A Quiet Afternoon in Tuburan’s Molobolo Spring

Whenever I travel to the northern part of Cebu, I always find myself going towards the direction of Tuburan. I mean, there are a lot of other wonderful tourist spots and destinations in the north. But I don’t know why I just always end up dropping by the quiet town of Tuburan.

Tuburan isn’t unlike most Cebu towns. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t a keen observer, you wouldn’t know the difference between Tuburan and the neighboring towns of Asturias, Tabuelan, or Balamban. But there’s just something about Tuburan that pulls you close. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’m guessing it has something to do with its small-town vibe and amazing charm.

One of the many things that keep me coming back to Tuburan is the beautiful Molobolo Spring. Considered one of the most visited spots in town, Molobolo is frequented not only by locals but also by visitors from as far as Bogo and Toledo.

During this midweek trip, I made sure to stop by Tuburan hoping to spend a good, quality swim time. And I was right. Since it was a Tuesday, the place was very quiet and peaceful. It was perfect!

Traveling to the north via the TransCentral Highway, you will pass through the mountain barangay of Busay and see this beautiful waterfall.

Closer view of the waterfall in Barangay Busay. If you don’t already know, busay is actually the Cebuano word for waterfall.

An hour later, I was in Tuburan’s famed Molobolo Cold Spring.

Like a lot of cold springs in Cebu, the Molobolo Spring is surrounded by age-old trees that keep the area cool even during the summer months.

The main spring of Molobolo flows towards a big pool whose excess then cascades towards a smaller pool.

Guests enjoying a fun and relaxing time at the pool.

View of the two pools and the ocean just a couple of meters away.

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Water from the smaller pool then flows towards the small tubs at the bottom which are an important element of the laundry area. Locals come here to do their laundry.

View of the laundry area and the excess water that eventually flows out towards the ocean.

Here’s what the beach of Molobolo looks like. Lovely, isn’t it? When the spring gets really crowded, a lot of people come here to enjoy the beach instead.

Enjoying the sun before a long and relaxing swim.

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Locals fishing in the shallow water. I’m not sure what type of fish they’re trying to catch or whether or not they actually catch something. But I’ve seen several people doing this.

More locals fishing in the shallow water of Molobolo.

View of the fishing village right next to the cold spring.

Have you been to Molobolo Cold Spring? What do you think of the place? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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