Dawn Procession

For the first time, I was able to join the Walk for Jesus dawn procession today. The procession signifies the official start of the 9-day Novenario which ends on the Feast of the Holy Child Señor Santo Niño. According to my source, at least thirty thousand devotees joined the early morning procession which started at exactly 4:30 in the morning and ended when the sun was already out.

Here are some shots of the dawn procession that I took. I am very sorry for the picture quality. Most, if not all, of my photos are either blurry or too dark. Dili lang gyud madala sa power sa akong digicam. Hehehe.


A sea of lights. Devotees slowly inch towards the Basilica.

3:30 AM Assembly Area – Fuente Osmeña.

The carro of Cebu’s Holy Child.

Devotees walking silently towards the Basilica.

Batobalani was sung when the sun was already up. I was no longer able to get in because there were just too many people. The guards had to close the main gate to prevent more people rfom coming in.