Walk The WALK


The Asiatown IT Park in Lahug has a new exciting joint. It’s called THE WALK. THE WALK took the place of the very popular Courtyard, which mysteriously disappeared a few weeks before the Sinulog years ago. According to some press releases, THE WALK, was specially built for the thousands of call center people in IT Park. For this reason, most, if not all, tenants are open 24 hours each day. THE WALK currently has Mc Donald’s, Shakey’s Pizza, Figaro Coffee, Mercury Drug, Mooon Cafe, and Casa Verde. Check out THE WALK!



A tall IT building right next to THE WALK.

Hayahay ang McDo inig open ana nga building.

Mc Donald’s is open 24 hours


I thought free parking? Pag sure mo ha!

The tall IT building. Now on its 12th floor.

The ‘courtyard’ with a really nice garden.

 The Waterfront (from Mc Donald’s)

Casino Filipino

Vacant lot in front of THE WALK

Another side.



The tall IT building in Lahug (That’s behind Jollibee)

The four giants.