinulog dancers.

M/L Quarantine Cebu. Curious name.

He’s clearly not scared. Hehehe.

Alpha Kappa Rho

More boats!

Wow. So many boats.

Did you see the name of that boat? Cebu! 🙂

Lots of pumpboats this year.

Happy to be part of the procession.

Pit Senyor!


Wow. More boats!

Cute boats with very colorful banderitas.

The crowd after the procession.

Free ride on the CPA bus.

Pit Senyor!