A Beautiful Afternoon in Poro’s Lawis Marine Sanctuary Park

The highlight of my most recent trip to Camotes was my visit to a lovely spot called Lawis Marine Sanctuary Park. I admit that I didn’t research popular local spots before I visited the town of Poro i. So it was a truly pleasant surprise when I discovered the park while buying some stuff for dinner at the town’s local public market. You see, the park was located very close to the market. And if I hadn’t decided to buy there, I wouldn’t have found out about this gorgeous natural beauty.

The Lawis Marine Sanctuary Park is one of Poro’s most popular destinations. Situated right by the sea, the well-maintained park offers stunning views of the ocean and surrounding islands.

It’s pretty evident why the park is so popular. If you see plenty of locals around, it’s a good indication that it’s well-loved.

And how can you not love it? Just take a look at this magnificent view!

And what makes the rocky ledge more interesting are these pretty plants that cover the sharp surface. So neat!

Here’s an amazing view of the edge of the park’s rocky edge that extends to the sea. During low tide, you can easily go down and explore the mudflats below.

It’s too bad that the tide was too low during my visit. But can you just imagine how pretty this would look with water almost reaching the top?

Here’s another view of the ‘dried out’ cove right next to the park. Mudflats for days! If you’re a big fan of sea-combing, you’ll definitely love this!

The tide didn’t stop these kids from enjoying a nice afternoon swim. I mean, if I lived nearby, I would also do the same!

The park has plenty of space for picnics. Now, imagine those trees all grown in the coming years. This view would be lovely!

I explored this side of the park where another small cove can be seen. The park is basically sandwiched between two coves. How lovely!

Here’s a view of some local kids having a swell time at the edge of the park. I could just imagine myself enjoying this spot every single afternoon. Maybe I’d have fewer worries in my life if that were the case.

Because honestly, even though I only stayed until it was almost dark, I felt like a big chunk of the things that bothered me all disappeared when I sat there and just had a quiet, peaceful moment.

Was it because of the view? The cool breeze? The warm, friendly locals? I couldn’t quite figure it out. But I knew for sure that I couldn’t just easily find it anywhere else. Because that moment was truly special.

I always hear people say that Camotes is special. And now, I fully understand why.

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