Holiday In Samboan


My uncle’s boss invited him to visit her family’s resort in Samboan. She told him that he could take his family along and that they would rent out their cottage for only around 200 per day [Goryon Beach Resort]. My uncle readily agreed. So, on Maundy Thursday, we packed our bags and left Cebu early in the morning. We reached Samboan around lunch time to find one of the most trule relaxing views ever! We wasted no time in getting to know the place more. And before long, we were touring every inch of Samboan like we’ve known it since day one. Samboan is awesome! Visit Samboan now!


Osman, Satchmo, and the waves


High tide na!

Satchmo at sea


Another angle.

It’s nice to stay in the shade

Shocked Satchmo

Osman at the beach

Mama and Satchmo

 Beach dog

Satchmo and the Sea Urchin.

Low Tide na!


Looking for the genie in a bottle.


Peebles and Satchmo.


Grass and Satchmo

Satchmo and Lucille in a lantay.

Osman and blue starfish.

Sunset na!

Kid enjoying his iced treat.

Blue starfish!

To the lift, to the lift!