Cebu City Sports Center: Here’s To Healthier Cebuanos!

I visited the Cebu City Sports Complex (formerly Abellana Sports Center) today to run a few laps since it’s prelims week and we didn’t have to go to class. I was totally amazed at the regular attendance at the sports complex. I swear, the city could survive on the entrance fee alone (Php 10.00). Haha.

The last time I went jogging, the complex wasn’t this ‘lively’. But now, you see people wearing different outfits for different sports activities ALL OVER THE PLACE. It’s a really good thing, I suppose. It’s nice to know that Cebuanos are now running back to the ‘good side’. Well, I half expected it since I read somewhere that Visayans (Cebuanos in particular) are the most fashion/hygiene/health-conscious people outside of Metro Manila. And I totally agree. In Cebu recently, facial/spa/beauty shops have mushroomed all over the city. And the terms spa, badminton, facial cleansing, gym, and aerobics have become as common as the towering Koreans who come here in hordes to slowly take over the entire archipelago. Haha. Kidding.

The pool for both amateurs and athletes at the CCSC.

The colorful mini grandstand at the Olympic-sized pool.

Kids in their swimming program enjoying the water.

Athletes waiting for instructions from their coach.

The main grandstand looks pretty when its empty.

Brisk-walkers. Anyone’s free to join them. So long as they can keep up.

This tae-kwon-do athlete is warming up for a night training.

Flexible, I must say.

Those very little kids running after that dude in white are actually young soccer players.

Warm up sessions for these taekwondo artists.

No need to fret. There are rest rooms everywhere.

The Sports Complex is also the home base of the Team Cebu City Dance Sport.

Dancers practicing a routine.

Hallway to Office of the Complex Admin, Office of the Sinulog Foundation, Dance Sport Studio, Canteen, Weights Gym, Restrooms.

Basketball courts and badminton courts

Runners all!

Aerobics and Tae bo!

The aerobics classes are very appealing to young ladies who want to stay in shape.

And the hot meat of the moment, wait for it, Belly Dancing.

My mom is hooked!!!

Only Php50 per session.

Instructor teaching students the basics of belly dancing.

A lot of young women come here to join the sessions.

Have you tried exercising at the Cebu City Sports Center? You should give it a try!

24 thoughts on “Cebu City Sports Center: Here’s To Healthier Cebuanos!

  1. WOW! Abellana looks like that now? I used to go there to watch my brothers play softball. Way to go, Cebuanos! Good luck to your mom’s belly dancing lessons, Leylan.=)

  2. yeah, nakahinumdom ko, ga jogging jogging pod mi sauna, naay entrance fee 10 pesos pero libre one glass of coke, ambot lang kung mao gihapon na karon….

  3. Komusta,
    Abellana change so much ,it doesn’t look like that when I left pinas few years ago.Well done Cebu and to you too Leylander.

  4. This is very impressive. Belly Dancing for P50? wow it’s even less than a dollar. If you go to a special class here in the US, it cost you almost $30!!! I am impressed!

  5. thanks all! =)

    john – no probs. =) i’ll add you when I get home tonight.

    sir coco – yup. tag-50 ra. kaya ra sa bulsa para sa tanan taw gusto mag belly dancing. hehe

    riggy – potential gyud? puros gisingot ang naa didto oi. hahaha

  6. wow, just the info i was looking for. thanks! one question though, do u know what time the pool opens and closes? … planning on going swimming there regularly (hopefully!) but do u know what time the pool is less crowded?

    thanks mucho!

  7. Lan wala ko nakita sa picture? hehe
    cge manko attend sa belly dancing session
    3 times a week, nindot kau ang feeling oi
    nihumok gud ang akong hawak nga gahi kau ibawg haha

    sa una naa silay yoga class. giwala na karon kay mas daghan ang belly dancing
    naka try pud ko sa ilang hawaiin dance session.

    sulit kaayo ang P50 then puede pud mag walking sa oval
    afterwards pauga sa singot. hehe

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