Hermit’s Cove: A Hidden Beauty


Two weeks ago, my cousin Onyot raved about his trip to Aloguinsan. He said that they went to this really nice beach that’s secluded and just really pretty. Since I’ve been to Aloguinsan’s Hidden Beach at least four times, I told him that I knew exactly where they went. When he showed me their photos, however, I realized that he was actually talking about a different beach. This one was called Hermit’s Cove.

You’ve probably guessed what I did next. 🙂

The next day, I decided to travel to Aloguinsan to look for this Hermit’s Cove. I decided to take my mom with me since I needed a financier (as I’m currently jobless.) You know, just in case. Haha.

We left the city at around 7 am and by 9 we were already in Aloguinsan. Just a few hundred meters from the church, you will see the road-side sign below. When you see this sign, drive straight (turning left will take you to Barili.) The drive should be from 5 to 8 kilometers from this sign.

Now, take note of this structure. This is what locals call the ‘Coop.’ This is supposedly the local cooperative store but I didn’t see anything inside when we passed. So, I’m guessing it’s no longer being used. Anyways, when you see this, be sure to (turn right) take the road right next to it. The opposite road will take you to Barili.

Now the drive to Hermit’s Cove is a bit tricky and actually scary. So be very careful. The road is littered with loose gravel and pebbles. If you’re driving a motorbike, please take extra caution.

This part is the scariest since it’s a corniche (road along a cliff). Plus it’s pretty dangerous because of all the gravel. But it’s manageable even if you’re a beginner if you really slow down.

At the very end of the road, you will see the welcome sign and this small hut. Plus the very wonderful view, of course.

Here’s my mom. And she had to pose. Haha.

The space for parking was practically empty. So we were free to park anywhere. Anyway, the park space is big enough to accommodate around 10+ cars.

First look at the beach below.

View of the Tañon Strait and the island of Negros.

After paying Php50 pesos each, it was time to check out the beach.

By the way, entrance fee is Php50. If you’re a big group and you’re staying overnight, entrance fee is Php100. You take care of your own tent. The extra fee goes to the guards who will be watching over your group. You may also ask the locals to prepare food for you for a fee.

If you’re a really small group and you wish to stay until the next morning, fee could be from Php150 to Php200 each.

First look at the full beach. Beautiful! I can’t believe this hidden beauty is only two hours from the city.

A beach that’s quiet, secluded, and beautiful. Just what you need after a long, tiring week.

The staircase to the beach looks pretty impressive, too!

According to the locals, before this path was cleared, trekkers had to take a small footpath at the back of the hill to reach the beach. Thankfully, the locals started an organization that eventually led to the development of the area.

A row of open cottages can be found just below the cliff. Entrance fee actually already includes use of table and chairs. If you arrive really early, you can pick the best spot and barricade it. Haha.

The cove has a separate area for grilling and cooking. Which is awesome because bbq smoke can be quite annoying at times.

This dog is dreaming of ice cream, I bet.

Less than an hour after we arrived, it started to rain really hard. This family from a nearby barangay arrived by boat just when it started raining.

I was kinda worried that it wouldn’t stop raining and I couldn’t take more photos. Luckily, it stopped around 30 minutes later. Excellent!

This tiny house sells drinks, snacks, and all basic stuff the local neighborhood needs. I was told this was the only store in the area.

After the downpour, it’s now time to go swimming!

If you prefer to swim in the shade, this part is perfect for you.

This spot is perfect for young kids, too. Building sandcastles in the shade? Why not?

Enjoying the sun. Aloguinsan is beautiful!

If you’re looking for must-visit tourist spots in Cebu, the Hermit’s Cove should be near the top of your list!

Hermit’s Cove

Barangay Kantabogon, Aloguinsan, Cebu
Kantabogon Eco-Tourism Association (KEA) – 09235042066

Aloguinsan Municipal Tourism Office – 4699312


Bus – Cebu to Toledo – Php80
Jeep – Toledo to Aloguinsan – Php30-40
Habal-Habal – Aloguinsan proper to Kantabogon – Php40-50
Entrance + Open Cottage – Php50/head
Entrance + Open Cottage + Overnight – Php100-200/head

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