Tuburan Bound

On our way to Asturias to visit someone, we dropped by the quiet municipality of Tuburan. Tuburan is known for its peace-loving locals and laid-back lifestyle. To get to Tuburan, you have four options. First, you can take the Toledo route. Second, you can go up the Transcentral Highway and turn right when you reach Balamban. Third, you can drive up north and turn left for Tabuelan when you reach Logo. Or fourth, you can drive all the way to San Remigio and turn left towards Tuburan.

For this trip, we took the fourth route.


The lovely municipality of Sogod.

The hills of Sogod can easily equal the chocolate hills of Bohol.

The fields of Bogo City are very similar to the sugarcane plantations of Negros.

The town of Tuburan.

The town church of Tuburan.

The angels that guard the door.

The church ceilings were undergoing repairs.

Church facade showing very interesting designs.

Every town has its own Joe.

My motorbike needed some fixing! Oops. But don’t worry. ‘Vulcanizing shops’ can be found in almost every corner in Cebu. =)

Also, wherever you are in the Philippines, there’s always the trusty Sari-sari store for some quick bites. =)

Checking out the old port of Tuburan.

After our quick stop, we continued driving until we reached Asturias.

Visit Tuburan and Asturias now!

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  1. i’m from tuburan thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos,, it reminds me of home…i go back each year.. no place like home..naples..venice .london. doesnt compare to cebu.. its the people made this place unique.warm smile .beautiful faces..you should visit bantayan island. in santa fe..to fellow tuburanon..please…lets keeep our beautiful town alive and prosperous..help tuburan rid of crime and trash.. thanks..

    Mariniel Pochadez
    (ging ging)

  2. when we were living in cebu i used to spend my summer vacation in san juan tuburan cebu your pics bring back happy memories……..thanks

  3. Omigod! I did spent a couple of summers in Tuburan. We climbed the mountains for 3 long hours, but rested once in awhile. Our house helpers
    live in the deep mountains and yes, we did our toilet business in the bushes!=) I remember a cousin drank water from the stream and she
    swallowed a baby mosquito with it. It was hilarious! I miss making
    cassava bud-bud, picking fruits & being serenaded by bunch of drunken
    young men there! bahakhak!! Thanx a million to you, Leyland.

  4. ad2 jd sa molobolo bai ky nindut jd kaau..kai taga tuburan mn ko…
    salamat kau imo ni gibutang sa net…

    • we were there last Dec. ..did’nt enjoy so much coz the weather was’nt good, sun did’nt showed its beauty. The spring water not clear. . . sea water was okay and rocky shore and black sands hurts a bit when you are not used w/o slippers. BUT mind you the scenery was awesome. . .

  5. wat’s the quickest way to Tuburan? How many hours drive from Cebu to Tuburan? pls help me, i want to met a friend in tuburan and i dont have any contact with my friend..

  6. quickest way to tuburan is thru the transcentral highway if you’re going to commute go to the tuburan terminal of via hire vans at the ayala mall

  7. Hi Leylander,
    It me again abi mo. I had Friend in Tuburan long time ago, Pero wala aku maka anha
    dinha, Nang makita ko sa Pictures wow its such a beautiful place. Felling ko
    naka anha na aku, Sorry ha medyo ha medyo halo halo ang dialect ko,Pero
    Marunong parin aku mag BISAYA, Kumosta sa Tanang mga Cebuano; uhh di ba
    bisaya yan, Anyway Im happy na makita ko ang mga lugar sa Cebu bisan sa pictures
    Milette from hk,

  8. it’s really nice to see this place once again.thanks whoever made this pics on the net possible.it really brings back memories,indeed.

    jerome condevillamar

  9. it’s really nice to see this place once again.thanks whoever made these pics on the net possible.it really brings back memories,indeed.

    jerome condevillamar
    taga kalye tabo-tabo

  10. Thanks a lot for these beautiful photos, i miss Tuburan a lot and being very far away from my beloved hometown these photos help me in a way or another ease the nostalgia i feel… there’s no place like home.

  11. i am from tuburan and im proud to say the place is nice and not too expensive to spend quality time with family…kids are safe to go swimming and the water is fresh……..u have the option to go to beach and then to the spring water…

    hoping all will find time to go there..just 2 half hrs from ceby city ..take a v hire ride from ayala goin to transcentral hway….overlooking while travelling and u will see the little baguio of cebu…….

  12. even if i’m studying here in cebu city, i’m always looking forward to christmas and summer vacations… i just couldn’t afford to miss a single moment of my life without going back to the place where i can feel belongingness…
    i really miss TUBURAN…
    the long wait is about to end… it’s almost vacation… i’m very excited to be in TUBURAN again…


  13. i know…….. there are lot’s of masters but most of them have passed away……. my granduncle taught me eskrima….which was taught to him by rogelio canete (not part or related to doce pares. ) the style is largo mano….

  14. oi nice jud au ang tuburan balik mi didto karong fiesta,ligo nasad mi molobolo..hehehe.lingaw au ni kay daghan ko mga cozin didto.

  15. Salamat kaayo ug daku for posting those pics. I love my hometown Tuburan. Hello to my families, Montecillo & Corbo clan.

  16. hi im a tuburanon i was born and grew up there way back 1958 rizal st. ko nagpuyo ni-adto og karon i’m in toronto, nangita lagi ko og ka-ila kun na-a pa ba kaha kun wala pangita-e intawon ko kay gimingaw na ko sa tuburan, kusog ka-ayo kung mo bayle niadto sa diha pa ako, ang akong mga amigo niadto sila mga gallarde, montecello. ramos og mga tabotabo og daghan pa, anak ko ni memong tuling and my addy is genetuling@hotmail.com pls reply.

  17. bebot tuling, hey hey hey i luv tuburan large place of my heart is really a tuburanon and i look forward to be there soonand cant hardly wait to be there, damn. BTW after 20 hours on that first message i receive a dozen e-mail which is nice, i thought i am forgotten, also one from miss corbo anak sa maestra sa tuburan elementary school, si henry ruelan amigo kaayo mi ana kay classmate man me, si tita ha-in kaha amiga nako to siya og isa pa se greg og agnes gallarde. anyways i used to hangout in poker table at ‘tigergaming.com its only a play money but its fun my username is gene02 and 640×640 be there and we chat make sure to place me on the buddy list so you can find me when i’m on okay dookie. hey hey hey i luvtuburan see ya.

    • hello! bebot naka ila paka nako, one of your friend before ARIEL ANDALES nga taga tuburan pod. muzta naman ka dha dugay nakaayo nga wala ta magkita wala naman ka mouli sa tuburan.

  18. kadaghan mga tuburanon…way bay mga kaila sad sa santa lucia asturias? medyo duol naman ni di ba? kung agi luyo sa may daang lungsod mas dali di ba?

  19. The Montecillos are from Sogod – eventaully spreading out Catmon, Borbon, Carcar, Tuburan, Mabolo, Medellin, Daan Bantayan, Bogo and Mandaue. I grew up in Catmon but loved visiting Tuburan.

    I love the imagery that it is still pretty laid back.


  20. To the Montecillo:

    I may have a distant Motecillo relative/s. My late Mom’s heritage was from Sogod, Cebu. Her father was Motecalvo and her mom was Montebon. When i was little, i often overheard my old folks (mom, her sis/bro and some relatives) chatting among themselves abt a relative of them married to Montecillo. . .etc. They talked more often of that priest (Montecillo). I’ve been to Sogd only twice and that was ages back. . Don’t know how Sogod’s progress now in general.

  21. wow nice place jud ang tuburan labi jud ang dagat hope daghan pa ug pictures nga magtel about the beauty of tuburan….i hope so hehhehe….take care and more power tuburanon ….

  22. hello my sister told me about this blog well i am so happy to say that tuburan the spring of hopes….hehheeh nice kaayo ang tuburan labi na jud ang tubod festibal bulhot hahahha from tribu sandayong brgy.1 and brgy.2 proud to be tuburanon

  23. Hi there! Just love all the pictures you’ve collected from Tuburan, I was born and raise in Tuburan (Langoyon) district and its so good to hear some familiar cebuanos. Looking forward to my July homecoming.By the way, I do know Greg Gallarde he is married to my big sister. Small world ain’t it? Thanks.

  24. Proud to be a Lumad Tuburanon…Touch kaayo ko kita mga pictures among place plus ang mga nice comments sa akong mga ka paisano, makatandog jud. Oi, visit jud mo diri sa TUBURAN, its not only the place na among ika pasigarbo, but the beauiful and hospitable people living here, ambot y sama. Grabehhh! Go!go! go!
    Thank you ha for featuring our place, nice au ka ay. More Power and God Bless You.

  25. opsss…
    nsalaag ko dre da!
    tabangi ko pangita ako mga paryente dra sa tuburan be?
    michael “saeng”condevilamar ako maternal side lolo..

  26. Im here at tuburan now, im working at muniicipal here.. nice pics. but! its better na you have some pics in molobolo, marmol cliff, lantawan beach resort, mantawihan, and most of all our very own TOWN MUSEUM..!

    add me to your friendster, john_agtuburan@yahoo.com

  27. I was born there in Tuburan . I am very proud to be a Tuburanon . It’s a very beautiful place . I still remember during my high school days . I was young and have some dreams . But now i’m in Mandaue .

  28. I was born there in Tuburan . I am very proud to be a Tuburanon . It’s a very beautiful place . I still remember during my high school days . I was young and had some dreams . But now i’m in Mandaue .

  29. hello Aida,

    My grandma on my mother’s side was a Montebon and married to Motecalvo, though she hails from Sogod… she had passed away long time ago…your father cld be perhaps related to them, who knows . .i’ve been to Sogod twice in my life and that was ages back. . .that time Sogod was still very rustic. . .
    I had 2 small properties in Mandaue, Tabuk and Ibabao-had them rented out for now. .talk to you soon!!

  30. Hello Tikboy,

    Glad to hear from you, I am now residing in Opao, Mandaue City since my relatives are in the province. I do usually check this blog for finding someone whom I’ve known in that humble province I had came by.

    Nice knowing you again :)

  31. I just found out that the picture regarding the sleepy fishing village above was a picture of my son when we are about to go back to Mandaue. That is my youngest son “Onin” he is 8yrs old. He has a twin brother “Ondo” which is in the bus during that time.

  32. thanks, Aidz. to start with, can u tell me your dad’s name and his age, maybe i cld ask my other siblings back home. i do not have anymore living aunts & uncles in my mom’s side-maybe some cousins or other distant relatives cld perhaps hlep me connect the missing dots, if any.

  33. My father’s name is Felomino Montebon born in 1922 which has a sibling(Teodoro Montebon) already living in Seattle Washington. How old are you coz it seems that I’m more older than you. My father died already, he was a photographer then at National’s Studio near in San Carlos University a long time ago.

  34. Aidz, i am in my early 50’s. we had a distant relative named Inting Montebon who used to work with ‘Singer’ (sewing machines). The last time i met him was in Davao & that was it, no more comm. There was this also a teacher at USC girls high who mentioned to my wife that we might be related as she or her parents hail from Tuburan/Sogod. There are also some Montebons in Leyte. My mom was born Y1929. I’ll pass on this your name and that of your dad to my siblings in Cebu, hope they cld start making connection.

    where r u based btw- i am here in canada.

  35. I’m so happy that I have a lot of relatives in different sides of the world. Perhaps we are in the same age span because I’m at 50 already. I thought you were in Mandaue coz I think we are just neighbors and would like to see you in person :). By the way what’s your profession there? I’m here in Cebu particularly in V.B. Cabahug Private Rd. Opao Mandaue City. My relatives are in Seattle Washington, you may want to get in touch with them too at:
    Mr. Theodore Montebon
    4515 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S.
    Seattle, WA 98108-2182

  36. my sister works @ mandaue, maybe she could give u a call or you can call her-phone # is 344-0433 (office)-is it you who is Montebon or your husband?. which school did you graduate and what year? i have sent a copy of these our exchanges of communication to my sis. do you have email add so we could talk more privately. this is a public site and Ley may not be happy about this, it seems we monopolized his blog to discuss personal stuff.

  37. I have a plan already to send you an email because of it, my apologies to Ley however you can drop me an email at osiristm@gmail.com(this was my son’s email that he gave me) and I’m a pure Montebon, I have 3 siblings(2 bro’s and 1 sis). We have a landline 238-7932 but PLDT is still working on 1 of the damaged post in our area to make it work. I graduated in Tuburan National School way back 1973. I studied in college at Cebu Central Colleges now University of Cebu but I didn’t finish my Accounting course because I was married. There’s a lot of Susan I knew, 1 from Potat and the other 1 is from Poblacion Tuburan. Well see ya then, I will wait for your email and connect the dots of our clan.


  39. I’m very proud to be a “TUBURANON”.THANK YOU HA? sa imo pg feature sa among place… I hope makabalik ka sa Tuburan din imo ma visit ang “Molobolo Spring” (it’s cold spring) I’m sure ganahan jud ka kay “unique”kaau na nga spring kay ang flow sa water padulong sa dagat nga naa ra sa tapad.If wala pa you kadumdum ani nga spring? din naa na you part sa Tuburan ask lang bisan kinsa kay I’m sure tagaan jud you sa right direction, kay agreed ko sa comment ni Mam Ruby Andales Torculas nga dili lang amo a place ang amo a ika pasigarbo but also the people living here.

    Again,thank you…God bless…

  40. maau na ba ang dalan from asturias to tuburan?insurgency siguro gihapun ang rasun mao nang bati ang dalan.MR. CONGRESSMAN pls help these two towns,asturias and tuburan.depressed gihapun ang lugar.mura siyag dili sakup sa cebu.abunda nig tubig nga mga lugar.in fact naas asturias ang giingun nga tubigag manuk,freshwater spring sa tunga-tunga sa dagat.havent seen though,jz heard from locals.

  41. I am looking for my friend irene ramonida burangay 6 tuburan,can anyone let me know where she is?Thanks for all the great pictures of tuburan

    • bai jr kinsa na cya anak kay tag brgy 6 pud ko den naa koy kaila ramonida igsoon ni berane ramonida….. way way back.by the way im recently im busay , cebu city.

  42. yep agree ko,,,tuburan a simple place…yet there’s still a lot to explore!!! i used to visit tuburan, daghan ko happy moments dha. hi to all tuburanons!!!

  43. My mother hails from this town and I know a lot about it. I even know some of the posters and the names mentioned here. I literally grew up in Tuburan since I spend almost half of my childhood life there. Bittersweet memories.

    Thanks for the pics!

  44. i do miss my beloved hometown Tuburan, Cebu. I am glad to say that it is quite a lot of us, always remember our hometown, and will soon retire there.

  45. musta taga tuburan, mingaw nko ninyo, taga tuburan pud ko. nindot kaau inyo gibuhat about ani kay makahinumdom mi sa tuburan, taod2x napud mi wla kabalik dnha. naa nmi krn sa Bodmin Cornwall UK. i really miss my hometown and i want to die in there. au2x mo tanan mga tuburanon.

  46. hala…ka dag-han gud taga tuburan diri.. ako taga baranggay 8.. wala na ko puyo tuburan last 25 years..pero permi ko mouli.. our last name are pochadez and orate.. i still have family living in tuburan.. my brother alejandro orate
    ( aljen) is now currently working in cambodia.. we talked about getting together next fiesta… my sister prescillita Orate Tulod lives in our house right now.. I know the gallarde..we are neighbors and the Tabotabo, montecillo, rodrigues, to name the few.. im on my early 40’s i had fun memories of tuburan.. no place like home.. tuburan ”i’ll see you soon..

    • klyd, kmusta naman ka….si Kevin Bardoquillo ni, schoolmate nimo sa SAA, when man kaha mo mo vacation sa ato….nindot na kaayo ang ato ron!!!!kamong mga taga Tuburan nga naa sa abroad…pamauli na nya mo…kay nindot na ang ato….maayo na ang mga dalan gikan sa city,wala nay abog ug insurgency…..ingon akong papa ug tito…kmusta kono.

  47. hello napod mga tuburanon hey daghan au ko kaila dwe ai c miss cris basta daghan and before i forget justin klyd valencia oi dong musta diha?…well anyway thank you tuburanon for keeping the improvements of the place …everytime i come and visit tuburan i can say to myself there is no place like home…and i am proud to be a tuburanon….in tuburan i meet man…….hey add me to your friendster tuburanon it’s catherine_roble@yahoo.com…..regards ko sa tanan taga brgy.1 and also my friend in sci-tech……more power and more pictures….:wub:

  48. wwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaa…
    kanang tuburan..
    nindot kaayo laagan..
    labina inig ka fiesta..
    mang-gawas ug mang-lugsong gud ang mga taga-bukid..
    hahaahaha…daghana lagi magtapok sa pantalan..
    labina mi sa ako mga barkada sa tuburan..
    i really miss tuburan..
    mayta makauli ko karon fiesta..para maka-bonding nasad nako ako
    mga barkada..
    xaonz nalang..ala nasad ko kaligo sa molobolo..graveh..nindot jud ang molobolo..
    mayta lagi makauli ko..wwwwwhhhhheeeee….
    regards to all alumni of tuburan nationalhigh school batch 2005-2006…


    ^_^ castrix_heLL ^_^

  49. ya,,, i really miss tuburan,,,, tagsa nalang jud kaayo ko makauli gud,,,, taga tominjao ko,,, dn, naa ko nag dj sa 95.5 star fm… leo linog akng gidala nga airname… manghod pud to nako c dj glenn of tuburan,,, katong niapil ug mor dj mixing competition,,,,

    hi lang ko sa akng mga classmyt sauna katong virgin pako,,, hehehe,, benito eskerdo sa brgy. 8…. kamrasi dayon,, ug ni jake arro,,, sa brgy. 6…

    regards sa tanang taga tuburan,,, theres no palce like tuburan…..

  50. solid taga tuburan,,, home of the free,,,,, wheeeeew,,,, i misss tuburan,,,,,
    i miss the faces of the happy tuburanons…..

    unya mangilaw dayon,,, adto ila ka tuklesa…. ka remember moh? toinkz,,,,

    dili woi,,, adto ra dool ila tuklesa,,, by the way Aidida Gallardo Montebon,,

    gallardo man akong ermatz,,,, hehehhe, hi diay ko ni erik gallardo ug sandra gallardo sa langoyon,,,purbida ni akng mga paryente,,,, tagsa nalang jud kaayo naka bonding,,,, uli kog new year puhon woi,,, manguli ta ninyo tuburanons,,,,

  51. by the way you cabn check me out,,, WWW. bomboradyo.com…
    sa fm ko na assign,,,,leo linog akng airname..

  52. i am so pleased when i saw that tuburan is one of the few towns in cebu being presented in your website. the pictures are a great presentation of the town. i grew up in the town so i’m really proud. it’s nice to see the pictures, just reminds me how lovely tuburan is. thanks a lot once again!

  53. haneyrainz,…mzta nmn u oie?married na u?..cath wla n lge ko kita u sa tuburan..wer na d ai u ngpuyo?
    …..TUBURAN is indeed a very lovely place..i love this place…

  54. this place was so nice and wonderful w/c u can find out the the beauty of cebu place… and am planning to stay in place of cebu because a lots of things that can make as hapi and enjoy more in this place…

  55. this is the most beautiful travel blog i have encountered. I am planning to go home and spend 2 weeks in Cebu and am inspired to take the time to go to these small towns and villages and really immersed myself to the real filipino life and enjoy the beautiful nature God gave us to enjoy. I have traveled all over the world and have realized there is still so much i have to see, explore and enjoy in my own country. You have inspired me.

  56. kumusta mga tuburanon… thanx for the gifted person who download this pictures, it makes me feel at home when i see this pix… way to go!!!

  57. my mother’s birthplace is tuburan cebu. i have never seen that place as i have lived here in manila all my life. today, certain circumstances makes me research about her hometown. i want to see the place she had only told me about. i think i am falling in love with this town just seeing the pictures you have posted in this blog. i wish i could visit this place someday.

  58. mmm, anhi dinhi mag tapok ang mga gawasnon,,,,tuburan,,,,,
    kita kita niya ta ninyo sa fiesta sa atong mahal nga lungsod puhon….
    im from tominjao….

  59. Hoi mga taga ato, musta naman mo diha oi, I was touch by this picture it reminds me alot. I grew up in Tuburan from Losenara’s family, were not known in Tuburan but were native there in Tuburan and some folks older that native in Tuburan might recognize us .I was there in january 2007 to see the sinulog festival in cebu. Im from brgy.6 rizal st.( taga miercado).Our house is in the corner of parilla st and rizal st. dapit ilang tatong mapula. Anyway,
    kita kita ra unya ta sa tuburan inig fiesta.

    • oi tuburanon ila ila ta beh..hihih ako c jeger mga baguio amo kaliwat ddto apo ko ni seding manghihilot ddto sa brgy 6 pud amoa kaila mi ni noy titing maxilom kay iya anak laki c wansoy ako migo……

    • oi kmusta tuburanon…murag kaila ko nimo kay kaila ko ni noy detsie og ni noy titing maxilom kay amigo mi og klassmayt pa jud mi ni wansoy …by the way ako diay c jeger apo ni nang seding……..

  60. hi,

    my husband is from antipolo,tuburan..he was born and raised there but spent his college days as a working student in mandaue city..We just came back from our holyweek vacation from the place where he grew up. I brought along my whole family..such a lovely place..the people are very hospitable too and have a very laid back lifestyle..Im looking forward to going back there this coming May for the fiesta..My husband and I are also planning to have a rest house there so that we could have our own place to stay for my friends and relatives who wants to visit their place…

  61. hello this site is so good..it really reminds me of home i havent been home for 3 years and looking at this photos makes me feel going hehehe..there is no molobolo photos though.well who ever submit their photos here well done all you guys..lets make our town know!!! and hapit na ang fiesta sa atu hope mka.apil ko sa kasadya…tuburan my only spring of hope hehehehhe

  62. Wowwwwwwww!

    Ohh! Ahhhhhh!, very nice place in Cebu only in Tuburan located part in Mid-North of Cebu

    Guaranted, here very hospitality people and we have the tourist attraction like the
    MOLOBOLO springs water, MARMOL Cave, watch out the place, take a look!!!!!!!!

  63. Wowwwwwwww!

    Ohh! Ahhhhhh!, very nice place in Cebu only in Tuburan located part in Mid-North of Cebu

    Guaranted, here very hospitality people and we have the tourist attraction like the
    MOLOBOLO springs water, MARMOL Cave, watch out the place, take a look!!!!!!!!


  64. Agree kaayo ko ninyo mga fellow Tuburanons………pero grabe na kaayo ang pagkuyanap sa droga sa atong lungsod………..wala man giyod na masupil sa mga pulis sa ato….naay drug pusher diha sa barangay 5 sige man gani ug kalusot. Tan-awa ninyo ang mga utok sa mga batan-on karon sa atoa dili ba pwerteng mga buanga. Gauga lang ug gayapis lang ang mga lawas unya gasiga pa giyod ang mga mata. Unahon pa ang drugs kaysa pagkaon para sa pamilya…..Hoy mga tawo sa Tuburan, pagmata na intawon mo uy…………….

    • Mr. X,
      Dakung Tuburanon pud ko, I really missed my hometown and I’m so excited to go home and show my kids how lovely it is. Pero when my brother got shot/died few years ago ( today is his death anniversary). I think it is not safe anymore to visit.
      Tnood grabee na gyud kaau ang iligal sa ato.
      Mag-ampo lang ko nga ang mga naglingkud sa atoa nga makatabang unta ug hatag ug hustisya sa kadtong mga natungdan.
      Leylander ,Thanks for the upload ,very nice pics.I hope u will not stop uploading more.
      God Bless to all…

      • Tuburan will never be the same again…..even those who are running the government are just thinking for themselves. No wonder they want to be like the Duranos, my gosh what a shame.

        But things which really bothered me the most are those highly-addicting substance that is very rampant in Tuburan already. So many small-time pushers supported by big-time pushers plus the police forces….what a great shame, pera lang ang katapat.

        • I totally agree! KOn makadaug pa gani mga Suezo, samot na jud Tuburan for the next how many years!!! that’s why the Tuburanons should really make a WISE DECISION this coming election..


      • hello, Mr. X.

        may i ask when and why your bro was killed?
        i really, really wanna check the police blotter there was police department, da! murag daghan jung crime sa atua….


  65. Agree kaayo ko ninyo mga fellow Tuburanons………pero grabe na kaayo ang pagkuyanap sa droga sa atong lungsod………..wala man giyod na masupil sa mga pulis sa ato….naay drug pusher diha sa barangay 5 sige man gani ug kalusot. Tan-awa ninyo ang mga utok sa mga batan-on karon sa atoa dili ba pwerteng mga buanga. Gauga lang ug gayapis lang ang mga lawas unya gasiga pa giyod ang mga mata. Unahon pa ang drugs kaysa pagkaon para sa pamilya…..Hoy mga tawo sa Tuburan, pagmata na intawon mo uy…………….

  66. ” Agree kaayo ko ninyo mga fellow Tuburanons………pero grabe na kaayo ang pagkuyanap sa droga sa atong lungsod………..wala man giyod na masupil sa mga pulis sa ato….naay drug pusher diha sa barangay 5 sige man gani ug kalusot. Tan-awa ninyo ang mga utok sa mga batan-on karon sa atoa dili ba pwerteng mga buanga. Gauga lang ug gayapis lang ang mga lawas unya gasiga pa giyod ang mga mata. Unahon pa ang drugs kaysa pagkaon para sa pamilya…..Hoy mga tawo sa Tuburan, pagmata na intawon mo uy”‘

    dughay rang nagmata ang taga tuburan bro mr. x,,,,
    kalabot sa problema sa atong mahal nga lungsod, ato nang ihatag sa atong kapolisan,
    hagit usab na alang kanila,,,,atong pukawn kuno ang atensyon sa atong mahal nga mayor diha sa lungsod sa Tuburan,,,aber, susiha kuno na ninyo dihang giingon ni mr. x,,,,nganong segi manag kalusot ang taga brgy. 5? unsa may power ana?murag sakit pamniawn ning balitaa da.. ako tagsa ra ko mauli sa mahal nakong lungsod,,,,,,aber,,, atong mga tuburanons nga mga kaigsoonan,,, hala,,,
    pagpakabana kita,,, alang sa ugma sa atong mahal nga lungsod,,, siguro mahiuli ko fiesta pa puhon sa ato,,,,ayo2 mo diha,,,,ayaw itugot nga ang kaanindot sa tuburan sagulan ug sagbot….larota kana,,,,
    aniha gamit ang kareta…..

  67. hometown of my favorite KATIPUNERO, Gen. MAXILOM. I plan to visit this place on my next vacation. Thanx sa pix. =)

    • Hello! Are you the son of Santiago Sincero? I don’t know if you are talking of the same Tiago in Antipolo a relative of my late Lola Fausta Sincero who lived in Carmelo.

      • Yes, I am. Your Lola Fausta was my Aunt. I stayed in Manding Fausta’s house for a short time while I was going to high school in Tuburan. We just walk to Tuburan. Then I stayed in Nang Esping’s house. Do you know if Nang Esping is still there in Carmelo. Her last name is Nainge.

        • Yes I know Nang Esping but I’m not currently living in Carmelo, so I don’t have any news about her for the moment. Oh so you’ve stayed my Lola’s house, some of our relatives have stayed there too as I remember the daughters of Noy Jose. I was with my lola the last time I visited Antipolo, that was many many years ago. I can still remember how long we had to walk to reach Antipolo bringing with us “kamoteng kahoy” back home.
          Every now and then I’m comunicating with some of Tiya Senda’s daughters who are currently living in Australia.

          • So Taga Carmelo, where do live now. I forgot the names of Nang Senda’s children now. I know Nang Coba has already passed away because I have just been in Antipolo. I just returned July 2 or 3 this month from there. Taga Carmelo, you have not told me whose son or daughter are you. Are you the daughter or son of Nang Maria?

          • Yes I am one of the daughters of Maria. I’ve been living near Venice for 20 years now because I got married to an italian national. We are 5 children of Maria, 3 of them remained in the Cebu while my other sister migrated to Auckland with her own family.
            My husband loves to visit Tuburan and Molobolo as well. We will be there in a few days.
            So how was your trip to Antipolo? It’s always a good feeling once you come back to our own land. Warm regards!

          • So, Taga Carmelo, since you are the daughter of Nang Maria, you are my niece. Nang Maria is my first degree cousin. Nang Maria and the rest of the Sincero’s call me Deodet. So, I am your Tiyo Deodet.

            Taga Carmelo, you have not given me your name yet. I believe Nang Maria was married to an Esmero. I forgot his name.

          • Taga Carmelo, since you are going back home I have to tell you something. If your home is air-conditioned there in Italy, then you will have a hard time when you return home adjusting to the temperature. The homes in Carmelo or Antipolo are not air-conditioned. The place is so hot for us accustomed to air-conditioned homes that there is no place to go but sweat all the time. The electric fan helps a little but not much. I think the best time to go home to the Philippines is during Fall or Winter. This, I realized because I was just there this month.

    • Maayong buntag Tiyo Deodet, how are you? Amazing I found a relative here. My name is Helen Esmero. I’ve surfed your personal blog/site, wow! lots of achievements, not even an inch of what I’ve studied.
      A fellow from Carmelo who have lived so many years in Maryland resides now with his wife in Carmelo for good, his name is Tom Laurel.
      I know when you talk about humid temperature in the Philippines, a good excuse to go to Molobolo LOL. I go there almost everyday for an hour swimming during high tide. Fortunately we have an airconditioned house in Carmelo.

  68. kinsa ninyo diha kabatch nako sa csat tuburan campus batch 92-93…by the its nice to hear my fellow tuburanons here in the net and tnx for posting these
    ‘makalukmaw sa mga luha nga mga pictures sa atong minahal nga lungsod
    ‘……..ahhh it brings back memories nga daw sa kadugay da sa panahon nga ako ginatipigan apan kron daw gitagsa tagsa na nako sa pagpakli a akong panumduman…O TUBURAN!!!!!!!

    • yup, i’m sure you miss the nice seaview along the pantalan. well, it doesn’t look that nice now that it’s covered by a lotta stalls and infrastructure. tsk, tsk. i remember walking along that place with friends — even if i only go there during summers…

      but it’s not to late… nice to meet you!


  69. nice man tuburan gihapon, although not really safe, but daghan na ug ka lahi-an, ang Molobolo Spring, then we have Lantawan Beach na, La Vida by the Sea, Tuburan Town Museum, during fiesta we have TUBOD FESTIVAL and a lot more.. I’m here in Tuburan now I’m working here in our Municipal’s Office.

    for more update just contact me, 09277703657 or simply call our Tourism Office at 032 -463-9218 local 111 or 102 for sure.

  70. Tuburan is a nice place…Anha ang kagikan sa akong grandfather Gorgonio Arellano Ruelan.akoa sad grandmother Bibiana Momo Ruelan.so sad di ko kaila sa akong mga relatives diha.ug sa mga igsuon sa akong lolo ug lola kay adto naman sila namuyo sa Mindanao many years ago…..

  71. for Tuburan-related discussions, pls proceed here —> http://mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com/istambayan/tuburan/

    for Tuburan-related discussions, pls proceed here —> http://mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com/istambayan/tuburan/

    for Tuburan-related discussions, pls proceed here —> http://mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com/istambayan/tuburan/

    for Tuburan-related discussions, pls proceed here —> http://mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com/istambayan/tuburan/

    for Tuburan-related discussions, pls proceed here —> http://mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com/istambayan/tuburan/

  72. Kumosta mga taga Tuburan..Taga Tuburang dako giod ko ayyy..Ako diay si Gary Maxilom..Kung kinsay nakaila nako kita ta behh.. Bisag sa friendster lang kini ang akung

  73. psst…..kinsa BSIT diri batch 2007… electronics…..
    gimingaw na gyud ko sa atong lungsod dah…

    ang kaanindot sa iyang kabuntagon.
    ang huyuhoy sa hangin diha sa nawng sa malinawng tuburan.
    ahh, pag kanindot gyud ilantaw.
    sa adlaw nga hinayhinayng nisaka paingon sa ibabaw.

    wala nay sama kanimo tuburan.
    yuta sa akong mga katiguwangan.
    diha kanimo nagikan..
    ang bantugang bayani sa panahon nga karaan.

    salamat kaayo ley niining tanan.
    website nga alang gyud sa tuburan..
    tuburanon nagtapok
    gimingaw sa tuburan sa dughan nagpukpuk.

  74. To Leylander: I finally made it to Tuburan. I was the one who emailed you about how to get there. I just visited the church of St. Anthony de Padua, and gave a small donation there. I’m glad that I was able to fulfill my promise since I passed the physician’s licensure exams last August. Hopefully I’ll be able to explore the place sometime in the future. We just bought liempo in balamban en route to Cebu City.

  75. Bebot Tuling, kaila tingali ka nako. Classmate mi nila Yingying Ipong, Angga Bicada, Liza Garcia ug Bebeth Mojado sa Tuburan National School. How are you, now? I have four children and I will have an “apo” 2 months from now. Our batch had reunions on 1990 and 2005 with Ava T. and Glenn L. Hope you can remember us.

  76. hello, people!

    I’m a first-term councilor of tuburan. my mother is the late Vilma Macoy Segarra and my dad is Ben Noel Segarra of Asturias. I’m glad to find Tuburanons here and I must tell you that the situation in our hometown is getting worse the administration of Boyet and Rosemarie Suezo. True, drug addiction is very rampant –especially that they could not control the pushers and dealers. Many believe this is because they are also into this business. Progress is very slow… water all over is insufficient and murky, the crime rate is very high (with a lot of women battered and killed by addict husbands and young girls being raped). Look around and you see stagnation and unemployment with many “tambays” and out-of-school youth. I have been trying to work for reforms but it is so frustrating under this administration as they will do not trust any good-intentioned official, insecure that their dominance will be eroded. it’s such a silly attitude coming from supposedly “educated” people. just ask around and you will hear people complaining and unhappy about their administration. please help in bringing about change in Tuburan — express your protest and indignation…. VOTE Wisely and tell your relatives at home not to be bought and/or intimidated. Only conscientious Tuburanons can bring about true change and reforms here! lET US HELP MAKE TUBURAN A BETTER AND PROGRESSIVE PLACE FOR OUR CHILDREN AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN!

    • Hello, Marie,

      Councilor, I was wondering if you are related to Mr. Glicerio McCoy. He was my teacher in Colonia. My father, Santiago Sincero, lives in Antipolo.

      Actually, I have a very important question to you, as a Councilor. I just visited the tomb of my mother in the cemetery that is near the road that runs straight from the church. In the cemetery I saw a posted sign announcing that they will be removing the bones from the tombs whose relatives have not paid some money. I asked an employee in the Municipal Building who told me that the town needs to have some money. I was wondering why the Municipal Council is allowing this practice to be done. This is desecration of the dead. Thanks for your response. Councilor.

      Dr. Arcadio P. Sincero
      183 Woods Drive
      Annapolis, Maryland 21403

  77. To Jokerjan:

    What’s nice about a place where people cannot express their criticisms about the administration without being scolded and threatened by the Mayor and Vice-Mayor? What’s nice about a place where people are afraid to go out in fear of being attacked by “tulisans”. just this month, some small businessmen have been held up; this year, two wives killed by addict husbands, a 12-year old girl raped by a barangay treasurer known to be a close to the vice-mayor. what’s nice about a place filled with tambays and unemployed and people hacking each other in the streets! hunger among the poor is no surprise! you must be out of your mind to say that all is well in Tuburan. Either that, or you’re stoned, man!

  78. hi, Dr. Sincero!!

    Yup, Mr. Glicerio Macoy is my grandfather! glad to know one of his successful students!!!

    as for your concern, that’s precisely my point! our council is rendered helpless because it’s the mayor’s and vice-mayor’s prerogative. i’ve tried to make reforms but look what i got– i got kicked out of their party. it’s really very difficult expecially that only two of us in the municipal council speak up. still, i’m doing everything i can here as opposition but you must understand that those in power ARE in power. that’s why we’re organizing Tuburanons to wake up and make a stand. i’m with the women and children’s committee and have my hands full with so many violations on women and children’s rights.

    but i’ll raise your concern at the council. but right now, it’s the mayor and vice-mayor who make the call here. and they don’t listen much.. they say to solve the problem, one has to cut the problem from its roots– meaning, change of leadership… lol

    but let’s pray and hope that the tuburanons will opt for changes come election.. can we count on your support in this matter?

    thank you for hooking up and God bless you and family!!!

    and when you come back to Tuburan, be sure to drop by our house (Lolo Macoy’s house) and talk about the old man… lol


  79. Marie,

    I support you for upholding what is right. I have long known that the politics of our country have become so ugly. I hope that more people would come to support your cause of women and children’s right.

    Yes, I know from my brother, Roel Sincero, from Antipolo that the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Tuburan are not that good. And I’m also wondering how a husband and wife could be the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of a Municipality, respectively. I told my brother that whoever is elected should be supported. But he answered that it is not possible with this husband and wife. Roel Sincero is a Barangay Councilor of Antipolo.

    Marie, I thank you for raising my concern to the Council. What the Coucil is doing is desecration of the dead. All members of the Council could die someday too and they, as well, would not want their graves to be desecrated. In America, tombs of people who died long, long time ago could still be found with their names engraved on the tombs.

    Yes, Marie, when I’ll return home to Tuburan, I’ll come and see you. And, good luck in your effort. Mr. McCoy was one of my best teachers.


  80. HEllo, Arcadio (man, do you have a nickname i could use?)!

    thanks for the quick reply and the support. at least you’re one person on the side of righteousness, justice and democracy. well Antipolo is a known opposition barangay wherein the Suezo’s do not give any support. that’s another thing wrong with the Suezo administration — they’re a vindictive bunch who push their critics to the wall. funny. huh? instead of trying to win the hearts of people, they use pressure and intimidation. well, that’s old pinoy politics (talk about medieval ways!) — and that’s what me and my group are trying to put an end to.

    anyway, i’m also a professor at the University of San Carlos – Talamban campus. i teach Fine Arts subject. and if you will notice, my aunts (Perkins and Eleanor) are schoolteachers. furthermore, Lolo Macoy was also in politics and an oppositionist during the Marcos Regime. so i guess i’m one chip from the block.. hehehe!

    I look forward to seeing you when you come over, my new friend! Best regards to your family!!


    • Marie,

      Arcadio is OK. I was called Arcadio by my classmates when I studied in the Cebu North Provincial High School there in Tuburan. However, if you go to Antipolo and tell some people there that you know Arcadio, they might not recognize this name right away. I’m called Deodet in Antipolo. On the same line, if you tell my classmates in Tuburan that you know Deodet, they, for sure, will not recognize this name. So, you can call me either Arcadio or Deodet, my friend.


      • Hello Deodet!

        thanks for your quick reply and my apologies for my delayed response..

        this is because the lady is busy here. ;-)

        anyway, i just came across a Tuburanon after attending first Friday mass here in Redemptorist church and we were just talking about the sad state of Tuburan because of the Suezos. Many are really furious already and would like to help. True, our unity and concern can go a long way in getting changes. The Bible says: “if God is on our side, who can be against us?” i also believe in the Tuburanon and the power of concerted effort –so let’s get organized and convince more Tuburanons to finally MAKE THAT CHANGE (in Michael jackson’s words, lol). we are organizing a movement called Tuburan for Progress Movement (TPM) to drum up support for the cause of change in Tuburan. Good change! it’s a multi-sectoral movement, so anyone who wants to help can join in. We are also drumming support to help our less fortunate Tuburanons. But more importantly, it is our goal to tell our fellow tuburanons to vote wisely and protect our votes come election…. how about it?


          • hello, deodet!

            great! i’ll keep in touch then. we’re preparing a website so watch for it… meanwhile, have a great weekend, my friend! thank goodness wala madayon ang bagyong Peping. see?– prayers do work!

            and prayers will be our best weapon in the coming elections— apart from people power…. ;-)

            regards to the family!!


  81. Are you not afraid something might happen to you? Politicians are very dangerous people, they will do everything just to keep those people who are against them by turning them into silence. I admire your bravery and courage. I myself hated these people, my family and I have been anti-suezo and/or anti-gerona. Mga hakug ug pwesto, wala makontento sa ilang possessions. Gusto nilang diktahan ug i kontrol ang mga tawo. Kahibalo kaayo na sila nga wala silay amor sa among pamilya ug dili giyod sila katilaw sa among mga “PRECIOUS VOTES”. Manghinaut ko nga ang mga tawo, no matter what and no matter how convincing and intimidating these cold-hearted people are, they will stand to what they believe. Ayaw na intawon mo pagpabayad sa mga pulitiko uy, pila ra man nang kwartaha kung buot hunahunaon. This should not change your stand. You should know nga dako kaayo ug bayad ang ilang gipanghatag sa mga tawo para ipalit sa boto. Look how Tuburan has become karong mga panahuna. I am no longer proud to share the beauty of our town because of the presence of these worse scenarios that is brought about by the cruelty of such politicians. Mga pulis nagpabayad sa mga pushers, mao bitaw na kung naay madakpan gawas ra sab dayon kay nabayran man ang pulis. Bisag grabe na giyod ug ebedensiya, balewala ra giyod kay ngano……….KWARTA NA POD….HEHHEHE……..bullshit….


  82. Dear Mr. X,

    I would like to think that God is on our side and that He will not forsake those who call upon Him for help. If we will not press for our rights because we are afraid, all the more that these dirty politicians will abuse their power.

    There is a popular saying among UP people that: KUNG DI TAYO KIKILOS, SINONG KIKILOS? KUNG DI NGAYON, KAILAN PA?


  83. hi to all:

    i just want to know how can i go there in molobolo beach? i think its in tuburan cebu daw na xa: hey, pepz tell me saon nako pag adto. im from cebu city diay.
    asa me mo sakay? what kind ang amo sakyan? (either van or buss take note: mag commute ra mi ha.hehe) den asa me naog??? dool ra ba na ang beach sa church? then pila pod ka hours to take a triP city to molobolo beach???

    i want to go there jud with my friends>
    send me some sketch or something idea to reach that beach. kay some of my friends telling me nice daw kaau ddto. here’s my email: uncertain16@gmail.com

  84. proud kaau ko taga tuburan ky daghan na ang mga tourist destination…pero mga pre nga dunay katungdanan sa lungsod apila pud ang amoa sa alegria buhati pud bisan ug foot bridge lang ky louy kaau mga residente sa tapon sapa ky ug magbaha dili jud makalabang…

  85. hi to all my cousins,relatives and all my family there in tuburan particularly there in alegria….kumustamos mga dudes..namimis ko na ang tuburan, i hope na inig balik nako dha daghan na jud ang kausaban o mga kalamboan ilabi na gyod sa akong yutang natawhan ang alegria ky proud kau ko being tuburanon.bisan asa ko maabot ipagmalaki jud nako ang tuburan mao nga mga officials pakitang gilas pud mo aron mapermamente mo sa inyong gikuptan nga katungdanan..

    sa akong yutang natawhan di ay ang alegria mga officials make your own decision pud oy wag mag depend sa iba..just show your ability being a public servant..mabuhay!

  86. hellow tuburanon….thn a lot 4 making dis blog.i’m proud to be tuburanon…..by the way tnxx 4 jam wd me last sk night and fiesta hope you enjoy that dance partyyy…god bless to all…..

  87. salamat spalto najud ang tominjao……..mingaw noon ko tuburan pagkakita nako mga pic……saon nanginabuhi manta sa sugbo tagsa nalang ta ka ole sa atong yutang natawhan…..cheeerrsssss folksss……heheeheheheh dante calida busy ayo ko la pako time jam imong mobile….if may time ka ari a lang ko sa club or sa hot fm………

  88. hello…
    Musta? Nakaanha baya ko sa cebu last july 2007 sa among ed. tour..Taoist temple rajud og lapu-lapu shrine among naad2an…the rest, didto na sa city…ambot, unsa patong uban..he.he,he
    Haizzt..abi kog wala koy mga paryente diha..
    Wuii..itext pud ko ninyo be? bacin diay magkasugat og magkaila ta puhon..
    Taga mindanao baya ko..BISDAK jud..mao ni ako #09293001171….hehehe Godbless!!!

  89. ka nindot sa mga pictures sa akong lungsod, TUBURAN, I really miss you.
    Jo here presently residing in singapore.

  90. Why spoil this nice thread with politics, people are tired to hear or read awful news, and by the way what is new in our country??? How about the massacre in Mindanao, tragic, and according to news it was a political rivalry of 2 families that cost more than 60 lives. I’m glad TUBURAN is not in Mindanao.
    My father is from Tuburan whom I, unfortunately not met since birth, my mother who just past away (2 months ago) was unwed, and I’m an only child. I was born in Cebu and raised in Singapore, single handedly by my mom who was an Airline employee through out her life.
    There were many stories my mom told me about Tuburan since I was a child though in my recollection she visited only 4 times, I am now 38, and plan to bring my family of 3 to my father’s hometown this Christmas coz I have a business trip in Mactan, Cebu. And besides I have checked through friends, and credible sources that Cebu is one of the safest destination in the Philippines, and I really thank the person who’s responsible for this pictures and hope he can post more. My family is already very excited of this trip.

  91. To: Marie Segarra-Tabotabo,

    I’m a worker in Capitol, I know you, I am very dissapointed in you telling stories to people on this site about how bad the town is when it is not true and worst your allegations to the town officials are serious. Can you support this? Are you going to stand by your allegations that the Suezo’s are drug pushers? I understand that you succeded your husband as Councilor in Tuburan after he run out of term(3 consecutive terms).
    And before you condem this people who do you think will run your town best. Tell us your preference, who they are, what they do, and most of all what can you do to make your town better.
    I have questions for you;

    Is it not true that your enjoying financial assistance of politicians who are running against the present administration?

    Is it not true that your Barangay Captain-husband recieved financial aid from the same with a staggering amount of Php 1.8 million from the province’s tax payers money in a short duration of less than a year? Which is 3 times more than the Barangay’s annual Internal Revenue Allotment(IRA).

    A piece of advice Professor Tabotabo, refrain from using this site of your Political Ambition and personal interest/s, by poisoning the mind of the people of your concocted stories. Maybe your jealosy to this people has driven you to commit “MORTAL SINS”,like the Ninth Commandment, and let me refresh your memory then, just incase- “YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST YOUR NEIGHBOR”.
    CHARACTER ASSASINATION is but, a political term but same sense.

  92. Uhmmm…people please don’t argue here about politics. This is not the right place to voice out whatever wrongdoing politicians of own town are currently into.
    I love Tuburan and I miss it very much and I wish to hear positive comments of it’s beauty wonderful natural scenery rather than political aspects…can’t wait for the next homecoming najud!
    Dong leylander naunsa man ni sila oi ila na man hinoon ni gigamit imong blog sa political debate….badlonga kaha ni sila oi!

  93. @ Ako, I fully agree, my alumni in high school would like to hold our reunion there this year, and have already the venue, I heard Fermis Beach is good and will be booking it soon. Have cousins in Tuburan who assured me the place is safe and peaceful and we have no intention on cancelling it.
    I was told by Arch’t.Espina that this place has one of the best sunset in the north.
    @Ley, sir this is your call, I hope these politico fight in their own court, not here. NICE PICTURES OF THE TOWN, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  94. @ Ako, I fully agree with you, my alumni in high school would like to hold our reunion there this year, and have the venue already, I heard Fermis Beach is good and will be booking it soon. Have cousins in Tuburan who assured me the place is safe and peaceful and we have no intention on cancelling it.
    I was told by Arch’t.Espina that this place has one of the best sunset in the north.
    @Ley, sir this is your call, I hope these politico fight in their own court, not here. NICE PICTURES OF THE TOWN, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    • Lagi, napikal na ko nga naabot na man politics ang istorya, maayo unta maka decide si Ley ug delete sa mga off topics.

  95. I have a good suspicion that Mr.X and Marie Tabotabo is one and the same, observe the similarities of their statements, and Mr.X sounds feminine.?????(“j)

    I really hate politicians, they just show up when election is near, the gall of using this site, it really makes me wanna puke.
    @ Leylander, your the man, this is your blog, shoo away those politicians.

  96. Can anybody here suggest which way to take from Cebu City to Tuburan, Transcentral highway, north via Lugo, or south via Naga. Please, I really need your suggestions guys. Thank you very much.
    @ Leylander you were there which route did you took sir?
    Yor response will be very helpful, we are finalizing our trip. (“j)

  97. I really want to try this trip as my roots live in Carmen.
    So hopefully to Bogo, San Remegio, Toledo then Transcentral H/way

  98. hi mingaw nako diha see me this coming pasko merry xmas evryo0ne hahahhah i am now in bogo hope nga magkita kita tah ninyo ….molobolo lang tah ninuo mag kita heheh here is my number 09157585779

  99. Ley salamat sa mga picture gi upload nimu dnhi sa net. bag o lng ko nawala sa tuburan pero gimingaw naku didto. alegre man gyud didto specially sa fiesta. balik ko fiesta sa tuburan puhon.

  100. ako taga tuburan nga pure, di lang ko ckat,,, once a year uli ko tuburan,,,cguro hapit tanang tawo sa tubruan kaila ko,,, pero sila wa kaila nako,,, gawas lang cguro sa mga suod nakong friends!!!! OK baya TUBURAN nakasabay sa progress,,, i don’t care kung kinsa ang mayor,,,talking about politicians,,, kung mapildi gani ta dawat sa kapildihan,,,then we help TUBURAN for better!!!!!!!!!!OK…well anyway, uli sa JUNE kay mamista ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kitakits na lang ta did2….

  101. salamat diay sa nagmugna ning website,,, thank you & more power!!!!!

    BASTA MAMISTA KO SA TUBURAN this coming june,,,& maybe this is d 1’st time maka-attend ko ug TUBOD FISTEVAL,,,, alegre daw!!! wa man gud na sa una!!!!

    thank u leylander

  102. gogz, alegre na jud kaayo ang fiesta sa tuburan. mouli pud ko sa fiesta karon june puhon.. kay mamista pud ko.

  103. Last January were having a drive from Carmen to Borbon, Tabogon, Bogo, San Remegio, Tuburan then Lugo and back. We really enjoy our day. Between San Remegio and Tuburan, geee to much bridges.

    We should go home via Transcentral H-way but our driver is not familiar with the winding road there, w/c he consider dangerous. Unlucky us. Irien and I opt for a V-hire ride but still did’nt make it. Maybe next time.

    Thank you Ley for the beautiful places you features in your blog. It makes me visit them.

  104. Unya marie tabotabo? unsa man imong ika tubag anang ATTY?
    Unsa naman? Unya paminaw nimo maka daug paka? pag sure diha.. ug ako nimo ayaw nalang pangumpanya.. kay for sure.. KALIWAT ra sa imong bana ang mo vote nimo.. di jud ka maka kuhag VOTE sa mga tawo.. naa cguro kay makuha.. pero pinalit ra nimo.. did you think sa inyong barangay maka daug ka? pag sure diha.. kana pud nag pasalig nimo nga COUNT ME IN.. did you think maka uli nag election? pag sure diha marie.. unya pa pait2x paka sa sabaksabakan.. did you think wala ka masira sa imong bana? i have a respect unta nimo madam pero na wagtang.. sorry to say this pero sa imong gipakita namo sa pag public hiring. nawagtang among respeto nimo.. nag too nang taga gawas maayo ka? pag sure diha..!
    kana sad ingon nga di pailad sa kwarta..
    HOY! mas ayaw mo pailad sa Oposisyon..
    gusto mo ang mo leader ninyo tigpalusot ug illegal?
    ug naa moy gusto sa inyo lungsod.. ayaw mo ug uyon anang mo leader ninyo tig palusot ug illegal.
    honestly.. before i hate administration.. pero sa tan-aw nako sa mo dagan karon which is under si MARIE TABOTABO. . wala nako ganahi. mas maka ingon kog TWO THUMPS UP ko sa SUEZO administration.
    AYAW mo patunto anang MARIE TABOTABO
    ang mag patunto, ako ra ikasulti.. labaw pakang MARIE ka mabaw..

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