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A Delightful Seafood Feast at Triponia’s Seaside Homestay

During my recent visit to Olango Island, our host brought us to the lovely Triponia’s Seaside Homestay and Grill for lunch. It was a truly memorable experience for me because of two things. First, although I don’t normally eat seafood, it was the first time that I actually tried everything that was served. And second, although I’m quite familiar with Olango, this was the first time that I’d actually been to this part of the island.

We arrived in Olango very early in the morning for a series of activities. It was going to be a very long day. Unexpectedly, however, we were able to finish everything just before lunch. So, instead of a quick and uneventful lunch as scheduled, the lunch break became a feast not just for the tummy but also for the soul.

Triponia’s Seaside Homestay and Grill

Our lovely host took us to Triponia’s Seaside Homestay and Grill – a small bed and breakfast in Barangay Tungasan.

Located just ten minutes from the port, Triponia’s has rooms for both small and large groups.

The homestay has pretty spacious living room and dining areas that guests can use while they are checked in.

More importantly, Triponia’s has a beautiful ‘grill’ which is located several meters off shore. And it looked really lovely.

Even though we were hungry, we took our sweet time in crossing the walkway because the view was fantastic.

At the restaurant, a seafood feast was waiting for us! Time to eat!

Can you name every single one of these dishes?

While we were eating, we couldn’t help but marvel at the beautiful sights and sounds of Olango Island.

We also noticed a long boardwalk just several meters from the grill. When the host declared that we could visit the boardwalk after eating, I was very happy.

On our way out after lunch, we were able to take a look at one of the rooms at Triponia’s Seaside Homestay and Grill. This bamboo room looks so comfy, don’t you agree?

Tungasan Boardwalk

After a short one-minute walk, we reached the Tungasan Boardwalk. The boardwalk is situated right in front of the Tungasan Barangay Hall.

The boardwalk is considered one of Olango Island’s most visited spots. And rightfully so because it was gorgeous.

The wooden boardwalk spans several hundred meters and is open to both locals and visitors.

The boardwalk offers an amazing view of this side of the island. According to our host, the view from the boardwalk is breathtaking both during high tide and low tide.

So, what do you think about my lunch at Triponia’s? Also, have you been to this part of Olango? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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