Tuburan Bound

On our way to Asturias to visit someone, we dropped by the quiet municipality of Tuburan. Tuburan is known for its peace-loving locals and laid-back lifestyle. To get to Tuburan, you have four options. First, you can take the Toledo route. Second, you can go up the Transcentral Highway and turn right when you reach Balamban. Third, you can drive up north and turn left for Tabuelan when you reach Logo. Or fourth, you can drive all the way to San Remigio and turn left towards Tuburan.

For this trip, we took the fourth route.

Cruising through the lovely municipality of Sogod.

The hills of Sogod looking very much like the famed chocolate hills of Bohol.

The fields of Bogo City are very similar to the sugarcane plantations of Negros.

The town center of Tuburan.

The town church of Tuburan.

The angels that guard the door of Tuburan’s town church.

The church ceilings and interiors undergoing repairs.

Church facade showing very interesting designs and details.

Every town has its own Joe. Here is Tuburan’s very own Jose Rizal statue.

Tuburan Beach: Brown Chocolate!
A Quiet Afternoon in Tuburan’s Molobolo Spring
Tuburan Bound

My motorbike needed some fixing! Oops. But don’t worry. ‘Vulcanizing shops’ can be found in almost every corner in Cebu. I found one quite easily along the road near the church.

Also, wherever you are in the Philippines, there’s always the trusty Sari-sari store for some quick bites. =)

Checking out the old port of Tuburan.

After our quick stop, we continued driving until we reached Asturias.

Now, time for some quick swimming!