Life is a ‘Talisaynon’ Beach

The awesome beaches of Talisay City are the most undervalued, underestimated, unappreciated, unrecognized, and belittled wonders of Cebu. True, compared to the beaches in Mactan and the kilometers of white sand in the Northern and Southern tips, the Talisaynon beaches are no match. HOWEVER, way before Malapascua opened its first resort, Shangri-la, Hilton, and the EGI started the construction of its buildings, and Rock Island became the ‘hottest’ spot for mid-range beach denizens, there was Talisay. Do you remember Yaro Beach Resort? Marocca Swimming Pools? How about Larawan Beach? If you’re a real Cebuano, I’m sure these names would ring a bell.

So, what happened to these beaches? They still exist. But the attendance is no longer that significant. What with the appeal of high-end R and R to the ever-evolving modern Cebuano. Generally, the Cebuanos now relegate the Talisay beaches as ‘second-class’. And anyone seen here are considered ‘bakya’. This is truly so sad for these great, great gems.

I’ve been to Malapascua, Mactan, Oslob, Catmon, Sogod, and even Panglao. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to say that I’ve also been to Talisay!

 Not white sand. But not second-best, either! Baranggay Pooc, Talisay City.

A lovely day at the beach!

Beach favorite – Camote!

The Cebuano beach is synonymous with videoke machine.

Manong selling ‘ice drops’ and konsilba (banana chips in sugar syrup).

You can use your bike at the beach, too.

This boat is for rent.

Baby girl enjoying the clear, cool water.

Rubber tubings are for rent, too. Big: Php25. Small: Php15.

The greens beyond the beach. Notice the peeing guy? Haha!

View of the open beach from the shade.

These small ‘cottages’ are rented out to beach goers for a fee. Rates range from 50 to 500 pesos.

Manang selling camote.

This other Manang is selling Indian mango.

The cottages on this side are only Php75 each. And it comes with a table.

Beach regulars – these dogs.

Osman enjoying a cone of ‘street icecream’.

There’s that ice cream guy.

No takers?

Better move to a different spot. Hahaha.

Kids are the number fans.

A fishing boat on its way to Carbon, Cebu City.

Sunday is Beach day in Cebu.. Visit the Talisay beaches today!