The Dalaguetnon Beach

Since a big part of the southern town of Dalaguete lies along the coast (like most Cebu towns,) it is not very hard to understand why a big chunk of the Dalaguetnon life revolves around the ocean. Majority of its residents who live by the sea are fishermen or are involved in trade and business related to the big blue.

Check out the Obong beach – one of Dalaguete’s many public beaches that locals frequent for its charm and beauty.

The ruins of an old watchtower (I believe) stands on this beach in Obong, Dalaguete.

Sitting in the shade and taking in the amazing view.

A fishing boat docked on the beach served as a ‘deposit’ box for the bags and other stuff of the people who were swimming in the water.

Dalaguete’s white beach looking all natural and pretty. The beach is only several hundred meters away from the famed Obong Spring of Barangay Obong, Dalaguete.

Another view of the watchtower ruins.

A friendly fisherman waving at the camera.

A fisherman arrives at the beach. He was met by locals who wanted to see the catch.

These two ladies (beach-goers) managed to grab a bagful of fish.

The ladies were lucky to get their hands on these fresh catch!